PFL’s Kayla Harrison to fight Jozette Cotton at Titan FC 66


Arguably the brightest star in PFL is taking her second fight away from the promotion. ESPN first reported this evening that lightweight champion, Kayla Harrison (8-0), will be taking on Jozette Cotton (8-2) on December 17th.

The fight will take place under the Titan FC banner. As mentioned this is the second fight for the PFL lightweight champion outside of the organization. As many know, PFL didn’t host any events after the pandemic hit this year.

However, they are planning on a 2021 return. In the meantime, they have allowed some of their fighters to take fights outside of the organization. The only condition is that they couldn’t fight inside the big promotions like the UFC or Bellator.

Instead, if PFL fighters wanted to remain active, they had to fight at smaller venues. Likely PFL is trying to protect their investments with this move. Harrison recently fought on an Invicta card last month. 

The PFL champion brutalized Courtney King and finished her in the second round of their fight. It was the first fight of 2020 for the PFL champion and former Olympic Gold Medalist. It’s obvious now that Harrison was desparate to get one more fight in before the year is up.

PFL’s champ accepting a rematch

This is actually going to be a rematch for Kayla Harrison. Harrison and Cotton both faced off in PFL just a little over two years ago. That fight was actually the last time that Cotton stepped into the cage.

Cotton has spent her fighting career fighting in the smaller shows. She does have one victory in Bellator and she has the one appearance in PFL which came against the lightweight champion.

When these two ladies first faced off, Harrison was able to pickup the win by third round TKO. Harrison is expected to be a massive favorite and the result will likely be the same for Cotton.

I’m fully expecting Harrison to completely run through Cotton. It is worth noting that this fight is taking place at lightweight. Harrison recently fought at 145 pounds and made the weight with relative ease.

It seems like the long-term career play for the PFL champion will be to fight at featherweight. However, just to get another fight in, the lightweight champion will fight at her traditional weight class on December 17th.

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