UFC 292 Recap: Chito Vera wins decision over Pedro Munhoz

Kicking off the main card of UFC 292, we saw a showdown between top ten bantamweights. Marlon “Chito” Vera (22-8-1) was looking to bounce back after his last fight while Pedro Munhoz (20-7, 2 NC) was looking to win his second fight in a row.

The last time we saw Pedro Munhoz was at UFC Kansas City in April. That night he took on the surging Chris Gutierrez. Gutierrez entered the octagon with a ton of momentum, but Munhoz beat him to the punch throughout the night and got the decision win. It was a much needed win for Munhoz who had gone 1-4, 1 NC in his previous six fights.

Chito Vera made the walk back in March and took on Cory Sandhagen in a huge main event. Had Vera won that night, he might’ve been the one fighting for the title at UFC 292 given his win over Sean O’Malley. However, Vera took forever to get going and lost a lopsided decision. That loss snapped a four-fight winning streak.

UFC 292 Recap

Round 1

The UFC 292 main card opener kicked off with a touch of the gloves. Vera holds the center and Munhoz opens with a low kick and a kick to the body. Munhoz with a lot of movement early and he lands another low kick. Doubles up on it and Vera catches one and throws him down. Munhoz bounces right back up and throws another kick.

Spinning back kick from Munhoz. Stiff jab from Vera lands. Both men trade front kicks to the body. Two more low kicks land from Munhoz. Both men trade leg kicks but Munhoz doubles up on it. Powerful low kick from Vera. Takedown attempt from Munhoz and Vera defends.

Vera lands another powerful leg kick. Big left hand from Vera causes Munhoz to push forward. Huge knee just misses from Chito. Both men trade combinations in the center. Long combination lands for Chito and Munhoz lands a couple of nice left hands. Right hand over the top lands for Munhoz now.

Munhoz is throwing with a ton of volume. Vera lands a nice shot but for every nice shot he lands, Munhoz lands several. Heavy pressure here from Munhoz and he lands a couple shots to the body. Power jab from Vera leads to a combination from Munhoz. The round ends and it’s likely 1-0 Munhoz at UFC 292.

Round 2

Entering the second at UFC 292 and Vera is at risk of falling behind just because of volume. Munhoz opens with multiple combinations. Several kicks and a ton of movement. Left hand and a body kick now lands for Vera. Low kick lands for Vera and Munhoz responds with one of his own. Big combinations for both men in the center.

Jab from Chito lands and Munhoz follows with a leg kick. Combination from Munhoz finishes with a left hand up top. Left over the top now from Munhoz and then he lands a right hand. 1-2 from Munhoz and then he lands another. Halfway through the round and Pedro Munhoz is fighting sensationally.

Right hand from Munhoz again makes it’s way through and he follows with a leg kick. Another power leg kick from Munhoz. Big combination response from Vera but he’s so far behind on volume it feels like. Left hand now from Munhoz and he’s frustrating Chito Vera here.

Another left hand lands for Munhoz. Right hand from Vera and then a power jab. Right hand and a left now from Munhoz. Long jab lands for Vera and then another lands. Two straight right hands from Munhoz. The round ends and I have it 2-0 Munhoz at UFC 292.

Round 3

The rounds have been close but I think Vera needs a finish at UFC 292. They touch gloves and Munhoz immediately throws a combination. Big combination lands for Vera. However, Munhoz backs him up immediately just throwing a ton of volume. Right straight and a left lands for Vera. Another big 1-2 from Vera.

Check left hook from Vera backs up Munhoz. Vera really opening up with power here and it’s definitely slowing the attack of Munhoz. Munhoz gets rocked with a combination from Vera. Munhoz is game and throws shots back. Big jab now from Munhoz. Both men trade right hands now in the center. It’s going to take a helluva shot to get Munhoz out of there.

Huge combination from Vera and you have to wonder where this was for the first two rounds. Huge shot to the body from Vera. He’s coming on real strong in the third round. Long jab from Vera and he doubles up on it. Munhoz is busted up here in the third round. Big low kick from Munhoz and he eats a 1-2 from Chito.

Big left hand lands for Vera. Munhoz answers with a 1-2. Counter left hand lands for Vera and now a jab from Chito. Munhoz gets popped with another big combination from Vera. The round ends and that’s an easy one for Chito Vera, but I think Munhoz might get the win on volume at UFC 292.

Marlon “Chito” Vera def. Pedro Munhoz by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

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