UFC Atlantic City Main Event Recap: Manon Fiorot outpoints Erin Blanchfield

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In the main event of UFC Atlantic City, we saw a title eliminator in the women’s flyweight division. Outside of the two vying for the title currently, the best two contenders in the world battled it out as Manon Fiorot (11-1) took on Erin Blanchfield (12-1).

The career arc of both of these two is remarkably similar heading into tonight’s main event. Both Blanchfield and Fiorot were a perfect 6-0 inside the octagon. Both Blanchfield and Fiorot had defeated former champions in recent bouts. Fiorot defeated Rose Namajunas while Blanchfield defeated Jessica Andrade.

UFC Atlantic City’s main event was the classic striker versus grappler matchup. It was just going to be a question on who would win out? Would Blanchfield’s dominant grappling win out or would the striking just be too much from Fiorot? We found out tonight.

UFC Atlantic City Recap

Round 1

The UFC Atlantic City main event kicked off with a touch of the gloves. Fiorot takes the center and immediately starts feeling things out with her jab. Sharp counter from Fiorot as Blanchfield tries to come in. Big left straight now from Fiorot.

Combination from Fiorot who is looking sharp early. Big body kick from Fiorot and then she gets a big takedown. However, she lands right in a guillotine from Blanchfield. She tries to force a scramble to get out of it and she escapes.

Halfway through this action-packed round and Fiorot lands a really nice combination. Blanchfield is getting hit clean every time she tries to press forward. Big right over the top from Fiorot. Another right from Fiorot. Step in left from Fiorot.

Pressure from Blanchfield and more counters land from Fiorot. Body lock from Blanchfield but Fiorot just shrugs her off. Sharp jab from Manon Fiorot finds the mark. Right cross now from Fiorot. Blanchfield blitzes forward and lands a big combination. Body lock from Blanchfield to end the round. 1-0 Fiorot at UFC Atlantic City.

Round 2

Entering the second round and Blanchfield is going to have to fight with more pressure here. Fiorot starts the striking with a right hand. Blanchfield is moving forward but is eating counters early. Sharp jab now from Fiorot snaps Blanchfield’s head back.

Another jab from Fiorot. Body lock and a takedown from Blanchfield but Fiorot immediately reverses the position and gets on top. She uses that to get right back up to her feet and they are striking again. Blanchfield right back on the pressure but eats a check hook from Fiorot.

Side kick from Fiorot and now a big right hook from Fiorot. Blanchfield lands a jab but then eats another huge counter as she tries to come in. Body kick from Blanchfield lands. Fiorot is just landing clean every time Blanchfield rushes in. Right over the top from Fiorot.

Body lock from Blanchfield but Fiorot just shakes her off and lands a body kick. Right counter from Fiorot. Another big right counter from Fiorot. Blanchfield needs to try something different here. Right over the top from Fiorot and the round comes to a close. 2-0 Manon Fiorot at UFC Atlantic City.

Round 3

Entering the third and Blanchfield immediately tries to pressure. Her corner was saying that Fiorot was slowing down and they might be on to something. However, right when I type that, Fiorot lands a beautiful counter.

Nice left hand lands for Fiorot. Blanchfield gets a body lock and Fiorot just throws her off. Sharp jab lands for Fiorot as Blanchfield comes in. Combination from Manon Fiorot lands as Blanchfield rushes in. Blanchfield just doesn’t have anything for Fiorot on the feet right now.

Body kick from Blanchfield and then they end up in a body lock. Fiorot shrugs her off and they’re back to striking halfway through the round. Jab now from Fiorot and a body kick lands for Blanchfield. Jab from Fiorot draws Blanchfield to move forward.

Combination from Fiorot as Blanchfield moves forward. Everything is on repeat at his point. Blanchfield appears to be cut now over her right eye and Fiorot lands a jab. Body kick from Blanchfield. Combination from Fiorot and Blanchfield lands a right. Big knee to the body lands for Fiorot. The round ends and I have it 3-0 Fiorot at UFC Atlantic City.

Round 4

Entering the fourth and it’s starting to get to desperation time for Erin Blanchfield. Jab from Manon Fiorot and now a combination. Side kick to the body from Fiorot. Blanchfield is throwing but just nothing is landing clean.

Combination from Fiorot. Right over the top just clips the chin for Blanchfield. Blanchfield lands a few shots and now she’s going all out. A reckless approach from Blanchfield but she’s finding success. Right hand for Blanchfield.

Fiorot gets some space with a double jab. Takedown attempt from Blanchfield and it’s easily defended by Fiorot. Left hand from Blanchfield and a counter lands for Fiorot. Head kick attempt from Blanchfield. Big straight for Fiorot snaps the head of Blanchfield back.

Knee to the body from Blanchfield. Sharp jab from Fiorot and another one. Combination from Fiorot and Blanchfield throws one back. Body kick now from Blanchfield. Blanchfield has had a better round but Fiorot lands a few nice shots. Big left straight from Fiorot. Big kick from Fiorot now. Knee to the body now from Fiorot. The round ends and that could’ve gone either way at UFC Atlantic City.

Round 5

Entering the final round at UFC Atlantic City and Erin Blanchfield is going to need a finish here. Right counter lands for Fiorot as Blanchfield lands a leg kick to start the striking. Head kick from Blanchfield and Fiorot just ate it.

Combination now from Blanchfield. Right hand from Blanchfield. Counter from Fiorot lands and now they are slowing things down. Fiorot going right back to work with her counters. Jab from Fiorot and they briefly clinch.

Both trade jabs and Fiorot lands a big right over the top. Another big right and now a left from Manon Fiorot. Halfway through the final round and Blanchfield is going to need a miracle here. Right counter lands for Manon Fiorot.

Front kick for Fiorot and Blanchfield fires back. Knee to the body from Blanchfield. Combination lands for Fiorot. Big left straight lands for Blanchfield. Head kick attempt now from Blanchfield. Huge 1-2 from Fiorot backs up Blanchfield.

Body lock from Blanchfield and she’s trying for a takedown. Fiorot breaks away and lands a knee. Right counter from Fiorot. The two throw in the center to the final bell and this one should go to Manon Fiorot.

Manon Fiorot def. Erin Blanchfield by Unanimous Decision (50-45, 50-45, 50-45)

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