Noche UFC Recap: Jack Della Maddalena wins a split decision over Kevin Holland

In the co-main event of Noche UFC, we saw a battle between two ranked contenders in the welterweight division. Fan favorites battled it out as “The Trailblazer” Kevin Holland (25-9) took on Jack Della Maddalena (15-2).

Last time we saw Kevin Holland was just over a month ago at UFC 291. That night, Holland completely dismantled Michael Chiesa and finished him in the first round. That was Holland’s second win in a row and his second straight finish of 2023. He was looking for his third straight win tonight.

Jack Della Maddalena entered tonight unbeaten inside the octagon. After a couple of fights over the summer fell through, the UFC got him a fight in July against Bassil Hafez. Most thought Della Maddalena would walk through him, but Hafez made it tough on JDM. Ultimately, Della Maddalena won a split decision. He was hoping to re-establish his dominating form tonight.

Noche UFC Recap

Round 1

The Noche UFC co-main event kicked off with Della Maddalena taking the center. Holland circles on the outside and pops the jab to start the striking. Della Maddalena moves forward and tries to find two lefts. He lands a couple of low kicks on Holland. Holland lands a left and another big low kick from Della Maddalena.

Low kick now from Holland lands and a jab behind it. Della Maddalena lunges with a left hook that just misses. He then moves forward with a combo but it just misses. Nice combination answer from Holland. Della Maddalena closes the distance and lands a nasty combination to the body.

Two straight low kicks from Della Maddalena and a 1-2 counter from Holland. Right hand over the top from Della Maddalena and Holland fires a jab. Front kick to the body from Holland and a fast right hand behind it. Long combination now from Holland lands flush.

Della Maddalena tries to land but Holland rolls well with it. Both men land big shots in tight. The round comes to a close and it was a very competitive first at Noche UFC.

Round 2

Entering the second and I don’t believe either man should feel confident about winning the first round. The second starts with Della Maddalena moving right back to the center. JDM moves forward behind his jab but Holland counters with a jab of his own. Della Maddalena moves forward with a combination but nothing lands.

Front kick from Holland and now a lead left from Della Maddalena. Right straight from Holland lands. Body kick from Della Maddalena and then he lands a left hand. Combination from Holland and Della Maddalena lands a big leg kick behind it. Nice right over the top from Della Maddalena.

Sharp 1-2 from Holland cracks the chin of Della Maddalena. Della Maddalena moves forward but eats a counter from Holland. Long combination now from Holland. 1-2 now from Holland and Della Maddalena isn’t throwing as much. Head kick now from Holland. Both men land really nice combinations in the center.

Calf kick and a huge combination from Della Maddalena lands. Holland coming back now. Takedown attempt from Holland and Della Maddalena defends well. Two straight from kicks from Holland and Della Maddalena lands a right. The round ends and it’s another competitive one at Noche UFC.

Round 3

Entering the final round at Noche UFC and Della Maddalena is likely up on the cards. They touch gloves and here we go. Holland lands a sharp jab to start the striking. Front kick to the body now from Holland. Huge right over the top lands for Della Maddalena and now a combination.

Combination from Kevin Holland now as he tries to get it back. Long right hand lands for Holland and Della Maddalena lands a nasty body kick. Long combination from Holland now. They come in close and both men land sharp elbows in tight. Two front kicks now from Holland and Della Maddalena lands a right over the top.

They get in close and Della Maddalena lands a nice combination. Big elbow on the break for Holland. Low kick from Holland and a body shot from Della Maddalena. Right hand from Holland now. Two minutes left to go and this is another round where neither man is really pulling away.

Combination lands for Holland. Della Maddalena goes back to the body and Holland lands a side kick to the body. Big left hook over the top from Della Maddalena and now a nasty calf kick. Right hand for Della Maddalena now. Big combination from Della Maddalena and now an elbow from Della Maddalena. The round comes to a close and I think JDM got it done at Noche UFC.

Jack Della Maddalena def. Kevin Holland by Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

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