Mateusz Gamrot edges Jalin Turner by SD at UFC 285

The second fight on the main card of UFC 285 was a lightweight matchup between two of the more exciting contenders in the division. Jalin Turner (13-5) was looking to continue his impressive winning streak going against top contender Mateusz Gamrot (21-2).

After losing his UFC debut, Gamrot would go on to win his next four which led to a fight with Beneil Dariush. Unfortunately for Gamrot, Dariush was able to defeat him and halt all of his momentum. He wasn’t originally the opponent for Turner tonight, but he jumped at the opportunity to get back in the cage.

Originally, Turner was supposed to face off against Dan Hooker. However, when Hooker broke his hand during training, Gamrot stepped in. Now, Turner is actually facing off against a tougher test and I respect him for taking on the challenge.

He’s won five straight fights leading up to UFC 285 and he continues getting better and better with each outing. He definitely poses some interesting challenges for Gamrot.

UFC 285 Recap

Round 1

The UFC 285 lightweight bout kicks off with a touch of the gloves. Gamrot takes the center and throws a leg kick. Turner bouncing on the outside and is gauging the range early on. Long left straight just misses from Turner. Both men trade right hooks in the center.

Gamrot circling on the outside and lands a low kick. He threatens going after a leg but eats a quick left hook. Beautiful timing from Gamrot who gets a takedown. Turner immediately working to scramble and get back to his feet. He gets back to the fence but Gamrot is holding him down here.

Heavy cage pressure on the ground from Gamrot, but Turner is getting back to his feet. Turner is back up but Gamrot still has a body lock. Gamrot just leaning on Turner but Turner explodes out of it. Big knee and a kick from Turner on the break.

Not sure if Gamrot was dropped or slipped but they end up on the ground and Gamrot scrambles to get on top. One minute to work for Gamrot. Turner works his way back up to the fence and gets back up but he eats a couple of clean shots. They break with ten seconds left. Round one in the books and it’s likely Gamrot’s round.

Round 2

Entering the second at UFC 285 and this is a very competitive matchup through one. Turner opens up with a 1-2 and a body kick. Nice body shot from Gamrot. Nice low kicks from Gamrot and now Turner answers with one of his own. Gamrot gets in on the inside and lands a nice little right hand.

Gamrot really focusing on the leg kicks here as Turner is trying to pressure. Brief stance switch for Turner and he throws a leg kick of his own. Both men trade huge right hands. Another big right hand from Turner. Gamrot looks rocked a little.

Turner is all over him but Gamrot is still composed. Things slow down and now Gamrot beautifully times a takedown on Turner with 90-seconds to works. Brief crucifix for Gamrot and he lands some big elbows. Turner trying to explode and he gets his hand free.

Big shots from Gamrot and after a big start to the round, it looks like Gamrot is going to take the round. The round comes to an end and I have Gamrot up two at UFC 285.

Round 3

Turner immediately opens the final frame with pressure. His corner told him in between rounds that he was down two rounds to nothing. Body kick from Turner. Both men trade big shots in the center and a big takedown attempt from Gamrot.

Gamrot turns the corner beautifully and gets it. Turner starts working his way back to the fence and is working to get right back up. However, Gamrot is holding him well at the moment. Turner starts posturing up and he’s back to his feet with three minutes to work.

Gamrot goes for a throw but it goes no where. Turner tries to break free but Gamrot’s body lock is heavy here. Now there’s 2:30 left in the round and Turner cannot get away from Gamrot. However, the referee breaks the fighters up and they are back to striking.

Head kick attempt from Turner. Gamrot looks up at the clock. 1-2 now from Turner and Gamrot shoots. Takedown defended by Turner and he lands a body kick as they get up. Knee to the body from Turner. Gamrot gets a body lock and pushes him against the fence with 40 seconds left.

Gamrot gets a takedown and briefly gets the mount. Elbows from Gamrot as the bell sounds and he should get the decision here.

Mateusz Gamrot def. Jalin Turner via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 30-27)

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