Jose Aldo’s power too much for Rob Font at UFC Vegas 44

In the main event of UFC Vegas 44 we saw a big time matchup in the bantamweight division with potential title implications. Former featherweight champion Jose Aldo (30-7) was taking on the surging Rob Font (19-4).

Rob Font has been on a huge run over the last few years. After dropping a fight to Raphael Assuncao back in 2018, Font has gone a perfect 4-0. That streak started with a win over current Bellator bantamweight champion Sergio Pettis.
His last two wins came against former champion Cody Garbrandt and former title challenger Marlon Moraes. SImply put, Font has proven that he belongs near the top of the bantamweight division. However, he faced a stiff test tonight.
It’s crazy to think about Jose Aldo’s historic career and think about the fact that he’s only 35 years old. Aldo has been one of the best fighters to ever step foot inside the UFC‘s octagon and he’s currently trying to chase down another world title.
Last year, Aldo lost in a vacant title fight against Petr Yan. However, he’s responded well with really good wins over Chito Vera and Pedro Munhoz. Aldo was looking for a big win at UFC Vegas 44 that would put him right back in the title picture at 135 pounds.

UFC Vegas 44 Recap

Round 1

The UFC Vegas 44 main event kicked off with a touch of the gloves. Font immediately pushes forward with a long straight shot that just misses the mark. A lot of pressure early on from Font and he’s keeping Aldo on his back foot.

Big body kick from Aldo finds it’s home and he doubles it up. Sharp jab from Aldo but Font lands a crisp 1-2. Font times a takedown and takes down the former champion. However, Aldo pops right back up to his feet.

Font trying hard to get Aldo down, but Aldo is defending well. They break and Font goes right back on the pressure. Font landing well and Aldo’s nose is looking really red here. The pace is very high from Font who is landing well here.

Aldo looks a little lost here. Step in shot lands for Font and it appeared that Aldo looked a bit wobbled. However, he’s hanging in there. Leg kick from Font. Jabs from Font land and Aldo looks to counter. Huge shot to the body lands for Aldo and that got Font’s attention.

Font starts working his jab again and lands a nice right. Lead left for Font. Huge 1-2 from Aldo hurts Font badly. Aldo pushing forward and Font drops. The round comes to a close which saves Font. Font had the round, but Aldo’s knockdown takes it at UFC Vegas 44.

Round 2

Entering the second at UFC Vegas 44 and Aldo stole all the momentum at the end of round 1. They touch gloves and here we go. Low kick starts the striking for Font who definitely is fighting with a slower pace here in the second.

Combination from Font and Aldo is remaining patient. Another combination from Font and blood is tricking out the nose of Aldo. Nice overhand right lands for Jose Aldo. Now it’s Aldo stepping up his pressure but Font backs him up with two jabs.

Another big 1-2 from Aldo and Font circles out. Vicious 1-2 from Aldo and Font is hurt again. However, this time Font recovers really quickly. The power advantage for Aldo is massive here. Font keeping Aldo off of him with combinations.

Aldo wasn’t able to take advantage there because Font’s combinations. However, Aldo snaps his head back with another right hand. Another big land for Aldo. Hook to the body from Aldo. Font holding the center and lands a jab and a low kick.

Both men exchange jabs and Aldo lands a right. Font blitzes forward but nothing big lands. Bad takedown attempt from Font. Vicious rips to the body from Aldo and a stiff left hook. The round ends and it’s 2-0 Aldo at UFC Vegas 44. Font landed more but Aldo did more damage.

Round 3

Entering the third at UFC Vegas 44 and this is a good one. They touch gloves and Aldo opens with a big leg kick. Another big leg kick from Aldo who is switching things up. Font lands a jab but eats another leg kick from the former champion.

Another leg kick from Aldo and this is giving Font more to think about. Font switches stances after the four leg kicks. Pressure here from Aldo and Font tries for a takedown. However, Aldo defends extremely well and ends up on top in half guard.

Font looking to hip escape as Aldo is just controlling him on the ground. Aldo moves to side-control and his pace is very deliberate here on the ground. Nice defense from Font who gets Aldo back to full guard and he’s looking to attack with submissions.

Aldo seems content with just controlling from the top here. The former champion stands up briefly, however, he just just uses it to get a better position on top. Font uses the fence to get back to his feet. Nice uppercut lands for Rob Font.

Aldo looking really tired here and Font lands a big shot to the body. Font is definitely the fresher fighter in the third. 1-2 lands for Rob Font who appears to have all the momentum. Then a massive leg kick takes Font off his feet.

1-2 lands for Font. More pressure from Font and then the two men exchanges jabs. Another powerful leg kick from Aldo buckles Font. The round comes to a close and it’s 3-0 Aldo on my card at UFC Vegas 44.

Round 4

Entering the main event rounds at UFC Vegas 44 and Aldo should be up, but Font has the momentum. They touch gloves and Font goes right back on the pressure. Massive 1-2 from Aldo and Font is hurt badly. Big knee from Aldo and Font goes down.

More big shots from Aldo but Font pulls him into his guard. Aldo settles into half guard and it appears that he will settle for top control here. Font looks like he’s in a lot of pain on the ground with Aldo on top of him.

Aldo moves into side-control and he’s looking to mount. However, Font is defending well and he gets back to half guard. Aldo slips into mount, however, Font immediately gets it back to half guard and then full guard.

The ground defense has really been good for Rob Font tonight. Font tries to hip escape, however, Aldo stays on him with 90 seconds left in the round. Now, Font is starting to work elbows from the bottom as Aldo is just holding him here.

Font looks for an armbar but nothing is home there. Aldo just riding him here and he gets the mount briefly. However, Font immediately gets it back to half guard. The round comes to a close and I have it 4-0 Jose Aldo at UFC Vegas 44.

Round 5

Entering the final round at UFC Vegas 44 and I definitely think that Font’s going to need a finish here. They touch gloves and Font again pushes forward with a big combination. Font is going for it here in the opening seconds.

Nice right hand from Font. Aldo just eating the shots here. Lots of activity from Font but nothing is really hurting Aldo who starts walking forward. The two clinch and Font pushes Aldo up against the fence. Aldo looks exhausted here.

Nice elbow from Font as the two break. Aldo lands a couple of really nice shots of his own, however, Font is the aggressive one here. More shots from Font and he clinches Aldo again. Font lands some nice shots against the fence.

Big uppercut from Font against the fence. However, Aldo rocks him again with a big shot. Massive body shot from Aldo and another hook drops Font again here in the fifth. Font tries for a takedown, however, Aldo ends up on top and takes the back of Font.

Font is trying to move, but Aldo has him secured here on the ground. Aldo resting here as he just has Font mounted with a minute left. Font tries to roll but Aldo has a body triangle. Aldo looks for the rear naked choke.

Aldo locks it in. However, Font defends well and tries to get to the top position. Aldo holds the top position and the round ends. Should easily be a win for Aldo at UFC Vegas 44.

Jose Aldo def. Rob Font by Unanimous Decision (50-45, 50-45, 49-46)

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