UFC 299 Recap: Michael “Venom” Page impresses against Kevin Holland in octagon debut

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On the main card of UFC 299, we saw a big time matchup in the welterweight division. Michael “Venom” Page (21-2) made his highly anticipated octagon debut as he took on one of the most popular fighters in the promotion in “The Trailblazer” Kevin Holland (25-10).

Starting with MVP, this debut is years in the making. While Page was a star in Bellator, many were praying for the day that he would make the jump and fight inside the octagon. Tonight, we got to see it. He was 7-1 in his last eight entering the octagon tonight and he was looking to make a statement.

Kevin Holland was looking to play the role of spoiler tonight. The Trailblazer won two straight last year setting up a fight with Jack Della Maddalena which he lost by split decision. So, Holland was looking to play spoiler at UFC 299 and avoid a second straight loss.

UFC 299 Recap

Round 1

The UFC 299 welterweight contest kicks off with a touch of the gloves. Both men extremely light on their feet to start things out. Wide stance from MVP and he lands a nasty leg kick on Holland. Jab from Holland lands and MVP is carrying his hands very low. Right over the top lands for Page.

MVP is showboating here and Holland initiates a clinch. Shoulder strikes here from Holland 90 seconds into the first round. Page seems content just resting here against the fence. Page digging for underhooks here and he breaks free. Huge elbow over the top lands for Page. Holland is struggling a bit with the blitzes from MVP.

Body kick and a shot up top from Page. Holland might’ve been hurt there. Another big right hand over the top from Page. Holland trying to up the pressure but he eats another right from MVP. One minute left in the round and MVP has Holland up against the fence here.

They break free and are back to striking. Right over the top lands for Page. Uppercut now from Page and Holland is trying to press but he’s having a ton of trouble landing on MVP here. Spinning back elbow from Page and the round comes to a close. 1-0 MVP at UFC 299.

Round 2

Entering the second and Holland acknowledged in the corner that MVP was faster than he though. Spinning kick starts the striking for MVP. Big right hand lands for Kevin Holland and they clinch against the fence. Page breaks free and they are back to distance. Holland pushes forward and eats a right from MVP.

Sneaky right hand lands for Page again. Page slips throwing a kick and Holland tries to jump on him to take him down. MVP is defending well but Holland gets him down. He’s on the neck with a choke and MVP is in deep trouble here. Halfway through the round and Holland settles into half guard after MVP gets out of the choke. Elbows now from Holland.

More elbows from Holland but Page scrambles and they are back to striking. Big right hand from MVP cuts Holland. Another right hand from MVP as Holland comes in. One minute left in the round and Page hurts Holland with a right hand. Holland goes down after eating another shot. MVP lets him up and there’s ten seconds left. Spinning back elbow and the round ends. Despite the takedown I give it to MVP.

Round 3

Entering the final round at UFC 299 and Holland likely needs a finish here. Superman punch starts the final round from MVP. Big right misses from Holland and MVP misses a shot. Holland gets a body lock and pushes him back against the fence. One minute into the round and Holland is controlling MVP here.

Page breaks free and he lands a huge right hand. He throws Holland to the ground and then dances. Holland gets back up and they are back to striking. MVP looks so loose in there. Huge body kick from MVP and another spinning back elbow that cuts Holland under his left eye. Holland goes for a body lock but MVP reverses the position.

Two minutes left in the round and Holland is looking tired and frustrated. Back to striking with 90 seconds left in the round. Holland goes for a takedown and he eats a couple of shots from MVP. Shoulder strikes from the clinch from Holland.

They break again and Holland eats another nice right hand. Holland looks so frustrated in there and MVP is showboating in front of him. Another right hand and they clinch. The fight comes to a close and it should be a shutout for MVP at UFC 299.

Michael “Venom” Page def. Kevin Holland by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

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