Kamaru Usman edges Colby Covington At UFC 268

In the main event of UFC 268, we saw a rematch that was almost two years in the making. The welterweight champion Kamaru Usman (19-1) was defending his welterweight crown against the top contender in the world Colby Covington (16-2).

These two men first met back at UFC 245. That night, the two men couldn’t have been more even. The judges were completely divided after four rounds with one having them tied, one judge having Covington winning, and one judge scoring the fight for Usman.

Usman took the judges out of the equation by stopping Covington in the fifth to retain his UFC title. Now, nearly two years later, we will see them run it back. Since their last fight, Usman has fought three times. He defeated Jorge Masvidal twice and he stopped Gilbert Burns.

We’ve only seen Colby Covington fight once in the UFC since the first fight. Last August, he fought Tyron Woodley and got a fifth round TKO after Woodley suffered an injury. Granted, Covington completely dominated all aspects of that fight.

UFC 268 Recap

Round 1

The UFC 268 main event kicked off with immediate pressure from Covington. Covington holds the center and opens with a body kick. Usman lands a power jab to start his striking. Covington looks tentative and Usman lands another big jab.

Pressure her from Usman and Covington goes for a head kick. Wild miss from Covington and everything looks tight for Usman here in the opening frame. Covington shoots for a takedown and Usman rolls with it to get the top position.

Usman breaks and they’re back to striking. Lots of pressure here from Usman who looks incredibly confident here. Low kick from Covington. Big power shots from Usman but nothing lands clean. Lunging hooks miss the mark for Covington.

1-2 just misses for Usman and Covington lands a nice counter left. Covington blitzes and Usman catches him and takes him down. However, Covington bounces right back up and they’re striking. More pressure here from Usman.

Another blitz for Covington and nothing lands. Huge left hook lands for Usman. Another nice jab lands for the champion. Covington missing wildly here late in the first. Usman takes the first round here at UFC 268.

Round 2

Usman goes right back on the pressure to start the second round at UFC 268 and Covington is looking weary. Big hook lands for Usman. Nice body kick lands for Covington but nothing behind it.

Usman is teeing off on Covington every time they get close. Covington is looking incredibly tentative and not looking to engage much here in the second. Another wild miss from Covington but he uses it to get a clinch.

However, Usman just shakes him off. Another jab lands for Usman. Huge body shot lands for Usman. Covington is trying to land leg kicks but Usman is beating him on the counters. Usman lands a nice left hook off a Covington head kick attempt.

Covington gets deep on a takedown attempt and pushes Usman against the fence. Usman is landing some nice elbows and he’s keeping the fight standing. Usman breaks and they’re back to striking. Big body kick lands for Usman.

Usman turning up the pressure here. Big combination lands for Usman and Covington tries to answer back but nothing home. This fight is all Kamaru Usman thus far at UFC 268. Huge shots and Covington gets dropped. Usman nearly finishes the fight but Covington is saved by the bell.

Round 3

Entering the third at UFC 268 and it’s starting to look like Covington is going to need a miracle here. Usman right back on the pressure and Covington opens with a kick. Covington tries a blitz but doesn’t land. Usman is methodical here in the third round.

Body kick from Covington. Nice straight left hand from Covington gets Usman’s attention. Big jab from Usman lands as a counter. Another power jab from the champion. Both men trade jabs and Usman blasts power behind it. However, Covington is defending well.

Body kick from Covington is blocked and Usman lands a really nice counter. Takedown attempt from Covington and Usman defends perfectly. Shots from the sprawl land for Usman. Usman lets Covington up and they’re back to striking.

Big 1-2 lands for Usman. Body kick lands for Usman. Covington bites down on the mouthpiece and throws a big combination. He does land a couple of good shots, but Usman lands a nice left hand. Covington then gets deep on a takedown attempt and briefly gets Usman down. Much better round for Covington but I’m not sure he did enough to take the round.

Round 4

Entering the fourth at UFC 268 and finally Covington was able to build a little momentum in the third but he will need to keep it up. Covington opens with a combination that misses badly. Usman opens his striking with a nice combination.

Covington lands a couple of really nice shots and now he’s starting to pick up a little momentum. Usman holds the center but eats a left straight from Covington. Usman lands a power jab. Big combination lands for Covington.

Usman counters but Covington is doing much better here. Big hooks to the body lands for Usman and Covington lands a nice counter left. Usman now lands his own big combination and these two are getting after it in the fourth.

Nice left hand lands for Covington. Lead left hook lands for the champion but now it’s Covington pushing forward. Big body kick from Covington and Usman might be hurt. Covington pushing forward and landing big shots.

Usman counters but Covington is stinging Usman with these shots. Now it’s Covington pushing forward. Big takedown attempt from Covington but Usman defends well. The round comes to a close and this round definitely goes to Covington. I have it 3-1 Usman at UFC 268.

Round 5

Entering the final round at UFC 268 and it’s either 3-1 Usman or this fight is all tied up but the momentum is with Covington. Both men are very calculated to start the final frame. Nice left hand lands for the challenger.

Big body shot lands for Usman. Huge left straight for Covington and he follows it with a big uppercut. However, Usman backs him up with a big shot. Then Covington rocks Usman again with a big shot. Takedown attempt from Covington but Usman sprawls.

Usman lands a nice jab. Another good jab from Usman lands. Big straight left for Colby Covington lands and these two are getting after it in the final frame. Lead right lands for Covington. Usman pushes forward with a combination.

Body kick from Covington. Two minutes to go here at UFC 268. Usman slips and Covington tries to take advantage. Covington pushes Usman up against the cage and he’s landing some shots. Nice shots in the clinch from Covington.

They break and Covington lands a nice elbow. Another good left from Covington lands and Usman jabs. Head kick from Covington. Big right straight from Usman and the action gets stopped for a second after Covington gets poked in the eye.

40 seconds left and were back at it. Body kick from Covington lands and another one. Power head kick from Usman and Covington lands a big shot just at the end of the fight. Covington might’ve won that final round, but this fight goes to Kamaru Usman at UFC 268.

Kamaru Usman def. Colby Covington by Decision (48-47, 48-47, 49-46)

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