More to lose in tonight’s boxing match: Jake Paul or the sport of MMA?

Nov 28, 2020; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Jake Paul (grey trunks) fights Nate Robinson (red and blue trunks) during a cruiserweight boxing bout at the Staples Center. Mandatory Credit: Joe Scarnici/Handout Photo via USA TODAY Sports

Tonight, we will finally see the boxing match that the world has been talking about. Former MMA world champion, Ben Askren (19-2, 1 NC MMA) takes on YouTube celebrity turned boxer Jake Paul (2-0 Boxing).

This is a freak show type of matchup in the boxing world, but this is what the sport has become as of late. Jake Paul started his career over the last few years and he has made claims that he could defeat any MMA fighter in the sport of boxing.

The first one to step up to test that theory is Ben Askren. Askren is a former welterweight champion in ONE as well as Bellator. “Funky” retired back in 2019 and he had hip surgery following his retirement.

However, when the opportunity came up to have a boxing match with Jake Paul, Askren jumped at the opportunity. Paul has been talking a big game despite his only competition being another YouTuber and a former NBA player.

Neither one of those two gentlemen looked like they had ever thrown a punch in their life. Now, Paul is taking on a former MMA world champion in the sport of boxing. Even with it being Ben Askren, this is a big step up. So who has more to lose tonight: Jake Paul or the MMA community?

Boxing vs MMA

If you had never seen Ben Askren fight, you would say that the MMA community has the most to lose tonight. Even with it being boxing instead of MMA, if Ben Askren loses to a YouTuber in an arena of combat, it would look awful for professional mixed martial artists.

That said, the clear answer tonight is Jake Paul. Jake Paul by far has more to lose in tonight’s boxing matchup than the MMA community. Paul has been talking a lot of trash, but he’s fighting one of the worst strikers that’s ever been considered a top level MMA fighter.

Askren is a tremendous wrestler, but he’s never been known for his striking. Jake Paul has said that he could defeat any MMA fighter in boxing. However, if he loses to Ben Askren, it’s devastating for his brand and it’s embarrassing.

As someone who has spent my life involved with martial arts, there’s no secret as to who I’m rooting for in tonight’s boxing matchup. I hope with everything in me that Ben Askren completely destroys Jake Paul and ends this charade.

On the other hand, maybe it’s a good thing if Jake Paul wins. If Jake Paul wins, it’s only up from here. That’s a massive problem because if he gets put up against a legit striker, he’s going to get hurt badly. Maybe that is ultimately the best outcome for the martial arts community.