Miesha Tate stops Marion Reneau at UFC Vegas 31

In the co-main event of UFC Vegas 31, we saw the return of one of the pioneer’s of women’s MMA. Former bantamweight champion Miesha Tate (18-7) made her highly anticipated return as she took on Marion Reneau (9-7-1).

Marion Reneau was making the walk for the final time at UFC Vegas 31. Reneau had her husband and her son in her corner tonight for her retirement fight against the legend Miesha Tate.

The 44 year old had four fights in a row coming into tonight, but she has still remained competitive for the most part. Reneau made her UFC debut all the way back in 2015. She’s been in there with the likes of Holly Holm, Sara McMann, Raquel Pennington, and Cat Zingano.

Miesha Tate was making her highly anticipated return after spending a few years away from competition. The former Strikeforce and UFC bantamweight champion is back after retiring in 2016.

Tate walked away after losing her second straight at UFC 205. However, Tate was only 29 years old and her walking away was more about mental fatigue. Since then, she’s become a mother of her own and she’s found that competitive fire again.

UFC Vegas 31 Recap

Round 1

The UFC Vegas 31 co-main event kicked off with a touch of the gloves. Reneau immediately looked to work the jab as Tate took the center. Tate pushes forward behind her jab as she tries to close the distance.

Low kick lands for Tate. Sharp 1-2 lands for Miesha Tate. Reneau lands a kick, but Tate counters nicely with a jab. Another good 1-2 lands for Tate down the middle. Reneau steps forward with big shots, but Tate wobbles her with a counter.

Marion Reneau shakes out the cobwebs and lands a jab. Big calf kick lands for Reneau. Halfway through the round and Tate goes for her first takedown. However, Reneau defended well as they went into a clinch against the fence.

Reneau landed nice shots in the clinch, but Tate was able to maintain control. The two separate and Reneau lands a nice shot on the break. Jab for Tate lands and she follows it with a 1-2.

Furious pace as both ladies exchange big shots and Tate lands a takedown. Tate settles into halfguard with just seconds left in the round. Very competitive opening round, but the first one at UFC Vegas 31 goes to Miesha Tate.

Round 2

The former UFC champion looked good in the opening round, but Reneau was holding her own. Reneau starts the striking in the second with a nice front kick. Tate steps forward with a nice 1-2 to start her striking.

Front kick lands for Miesha Tate. Beautiful left hook lands for Marion Reneau. Nice right hand lands for Reneau. Tate bounces on the outside as she looks to reset. Reneau lands a nice counter right hand as Tate looks to press forward.

More pressure from Tate, but Reneau is doing much better with counters here in the second. Tate gets deep in on a double leg and slams Reneau down to the ground. The former champion settles into halfguard. Reneau looks for a kimura as Tate works elbows the body.

Tate steps up and almost gets clipped by an upkick. The former champion settles back into halfguard and starts working her ground and pound. A few good shots from Tate and the blood is flowing on Reneau. The round comes to a close and it’s 2-0 Miesha Tate at UFC Vegas 31.

Round 3

Heading into the final round here at UFC Vegas 31 and Marion Reneau is going to need a finish here. Reneau looks aggressive to start the final round as she looks for a headkick. Tate immediately moves forward with pressure.

Nice combinations land for Miesha Tate and Reneau seems a bit wobbled. Tate chains her combinations into a takedown attempt along the fence. Reneau stays up for a a second, but Tate drags her to the ground.

Reneau gives her back and Tate starts working the ground and pound. Tate is landing big shots and the referee calls a stop to the action. Massive TKO win for Tate in her UFC return.

Miesha Tate def. Marion Reneau by TKO – Round 3

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