Pedro Munhoz wins decision over Chris Gutierrez at UFC Kansas City

Pedro Munhoz, UFC
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On the main card of UFC Kansas City, we saw a big time matchup in the bantamweight division. Top fifteen contenders will battle it out as Pedro Munhoz (19-7, 2 NC) takes on Chris Gutierrez (19-3-2).

Outside of a no contest against Sean O’Malley, Pedro Munhoz is just 1-4 in his previous five. He contemplated moving down to 125, but he’s remained inside the top ten at 135 pounds and now he was looking to turn away the surging Chris Gutierrez.

Since making his UFC debut, Gutierrez has been an absolute problem at bantamweight. He’s gone 7-1-1 in nine fights which includes a four-fight winning streak. He continues to look better and better and he put on a show in his last fight.

He had the unfortunate responsibility of fighting Frankie Edgar in his retirement fight at UFC 281. Gutierrez did what he had to do and knocked out Edgar with a flying knee. He was looking to make another statement this evening.

UFC Kansas City Recap

Round 1

The UFC bantamweight contest kicked off with a touch of the gloves. Leg kick attempt early from Munhoz. A second one and neither lands. Front kick to the body from Gutierrez. Body kick attempt now from Munhoz. Munhoz really looking for the leg kicks early. Gutierrez lands a powerful one and then a jab.

Munhoz upping the pressure here and looks for a body kick. Low kick lands for Gutierrez. Another low kick lands for Gutierrez and then a lunging hook from Munhoz drops him. Munhoz settles into the guard after rocking Gutierrez on the feet.

Gutierrez looking to attack off his back, but Munhoz is holding position. Halfway through the first round and it’s a great start for Pedro Munhoz. Nice elbow now from Munhoz. Another good elbow lands from Munhoz who is doing some damage here in the guard.

Gutierrez tries to use the fence but he’s stuck at the moment. Another good elbow lands from Munhoz and he advances position. He looks to be attacking a leg, but Gutierrez slips out and scrambles. He gets to his feet but Munhoz still has ahold of him.

Munhoz on the back now and lands a nice little shot from behind. Munhoz rolls for a leg but eats a shot from Gutierrez and Gutierrez backs away. Back to the feet and Munhoz lands a right. Nice left hand lands for Gutierrez. Munhoz is pressuring heavy here and eats a spinning backfist. Round ends and it’s 1-0 Munhoz at UFC Kansas City.

Round 2

Second round is underway and Munhoz opens with a leg kick. Again, Munhoz is really heavy on the pressure here and looks for a right hand. Low kick from Gutierrez lands and Munhoz counters with a body kick. Leg kick from Munhoz lands and he has Gutierrez against the fence.

Left straight lands for Gutierrez. The two trade low kicks just 90 seconds into the round. Munhoz coming forward again and lands a combination. Right hand misses from Munhoz and Gutierrez counters with a left. Gutierrez starting to land a little more as he hits Munhoz with a couple of jabs.

Front kick from Gutierrez and a low kick lands from Munhoz. Munhoz lands a couple more leg kicks and Gutierrez pops the jab. Very even second round with 90 seconds to go. Munhoz showing no respect for the power of Gutierrez here.

Combination finished with a leg kick by Munhoz. Spinning back kick attempt from Munhoz and then a low kick. The crowd becoming a little restless here and Munhoz lands more shots to the legs. The round comes to a close and I don’t think either man should feel good about that one.

Round 3

Entering the final round at UFC Kansas City and Gutierrez might need a finish depending on how the second round was scored. Either way, he needs to fight with more urgency. They touch gloves and here we go. Both men trade big shots to start the round. Big right hand from Munhoz lands and that backed Gutierrez up.

Low kick now from Munhoz and he’s back on the pressure. Front kick to the body from Gutierrez. Low kick from Gutierrez now. Jab from Gutierrez. Low kick from Munhoz and now a body kick. Huge leg kick from Gutierrez lands.

1-2 attempt from Gutierrez and a spinning back kick attempt from Munhoz. Jab from Gutierrez and Munhoz lands another low kick. The crowd is a little restless in Kansas City as the cell phone lights start coming out in the crowd.

Two minutes to go in this one. Jab attempt by Gutierrez. Both men trade low kicks. Munhoz still looking to pressure but nothing big is landing. Gutierrez pops the jab again and then Munhoz lands a right hand. Munhoz pushes forward and lands another big right hand.

They have a wild exchange at the end but the boos come out as the fight ends. Should be a decision win for Pedro Munbhoz at UFC Kansas City.

Pedro Munhoz def. Chris Gutierrez by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)