Lauren Murphy spoils Miesha Tate’s flyweight debut at UFC Long Island

Lauren Murphy, UFC
Lauren Murphy, UFC

Kicking off the main card of UFC Long Island, we saw a fascinating matchup in the women’s flyweight division. Former bantamweight champion Miesha Tate (19-8) was dropping to 125 for the first time to take on former title challenger “Lucky” Lauren Murphy (15-5).

The last time we saw Tate was at a UFC Fight Night in November when she took on Ketlen Vieira. In that fight, she was hoping to earn a bantamweight title shot, but she lost by decision. That combined with her close friend Julianna Pena winning the bantamweight title made her move to 125. With a win, Tate would likely get a shot at Valentina Shevchenko.

Speaking of taking on Valentina Shevchenko, that’s what Lauren Murphy did in her last fight at UFC 266. Now, Murphy claims that she was dealing with an illness leading up to that fight that should’ve caused her to pull out. However, she went through with the fight.

It went about as you expected and Murphy was demolished getting stopped in the fourth round. The loss snapped a five-fight winning streak and she was hoping to come back with a statement win against Miesha Tate.

UFC Long Island Recap

Round 1

The UFC flyweight contest kicked off with a touch of the gloves. Murphy immediately takes the center and Tate circles on the outside. Nice jab from Lauren Murphy and Tate engages the clinch. Tate lands a nice right hand and a body kick.

Big combination from Murphy and she defends a takedown attempt. Flush knee from Murphy and a right hand over the top lands for Murphy. Big 1-2 lands for Miesha Tate and that got Murphy’s attention.

Stiff jabs landing now for Tate. Another jab from Tate and Murphy lands a right hand over the top. Low kick from Tate and Murphy lands a jab. Murphy shoots for a takedown and is deep on a double leg. However, Tate is defending well.

They are clinched against the fence and Tate gets the better of the position. Brief throw from Tate but Murphy gets right back up. Nice right hands in the clinch from Tate. Both fighters exchanging the better of the position.

Tate shoots for another takedown but can’t get it. They break with twenty seconds left. Both exchange right hands and the round comes to a close. Should be 1-0 Murphy at UFC Long Island.

Round 2

Entering the second at UFC Long Island and this is a very competitive fight through one. Tate immediately takes the center to start the second round. Nice right hand lands for Tate to start the striking and Murphy answers with a jab.

Stiff jab from Murphy and Tate answers with a big combination. Another big right hand lands for Tate. Both exchange jabs and Murphy shoots for a takedown and gets a double leg. Tate works back to the fence and gets up but eats a few big shots.

Huge elbow from Murphy and they break. Tate has to get going here. Heavy Tate pressure and she lands a combination. Both exchange jabs that snap their heads back. Clinch engaged by Tate but Murphy gets the better of the position.

Another big elbow from Murphy on the break. 1-2 lands for Tate. Murphy gets deep on a double leg again but Tate shrugs her off. Tate shoots and eats a big uppercut. Murphy pushed back up against the fence. Big shoulder strike from Tate in the clinch.

The former UFC champion is doing decent work here but it’s not enough right now. Murphy reverses the position but eats a huge elbow from Tate. Round comes to a close and it should be 2-0 Lauren Murphy.

Round 3

Entering the final round at UFC Long Island and no question Miesha Tate needs a finish here. Murphy comes out quick to start the final round. They exchange jabs in the center and Tate lands a low kick. Again they trade jabs.

These two just continue to trade jabs. Tate shoots in for a takedown but Murphy reverses the position and gets on top briefly. They get back up and Murphy lands several clean shots. Big right hand over the top from Lauren Murphy.

Miesha Tate is wearing it here in the final round. Halfway through the final round and Tate needs a miracle. They clinch and Murphy lands two really good knees and then an elbow on the break. Tate’s face is a mess here.

A very stiff jab lands for Murphy. Tate lands a big combination that forces Murphy to shoot but Tate stays standing. Big knee to the body from Tate. Tate separates and there’s under a minute to go. Jab from Tate and she’s trying to work her way in.

Nothing big lands except for a few shots from Murphy in the final seconds. Should be a clean sweep of the scorecards for her at UFC Long Island.

Lauren Murphy def. Miesha Tate by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

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