PFL’s Kayla Harrison to make featherweight debut for Invicta


One of the biggest stars in PFL is going to be taking her talents to another promotion. Well, at least for now. Lightweight champion, Kayla Harrison (7-0), is wanting to stay active while the promotion is preparing to return.

PFL announced recently that they would be returning in 2021. However, Harrison is itching to get back into action. The Olympic Gold Medalist last fought in December 2019 shortly after she had signed a new deal with PFL.

Harrison has always competed at lightweight which made her unavailable to the bigger promotions like Bellator and the UFC. However, Harrison is going to be dropping down to featherweight in this next fight which could open some doors down the line.

On November 20th, Harrison is going to be switching over to Invicta and fighting at 145 pounds. Many PFL fighters have publicly showed their frustrations with not being able to fight during this crazy pandemic year while other promotions have been moving.

Harrison took her concerns to PFL and they are allowing her to take this fight to remain active. Yes, it’s not in her primary organization, but I think a lot of eyes are going to be on the PFL champion on November 20th.

PFL’s Risky Move

This is a risky move for PFL but it’s also a smart one. It’s smart to let one of your biggest draws stay active. Her fighting with Invcita will also get more eyes on her which could translate well for the promotion. However, she’s getting to fight in a new weight class.

If she’s able to make the cut easily, Harrison could start to contemplate a future outside of PFL. Perhaps one in the bigger promotions such as the UFC or Bellator. Both of those promotions currently have the two best featherweights in the world, Amanda Nunes and Cris Cyborg.

Given the contract, I wouldn’t expect Harrison to be tempted anytime soon. I really like the move from PFL letting Harrison get some action. However, if she’s not successful on November 20th, it’s not a great look for PFL.

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