Josh Emmett edges Dan Ige at UFC 269

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In the featured prelim of UFC 269, we saw a highly anticipated matchup between two finishers at 145 pounds. Josh Emmett (16-2) made his highly anticipated return as he took on Dan Ige (15-4).

Had it not been for injuries, Josh Emmett could have fought for a UFC title by now. He’s that special and talented. The last time we saw him was against Shane Burgos last year.

Despite tearing virtually every ligament in his knee in the opening round, Emmett gutted it out and got the decision win. Many were looking forward to this return at UFC 269.

Dan Ige is trying to establish himself as one of the best featherweights in the UFC. After winning six straight, Ige got a main event last year against Calvin Kattar.

He lost that fight but bounced back with a quick knockout over Gavin Tucker. In his last fight, he lost to The Korean Zombie, Chan Sung Jung.

UFC 269 Recap

Round 1

The UFC 269 featherweight contest kicked off with a touch of the gloves. Emmett immediately takes the center and Ige opens with a jab. Good low kick lands for Ige who has now taken the center.

Looks like Emmett is just feeling things out in the opening minute. Then out of no where, a massive right hand from Emmett drops Ige. Emmett pounces, however, Ige defends well and then he ends up briefly on the back of Emmett.

Emmett reverses the position and stands the fight back up. Ige still is looking a little hurt, however, he’s pressing forward. Nice combination from Ige and he lands a low kick behind it. Emmett is looking for one big shot here as Ige is throwing combos.

Two straight big jabs from Ige find their mark. Another good jab from Ige and the nose of Emmett is starting to show some damage. Solid combination from Ige who is really starting to look good in the final part of this round.

Emmett pushes forward but nothing lands. Both men land big shots in the final seconds of the round. Ige definitely looked good in spots, but the first goes to Josh Emmett at UFC 269.

Round 2

Entering the second at UFC 269 and Ige looked to get a little momentum there at the end of the first. The second round starts with a massive right hand from Emmett which immediately stiffens up Ige a big.

Powerful low kick from Emmett. Ige moves forward and lands a really nice combination. Another good combination from Ige who finishes with a nice shot to the body. Good body shot from Emmett.

Ige shoots for a takedown, however, Emmett defends well and lands a couple of really nice shots. However, Ige rocks him with a nice left and Emmett’s legs wobble. Ige pushing forward as Emmett looks to regain his footing.

Ige shoots for a takedown, however, Emmett again defends well and they’re back to striking. Two straight stiff jabs from Ige. Both men trade big jabs. Wind up right hand and a body kick land for Dan Ige.

Huge left hook and a jab behind it for Ige. Ige looks sensational here in the second round. 1-2 down the middle for Dan Ige. Emmett loads up but nothing lands. Ige lands a beautiful counter on Emmett.

Emmett trying to push forward, but he’s not landing much here. Nice lead uppercut from Dan Ige. The second round comes to a close at UFC 269 and it should be Ige’s round.

Round 3

Entering the final round at UFC 269 and it should be 1-1 entering the final frame. Emmett opens the final frame aggressive but he’s whiffing on his shots. Ige lands a couple of nice shots up the middle to start his striking.

Emmett trying to throw more combinations here in the final round and he lands a nice one. However, Ige pops his head back with another nice jab. Another jab from Ige. Lead left hook from Ige.

Emmett lands a couple of bombs and Ige looks hurt for a moment. However, he lands a knee and backs Emmett up. Double jab lands for Dan Ige. Another stiff jab from Ige and Emmett is breathing with his mouth open.

Ige throws a big power shot and Emmett throws back but neither man lands. Short left hook lands for Emmett and Ige lands a body kick. Emmett looks much better in the third as he throws his own jab. Ige is not as active as we enter the final minute.

Ige tries for a takedown, however, Emmett defends well. Emmett lands a shot, but Ige is back on the pressure.Nice short left from Emmett but Ige steps in and lands a nice combination. Both men throw heavy in the final seconds and the round comes to a close. Razor close third round that could go to either man at UFC 269.

Josh Emmett def. Dan Ige by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

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