Maycee Barber drops her second straight to Alexa Grasso at UFC 258

The co-main event of UFC 258 featured a big time matchup in the women’s flyweight division. Top prospect, Maycee Barber (8-1), was making her return against the tough, Alexa Grasso (12-3).

Maycee Barber was the talk of the UFC after her first few fights resulted in finishes. She was aiming to become the youngest champion in UFC history, however, those plans were derailed in her last fight.

Barber tore her ACL mid-fight and she was beaten decisively by Roxanne Modafferi. It was a humbling fight for the rising contender, but Barber insisted that she is back and better than ever. She had a tough test in front of her in Alexa Grasso.

Grasso spent the majority of her career at strawweight but she’s found comfort in the UFC‘s flyweight division. Grasso is coming off of a decision win over Ji Yeon Kim in August and she was ready to make a statement against Barber at UFC 258.

UFC 258 Recap

Round 1

The UFC 258 co-main event got underway with a lot of feints from Barber. A big inside leg kick lands for Barber, but Grasso looked very composed. The two come together and Barber presses Grasso against the fence.

However, Grasso was able to reverse the position and force a break. The two went back to striking with three minutes left in the round. Grasso landed a nasty combination from the outside as Barber attempted to come in.

Barber shot in with a sloppy takedown attempt that Grasso easily defended. However, Barber was able to press Grasso against the fence. Grasso defended well and pushed Barber against the fence. A couple of clean elbows land by Grasso, but Barber reverses.

These two flyweights kept exchanging controlling positions along the fence. A massive elbow lands for Barber on the break that backs Grasso up. Grasso lands some clean shots from the outside, but Barber landed some big shots too. Good opening round at UFC 258 for Alexa Grasso.

Round 2

The second round at UFC 258 with pressure from Barber. Barber was throwing a lot of feints, but they were so far away that they weren’t even coming close. Grasso comes in with a crisp combination that backs Barber up.

The striking of Alexa Grasso looks incredible. Grasso steps forward and she rocks Maycee Barber with a couple of big shots. However, Barber was able to force a clinch which allowed her to regain her composure.

Barber lands a nice elbow long the fence, but Grasso landed good shots of her own. A big knee to the body lands for Maycee Barber. However, Grasso used that to break the clinch. A big left and right hand lands for Barber, but Grasso just ate them.

A nice leg kick lands for Grasso. Barber caught the next kick and used it to take Grasso down. However, Grasso used an armbar to reverse the position. Grasso then got the top position and tried to lock in a choke. Beautiful ground work for Alexa Grasso. 2-0 Grasso at UFC 258.

Round 3

Going into the final round at UFC 258 and Maycee Barber needs a finish in this one. Barber pushed forward looking for a headkick early, but Grasso looked so composed as she blocked. A ton of confidence from Alexa Grasso.

One minute into the round and nothing has landed by Maycee Barber. Barber pushed forward but ate a couple of clean shots for her trouble. The two come together and Grasso pushed Barber up against the fence.

A couple of big knees to the body land for Alexa Grasso. However, Barber lands a takedown. Barber lands some big shots on the ground, but Grasso gets back up. Barber pushed forward with massive power shots.

Grasso looked a little overwhelmed during the storm from Maycee Barber. Another clinch and Grasso gets control. However, Barber reverses the position. A big elbow over the top lands from Maycee Barber.

One minute left and Barber is running out of time. Grasso reversed the position and was holding Barber along the fence. The two break and Barber was swinging with everything she had. A big final round for Barber, but Alexa Grasso should get the win at UFC 258.

Alexa Grasso def. Maycee Barber by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

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