Rob Font outclasses Cody Garbrandt at UFC Vegas 27

In the main event of UFC Vegas 27, we saw a pivotal matchup in the bantamweight champion. Former bantamweight champion Cody Garbrandt (12-3) was back to take on the surging Rob Font (18-4).

Garbrandt is returning for the first time since UFC 250 last June. The former bantamweight champion knocked out Raphael Assuncao last June and immediately said that he was going to drop to flyweight to challenge the flyweight champion.

In fact, Garbrandt was booked to challenge for the flyweight title in November. However, the former UFC champion tested positive for COVID and really struggled to get over the virus. After battling COVID, Garbrandt decided to stay at bantamweight for now.

With that decision, the UFC booked him against Rob Font. Font has won three fights in a row leading into UFC Vegas 27. Font took on former title challenger Marlon Moraes back in December.

In what was the most impressive performance of his career, Font knocked out Moraes in the first round. That massive win put Font into the top five and earned him this shot against the former UFC champion.

UFC Vegas 27 Recap

Round 1

The UFC Vegas 27 main event kicked off with a touch of the gloves. Both men took the first few seconds to just try and gauge the range. The two trade jabs to start the striking and Garbrandt landed a nasty calf kick.

Font looked to work his jab, but was a bit out of range. Garbrandt fired a powerful headkick that was blocked by Font. Another good low kick lands for the former UFC champion. Font pushes forward trying to get Garbrandt against the fence.

Garbrandt circles and Font lands his own leg kick. Good jab lands for Rob Font, but Garbrandt counters with one of his own. Huge 1-2 lands for Font and Garbrandt is wobbled. Font tries to press forward, but Garbrandt gets some distance and stays calm.

Garbrandt uses the aggressiveness of Font to time a takedown attempt. The former champion gets Font to the ground with 90 seconds left to work. Font uses an escape to get back to his feet. Once on the feet, Font starts lighting up Garbrandt, but Garbrandt takes him right back down.

The round closes with Font getting back up to his feet. Extremely close round, but with two takedowns and some decent shots of his own, I lean slightly towards the former UFC champion.

Round 2

The second round starts and Font goes right back to the pressure. However, Garbrandt shoots in for a takedown and gets it. Garbrandt starts to attempt to pass the guard while throwing some shots in the guard.

Font tries to use a submission attempt to escape, but Garbrandt scrambles to keep the top position. Garbrandt is in halfguard and Font uses a kimura to scramble and get back to his feet.

Font immediately starts pushing forward behind his jab. Garbrandt tries for another takedown, but this time he can’t land it. The former UFC champion is looking a little tired with two minutes left in the round.

Big jab lands for Font and a counter left lands for Garbrandt. Font continues to touch Garbrandt with his jab and he throws a nice uppercut. Both men whiff on big power shots.

Another good jab for Rob Font. 1-2 lands for Rob Font and he’s gaining more confidence here. More pressure for Font and he lands another stiff jab. Garbrandt shoots deep for a takedown, but Font stuffs it. 1-1 after two at UFC Vegas 27.

Round 3

Entering the third round at UFC Vegas 27 and all the momentum is with Rob Font. Font immediately back on the pressure and jab to start round 3. Garbrandt tries to throw his own, but Font is landing here.

Nasty calf kick lands for Garbrandt. Stiff jab for Rob Font. Garbrandt pushes forward with a combination, but Font counters with two straight brutal 1-2s. Font pushes forward with little respect for Garbrandt here.

Garbrandt tries for another takedown, but Font stuffs it and reverses the position. Font presses Garbrandt against the fence and he tries for his own takedown. Garbrandt uses a scramble to separate and we’re back to striking.

Font presses forward and lands a jab followed by a 1-2. Garbrandt is forced to shoot for a takedown, but Font sprawls nicely. Font gets back to his feet and lands a nice knee to the body.

It’s all Rob Font here as he lands two straight jabs. Nasty hook to the body lands for Rob Font. Garbrandt looking frustrated, but there’s no significant answer. The round closes and it’s either 2-1 or 3-0 Rob Font at UFC Vegas 27.

Round 4

Entering the main event rounds and the former UFC champion needs to turn things around. The two touch gloves and Font lands two straight jabs. Garbrandt lands another really nice calf kick to start his striking.

Counter left hook lands for Garbrandt and Font pushes forward with about four shots of his own. Another nice jab lands for Rob Font. Right hand over the top lands for Rob Font. Garbrandt comes up top, but Font lands a nasty body shot.

Huge short left lands for Garbrandt, but Font just eats it. Body shot lands for Font and it hurts Garbrandt. Garbrandt immediately ties Font up, but Font separates. 1-2 lands for Rob Font and then he lands a good body kick.

Vicious combination lands for Rob Font and he’s in total control. Right hook over the top lands for Font. Leg kick and then a 1-2 for Font. Another jab for Font and Garbrandt is wearing it right now.

Massive 1-2 finds it’s home for Font. Sloppy takedown attempts from the former UFC champion are stuffed by Font. Three straight jabs land for Font. The round comes to a close and it’s all Rob Font here at UFC Vegas 27.

Round 5

Entering the final round here at UFC Vegas 27 and it’s going to take a miracle from Cody Garbrandt. However, entering the final round and Garbrandt looks a little checked out and frustrated.

1-2 for Garbrandt lands and a big combination after lands for the former UFC champion. However, Font pushes right through it and lands nice shots of his own. Garbrandt steps in and lands a big left hook.

The former champion lands a massive right hook. Big 1-2 lands for Rob Font and these two are throwing in the final round. Both trade jabs, but Font doubles it up Huge uppercut lands for Font and Garbrandt is wobbled.

Garbrandt steps away and regains his composure. Font pressuring behind his jab and Garbrandt is trying to regain himself. Two minutes left and another jab lands for Font. Huge right lands for Cody Garbrandt.

A jab and a massive right lands for Font and Garbrandt is hurt again. Garbrandt tries for a takedown and Font is all over him. Another jab for Rob Font. The boxing is so crisp for Rob Font.

1-2 lands for Font and this one is in the final seconds. Garbrandt tries a big spinning attack and Font gets a body lock. Font pulls Garbrandt to the ground and holds on as time expires. This one is over and it should be Rob Font 49-46.

Rob Font def. Cody Garbrandt by Unanimous Decision (48-47, 50-45, 50-45)

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