Sean Strickland outpoints Jack Hermansson at UFC Vegas 47

In the main event of UFC Vegas 47, we saw a pivotal middleweight division. Top contenders battled it out as they looked to take another step towards the top of the division “The Joker” Jack Hermansson (22-6) took on the surging Sean Strickland (24-3).

A few years ago, Jack Hermansson was on the cusp of a UFC title shot. The Joker had won four straight fights and the UFC decided to reward him with a main event in his homeland of Sweden. The problem for him was that he took on Jared Cannonier that night and was stopped in the second round.

Starting with that fight, he’s 2-2 in his last four. The two losses came against Cannonier and former title challenger Marvin Vettori. We last saw Hermansson back in May when he defeated Edmen Shahbazyan by decision. He was looking to pickup his second straight win tonight.

Standing in his way was the surging Sean Strickland. In late 2020, Strickland returned after nearly two years away due to a motorcycle accident. Strickland returned to the middleweight division and he’s been flawless since returning.

His competition level has been stepping up as well. In his last fight, the UFC gave him a five-round main event against Uriah Hall and Strickland was able to outstrike him. A win over Hermansson would be huge for Strickland’s standing in the division.

UFC Vegas 47 Recap

Round 1

The UFC Vegas 47 main event kicked off with a touch of the gloves. Strickland immediately took the center and ate a leg kick from Hermansson. Another good leg kick lands for Hermansson. Stiff jab from Strickland and he doubles up on it. Another good low kick from Hermansson.

Both men exchange jabs in the center. An exchange and Hermansson shoots in for his first takedown attempt. Hermansson is deep on a takedown attempt and he wrestles Strickland to the mat. However, Strickland pops right back up to his feet and works his way to the cage.

Hermansson still has a body lock but Strickland is able to break it and we are back to striking. Immediate jab lands for Strickland. Another jab lands for Strickland. Hermansson goes for a leg kick but it’s checked by Strickland. Strickland investing heavily in the jab here.

This first round has been a battle of leg kicks and jabs as both men land again. Two straight low kicks from Hermansson. Nice right hand counter from Strickland find it’s home. Hermansson popped with a jab from Strickland. Both men land good shots in the center. The round comes to a close and I lean Hermansson at UFC Vegas 47.

Round 2

Hermansson immediately opens the second at UFC Vegas 47 with a combination. Two good low kicks land for Hermansson, however, Strickland pops him with two straight jabs that land flush. Jab from Strickland and a overhand right from Hermansson lands.

Both men trade jabs in the center. Takedown attempt from Hermansson but Strickland defends easily. Right hand just misses for Strickland and then he pops Hermansson with a jab. 1-2 lands for Strickland and Hermansson fires back with a big combination of his own.

Strickland answers with a combination of his own and now they are getting after it. Powerful body kick from Hermansson. Big shot to the body lands for Strickland and then he lands a jab. Low kick from Hermansson and then Strickland lands three straight shots.

Hermansson tries rushing in but eats a couple of shots from Strickland. Hermansson circles on the outside but eats a jab from Strickland. The two men come together again and they both land. Good right hand from Strickland and down goes Hermansson. The round ends and it’s 1-1 at UFC Vegas 47.

Round 3

The third round starts at UFC Vegas 47 and Hermansson immediately takes the center. Hermansson is coming forward, but Strickland is landing the cleaner shots here in the opening minute. However, Hermansson does land two good leg kicks just after I typed that.

Strickland is just plotting forward here and he hits Hermansson with a stiff jab. The striking defense of Strickland is looking good here as he’s evading all of Hermansson’s shots up top. Nice left hook lands for Strickland and Hermansson counters with a body kick.

Double jab and a head kick for Strickland. The head kick just missed the mark. Wild right hand from Hermansson misses badly and he eats a couple of counters from Strickland. 1-2 lands over the top for Sean Strickland. Strickland is very measured here in the third round.

Combination from Hermansson but Strickland lands a clean right hand to counter. Two more jabs land for Strickland. Front kick to the body lands for Strickland. Good body kick lands for Hermansson and then Strickland lights him up with another combination up top. The round comes to a close at it’s 2-1 Strickland at UFC Vegas 47.

Round 4

Entering the fourth at UFC Vegas 47 and at this pace, Sean Strickland is going to walk to a decision. However, Hermansson is still in this. Hermansson looks for a lead left hook to start the round. A much more aggressive Hermansson here in the fourth round. Wild combination just misses from Hermansson.

Two crisp jabs from Strickland slow the advance. Big takedown attempt from Hermansson and he pushes Strickland against the fence. Great defense from Strickland and he breaks the attempt to get things back to striking. Another good shot lands for Sean Strickland.

Step in right cross lands beautifully for Strickland. Jab and a front kick from Strickland and he’s looking great. Hermansson misses wildly with a couple of big shots. Two more jabs from Strickland and Hermansson lands a nice counter right hand.

Jab and a low kick lands for Strickland. Hermansson coming forward but can’t land. Head kick just misses from Strickland. Another wild miss from Hermansson and he eats two more jabs from Strickland. The round comes to a close and it’s 3-1 Strickland at UFC Vegas 47.

Round 5

Entering the final round at UFC Vegas 47 and Jack Hermansson likely needs a finish here. More pressure here from Hermansson¬† to start the round. He’s talking to Strickland as he pushes forward. Lots of aggression from The Joker. Two jabs land for Hermansson but nothing seemed to phase Strickland.

Three straight shots land for Strickland who seems extremely comfortable. 1-2 down the middle lands for Strickland and Hermansson counters with a super man punch. Lots of volume here from Hermansson but he eats another 1-2 from Strickland.

Counter right lands for Hermansson. Strickland lands a beautiful combination that he finished with a hook to the body. Big combination from Hermansson who is really upping the volume here in the final frame. Lead left hook lands for Hermansson.

Two straight lefts for Hermansson but they barely hit Strickland. Jab from Strickland slows the advance of Hermansson. Four big shots from Strickland land in a row and then Hermansson lands a nice kick. Big takedown attempt from Hermansson and Strickland defends easily.

Nice overhand right for Strickland. The round comes to a close and it’s a close round that you could give to Hermansson, but this will be a Sean Strickland win at UFC Vegas 47.

Sean Strickland def. Jack Hermansson by Split Decision (49-46, 47-48, 49-46)

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