Jiri Prochazka survives and submits Glover Teixiera at UFC 275

Jiri Prochazka

In the main event of UFC 275, the light heavyweight title was on the line. Glover Teixeira (33-7) was looking to defend his title for the first time when he took on the surging Jiri Prochazka (28-3-1).

A few years ago, things were not looking great for Glover Teixeira in the UFC. He had been viciously knocked out by Rumble Johnson, Alexander Gustafsson, and decisioned by Corey Anderson. The dream of Teixeira being a UFC champion was quickly fading.

However, he didn’t give up. On the heels of his grappling, Teixeira rattled off five straight wins to earn a shot at Jan Blachowicz. Ultimately, he was able to submit Blachowicz and became the light heavyweight champion at UFC 267 last October.

Ahead of UFC 275, many already considered Jiri Prochazka to be the best light heavyweight in the world. Prochazka has won 12 fights in a row leading up to UFC 275. In his two UFC appearances, he’s looked sensational knocking out Volkan Oezdemir and Dominick Reyes.

UFC 275 Recap

Round 1

The UFC 275 main event kicked off with a touch of the gloves. Prochazka immediately takes the center and starts working feints. High kick attempt from Teixeira and he throws a big body kick.

Huge low kick lands for the challenger. Big body shot from Teixeira and that had to earn some respect. Teixeira gets to a single leg takedown and Prochazka is showing some good balance here, but Teixeira secures the takedown.

Teixeira settles into guard and he starts working his ground and pound. He pushes him up to the cage and Teixeira is working his ground and pound. Prochazka tries to get to his feet, but Teixeira gets his back briefly.

A scramble and Teixeira now has side-control. Beautiful spin from Prochazka and he’s back on his feet. Huge body kick from the challenger lands. Now the champion is coming back with big shots.

Another single leg trips Prochazka and Teixeira is right into mount. One minute to work and the challenger is in deep trouble here. Big elbows from Teixeira and Prochazka rolls. Teixeira gets his back, but he’s pretty high and Prochazka escapes.

Prochazka gets on top and starts landing bombs to end the round. Great opening frame from Teixeira at UFC 275.

Round 2

Entering the second at UFC 275 and Prochazka has to keep this fight standing. They touch gloves and here we go. Heavy pressure from Teixeira and Prochazka circles. Big jab from Prochazka lands.

Prochazka lands some really clean shots and Teixeira is walking through them at the moment. Body kick from Teixeira lands. Teixeira is rocked by Prochazka and the challenger is all over him here.

Uppercuts and knees. Teixeira getting desperate here but can’t get the takedown. Two huge knees from Prochazka lands. Teixeira goes for another takedown, but he can’t get it. Two minutes left in the round and Teixeira looks like he’s got his legs.

Huge shots from Prochazka lands and he’s all over Teixeira here. However, Prochazka slips and now it’s Teixeira who is all over him with one minute left in the round. Side-control for Teixeira with 50 seconds left.

Big elbow from the champion lands. Teixeira works his way to the mount and lands huge elbows to close the round. A huge cut opens on Prochazka and that round could have gone either way at UFC 275.

Round 3

Entering the third at UFC 275 and if Prochazka gets taken down in this round, he might not make it to the fourth. Both men look pretty fresh to start the third. Wild exchange and Teixeira goes for a takedown but can’t get it.

Flying knee from Prochazka and he lands two clean left hands behind it. Both men trade low kicks in the center. Long jab lands for Prochazka. Huge combination from Prochazka and Teixeira is hurt.

However, Teixeira gets a single leg and gets Prochazka down. Prochazka gets right back up and he pushes Teixeira against the fence. Big elbows from Prochazka. Huge hook to the body from Prochazka and Teixeira gets a body lock.

Prochazka is landing at will here and Teixeira is getting desperate. Teixeira shoots but it’s Prochazka gets top position. Prochazka is all over him going for the finish and the referee is watching closely.

Big shots from Prochazka and Teixeira is bloodied and beaten here in the third. Prochazka goes for a choke and Teixeira slips out. Teixeira now is on top and he’s in the guard looking to land big elbows.

Huge elbows from the champion. Ten seconds left in the round and now the champion is doing damage. Clearly Prochazka’s round at UFC 275.

Round 4

Entering the fourth at UFC 275 and this fight is insane. Prochazka light on his feet to start the fourth. Huge right hand from Teixeira and now he’s the aggressor. Big body shot lands for Prochazka and he lands a body kick behind it.

Uppercut from the challenger lands. Left straight lands for Prochazka and now Teixeira gets a takedown. Immediately in side-control and this is Teixeira’s world. Teixeira is trying to get to the mount here.

He gets to the mount and he’s starting to rain down big shots. Teixeira is looking for an arm-triangle chock from the mount. Prochazka is just holding here trying to prevent the choke. Teixeira gets it and he’s locking it in.

However, Prochazka slips out and he gets top position. Big shots landing from Prochazka and he settles into the top position. Teixeira scrambles and he gets top position and briefly gets the back. However, Prochazka reverses and now he’s on top.

Goodness gracious this fight is inane. Big shots from Prochazka ends the round but I think the champion is up 3-1 at UFC 275.

Round 5

Entering the final round at UFC 275 and this has been an instant classic. They embrace to start the final round and here we go. Jab from Prochazka starts the striking but a nice combination from Teixeira.

Teixeira hurts Prochazka badly with a massive right hand. Prochazka is out on his feet and Teixeira goes for the guillotine. However, Prochazka slips out and he ends up on top. After regaining his composure, he lets Teixeira up and they are back to striking.

More big shots from from the champion. Halfway through the round and both men are exhausted and hurt, but Teixeira is looking good here. Big shots from the champion and Prochazka is just eating them.

Teixeira goes for a takedown and he gets it and goes right to the mount. Big elbows from the champion. Prochazka uses the fence and now he gets top position with one minute to work. Big shots now coming from the challenger.

Out of no where Prochazka secures a rear naked choke and Teixeira is forced to tap. On the brink of defeat, Jiri Prochazka is the UFC light heavyweight champion.

Jiri Prochazka def. Glover Teixeira by Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) – Round 5

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