Kelvin Gastelum grinds out decision over Ian Heinisch at UFC 258

A big middleweight matchup was featured on the main card of UFC 258. Former interim title challenger and Ultimate Fighter winner, Kelvin Gastelum (15-6), took on the rising contender, Ian Heinisch (14-3).

This fight was a huge crossroads fight for both men. For Gastelum, he walked to the cage tonight carrying a three-fight losing streak. Just a couple of years ago, Gastelum was looked at as one of the best middleweights in the UFC.

However, many have soured on Gastelum after his last few performances. He needed a win in the worst way tonight, but it wouldn’t be easy. Ian Heinisch is a very promising contender in the middleweight division.

Heinisch was introduced to the UFC fans through Dana White’s Contender Series. Between his skills and his backstory, there is plenty of reason to root for Heinisch. He was looking to pickup the biggest win of his career at UFC 258.

UFC 258 Recap

Round 1

The UFC 258 middleweight contest got underway with a big leg kick for Heinisch. Heinisch then landed another leg kick before shooting in for his first takedown. Gastelum defended well and used a scramble to get back to his feet.

Gastelum pressed Heinisch up against the fence, but Heinisch attacked a kimura. It looked tight, but Gastelum defended well and was able to break the hold. Another scramble saw Gastelum get the back of Heinisch.

Gastelum went for a takedown of his own along the fence, but Heinisch attacked the kimura again. However, Gastelum wound up getting the mount and he broke the hold. Heinisch was able to buck out of the mount and the two went back to striking.

A big leg kick for Gastelum lands and Heinisch was breathing heavy. Gastelum pushed forward then forced a clinch along the fence. Gastelum landed a couple of takedowns, but Heinisch did a good job of getting back up. It’s 1-0 Gastelum after one at UFC 258.

Round 2

Heinisch looked like he was feeling the moment of UFC 258 before the second round started. A lot of deep breaths coming from Heinisch as the action resumed. Gastelum opened the striking with a big leg kick, but Heinisch countered with a big right hand.

Heinisch shot in for a takedown, but Gastelum easily shrugged him off. Heinisch lands a big flying knee but Gastelum just ate it and took Heinisch down. Gastelum worked his way to Heinisch’s back, but Heinisch was able to get back up.

The two resumed striking halfway through the round. Gastelum moved forward with heavy pressure and forced another clinch along the fence. A scramble broke the two up. Heinisch kept looking for a high kick, but it was hitting all arms.

Gastelum shot in for a takedown of his own, but Heinisch defended well. Heinisch was breathing very heavy as he march forward. A massive body kick lands for Heinisch. Just before the round ended, Gastelum forced another clinch along the fence. 2-0 Gastelum at UFC 258.

Round 3

Heading into the final round at UFC 258 and Ian Heinisch is going to need a finish in this one. Gastelum opened the striking with a leg kick. Heinisch steps forward with a big elbow that lands clean. He followed it with a takedown, but Gastelum forced a scramble to get back up.

Heinisch kept looking for big kicks in the third round. Gastelum steps forward with a beautiful combination and Heinisch backed up to the fence. After a quick reset, Heinisch launched with another flying knee.

However, just like in the second round, Gastelum used that to get a takedown. Heinisch hits a beautiful reversal and gets the back of Kelvin Gastelum. He’s got the hooks in and he started looking for the choke.

Heinisch tried to get the front mount, but Gastelum countered well and got back to his feet. A big left hand lands for Gastelum and Heinisch shoots in for a takedown. Both men looked fatigued in the final seconds. Heinisch gets another takedown, but can’t keep Gastelum there.

Gastelum gets back up and lands a takedown of his own as the bell sounds. The last round was close, but Kelvin Gastelum should get the decision at UFC 258.

Kevin Gastelum def. Ian Heinisch by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

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