Tony Ferguson to the UFC regarding Poirier: “Pay the man!”

Tony Ferguson, UFC
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The UFC‘s lightweight boogie man is trying to campaign for his fight to be saved. Tony Ferguson (25-4) has been training and getting ready to fight Dustin Poirier (26-6, 1 NC) next month on fight island. However, the fight has failed to materialize.

After some negotiations, the UFC decided to scrap the fight. The promotion couldn’t come to terms with Poirier on the financial figures. While there was hope for the fight to be saved, Dana White said that the UFC wasn’t even trying to save it.

However, El Cucuy has voiced his opinion on the matter. He believes that the UFC needs to step up and pay Dustin Poirier to make this fight happen. Of course, his opponent fully agrees with Ferguson’s statements.

What does the UFC do?

This is a fight that the fans want to see, and Dana White always says that he wants to make the fights happen that the fans want to see. Granted, we don’t know how far apart the UFC and Poirier were on the financial terms of the deal.

Poirier is in a tough spot not actually being the champion. He’s not in a Conor McGregor position where he can demand a ton more from the promotion. That being said, Poirier knows his popularity is growing, and he wants to be compensated.

A fight between these two men would clearly determine the number one contender in the UFC‘s lightweight division. Despite both hovering in the top five for some time now, these two lightweight standouts have yet to cross paths.

Of course, if the UFC was too far away, there are a couple of options for Ferguson. My favorite option outside of Poirier would be the fight with Michael Chandler. I think that would be a fantastic fight for both Ferguson and the debuting Chandler.

Time will tell what the UFC decides to do. I know that Tony Ferguson wants to fight, and it’s clear he wants to fight Dustin Poirier. It’ll be interesting to see what the promotion decides to do.