UFC 297 Recap: Neil Magny stuns Mike Malott with a late finish

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On the main card of UFC 297, one of the rising stars in Canadian MMA was fighting in front of his hometown crowd. Canada’s own Mike Malott (10-1-1) was looking to remain perfect inside the octagon as he took on “The Haitian Sensation” Neil Magny (28-11).

Magny is coming off a tough loss against Ian Garry back in August. Magny is 4-3 in his last seven fights, but he does have some very solid wins during that stretch. Wins that include Geoff Neal and a submission win over Daniel Rodriguez.

Mike Malott is 3-0 in the UFC after earning a contract on Dana White’s Contender Series. What’s even more impressive is the fact that Malott has finished six straight opponents heading into his fight tomorrow night. This is the biggest step up for him in competition thus far and with a win, he’ll likely be in the welterweight rankings.

UFC 297 Recap

Round 1

The UFC 297 welterweight contest kicks off with a kick from Malott. Another leg kick from Malott and you can tell that’s going to be a strategy for Malott. Another big calf kick from Malott. Magny trying to pressure here and Malott fires back two straight leg kicks. Long straight shots from Magny give him some space.

Right over the top from Malott but Magny grabs a clinch and tries to take him to the fence. Malott goes for a throw and he uses it to break away. Malott now pressuring and he throws a couple of wild hooks that miss. Another calf kick from Malott lands. Front kick to the leg now from Malott and he tries coming over the top with a head kick but Magny ducks under.

Magny grabs a clinch and Malott again tries for a throw. That once again allows Malott to break away. Long combination from Magny. Big power calf kick from Malott and Magny limped after that one. One minute left in the round and Malott lands a right over the top. Another big kick from Malott. The round comes to a close and it’s 1-0 Malott at UFC 297.

Round 2

The second round starts with pressure from Magny. Magny fires a leg kick of his own. Huge 1-2 lands for Malott. Magny pressures heavy and throws multiple shots but nothing really lands. Magny moves forward and they clinch but it’s Malott who lands a few big shots. They break and Malott lands a body kick.

Kick from Malott and Magny rushes forward right into a takedown from Malott. Magny forces a scramble and gets back up to his feet. Body kick from Malott and now an inside leg kick for him. Body lock from Magny but it’s Malott that gets the takedown from that position.

Magny trying to force another scramble here. However, Malott ends up in the mount. One minute left to work and this is a horrible spot for Magny. Malott not doing a ton of damage here but he has serious control right now. Big elbow from Malott as he postures up. Another elbow from Malott. The round ends and it’s 2-0 Malott at UFC 297.

Round 3

Entering the final round Neil Magny has to get a finish here. Heavy pressure from Magny and he gets taken right down by Malott. Magny trying to scramble and nearly gets caught in a submission. Magny is able to get back up to his feet but Malott has him pressed up against the fence.

Big takedown from Malott and he settles into the guard of Magny. Short elbows for Malott and Magny is trying to get some separation. Malott stands up halfway through the round but fires a shot and settles right back into the guard. Not much happening here with two minutes left in the fight.

It’s starting to look like Malott is going to be content with riding this one out. Malott gets reversed and Magny takes him down how. Magny postures up and now he’s landing big shots. Magny is pouring it on right now. Big shots from the top and now Malott attacks a leg. Magny defends and he goes right back on the ground and pound.

One minute left and Magny gets the mount. Big shots from Magny. Magny gets the back and flattens him out. Massive shots and Malott has no answer. Fifteen seconds left and the fight is stopped. Neil Magny just flipped the script in a huge way at UFC 297.

Neil Magny def. Mike Malott by TKO – Round 3

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