UFC 299 Recap: Petr Yan gets back in the win column against Song Yadong

Oct 22, 2022; Abu Dhabi, UAE; Petr Yan (red gloves) before his fight against Sean O'Malley (blue gloves) during UFC 280 at Etihad Arena. Mandatory Credit: Craig Kidwell-USA TODAY Sports

Kicking off the PPV main card tonight at UFC 299 was a big time matchup in the bantamweight division. Former champion Petr Yan (16-5) was looking to get back on track as he took on Song Yadong (21-7-1).

A few years ago, Petr Yan was the bantamweight champion and many considered him to be one of the very best fighters in the world. However, entering tonight, he had lost three fights in a row. Granted they were against the best three fighters in the world, but nevertheless, he desperately needed to get a win tonight.

Song Yadong was looking for the big win of his career tonight. He entered the octagon 5-1 in his last six fights with the lone loss coming to Cory Sandhagen. With a win at UFC 299, Song could get into the bantamweight title picture which is exactly where he wants to be.

UFC 299 Recap

Round 1

The UFC 299 main card opener kicks off with a touch of the gloves. Immediate calf kick lands for Song. Yan lands a calf kick but Song blasts him with a counter left hand. Another calf kick lands for Yan and now a right over the top. Calf kick from Yan but Song again comes over the top with a quick left.

Song whiffs on a big left and Yan lands a jab to the body. The pace slows as both men are throwing a lot of feints. Nice left sneaks in there from Song. Combination from Yan with a nice finish to the body. Big shot lands for Song and the speed of Song is really bothering Yan here. Power jab lands for Yan.

Body kick from Yan and a huge jab from Song lands. Combination from Yan but Song lands a takedown with 90 seconds left in the round. Yan immediately gets back up but Song takes him right back down. Scramble and Yan gets back up to his feet. The round comes to a close and it’s a really solid round for Song Yadong at UFC 299.

Round 2

Entering the second round and Petr Yan really needs to turn this around. He takes the center but it’s Song who starts the striking with a body kick. Big left hook lands for Song. Yan looks completely lost here. Song lands a big shot and immediately goes to the clinch. Yan looking frustrated and he eats an elbow.

They break and Yan lands a combination. Beautiful left lands for Song but Yan lands two strong uppercuts. Right over the top lands for Song and now another. These two are starting to swing. Song goes for a takedown and he pushes Yan against the fence with three minutes left in the round.

They break and Song lands a long left. Big uppercut and left for Yan. Combination now from Yan and he’s starting to land more here. Song goes for a takedown but Yan defends and then lands two straight nasty body kicks. Jab from Yan and now a combination. Song fires back and now Yan lands a huge uppercut.

Nasty body shot Yan and a beautiful takedown from the former champion. Petr Yan coming on strong here in the second round. The round comes to a close and this one goes to the former UFC champ.

Round 3

It’s clearly 1-1 entering the final round so whoever wins this round should win the fight. They touch gloves and here we go. Double jab lands for Yan and a spinning back kick from Song. Both men trade body kicks. Yan lands a takedown but a scramble and they are right back to the feet.

Song lands a nice jab. Spinning back kick from Yan and another one but this one up top. Double jab lands for Song. Right hand lands for Song and he goes for a takedown. Yan defends and then goes for his own but Song defends. Combination from Yan. Stiff left straight lands for Yan.

Song goes for another takedown but eats a huge uppercut from Yan. Both men trading huge shots in the center. Song is really working strongly off the jab. More jabs from Song and he might be stealing this round just with his jab alone. 90 seconds left and they clinch. Yan pushes Song against the fence and he lands a takedown. One minute to work and Yan is going to work with elbows.

This could be the fight if Song can’t get back up. Yan is controlling him will here and he lands two more strong elbows. Huge elbow from Yan and there’s ten seconds left. The fight comes to a close and the former champion should take this one at UFC 299.

Petr Yan def. Song Yadong by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

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