Jessica Andrade brutalizes Lauren Murphy at UFC 283

The second fight on the PPV main card of UFC 283 featured a bout between two of the best women’s flyweight fighters in the world. Former strawweight champion and flyweight title challenger Jessica Andrade (23-9) was taking on “Lucky” Lauren Murphy (16-5).

Murphy rode a long winning streak into a flyweight title fight in 2021. However, she was dominated by the champion and sent packing. She bounced back in the best way possible with a dominant win over former UFC champion Miesha Tate. She was looking to defeat another former champion tonight.

Jessica Andrade is bouncing between 115 pounds and 125 pounds right now. While she still feels like her best weight is 115 pounds, she didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to fight in front of her Brazilian fans at UFC 283. The former champion entered the octagon on the heels of back-to-back first round finishes.

UFC 283 Recap

Round 1

The UFC flyweight contest kicked off with a touch of the gloves. Andrade holds the center to start things out and Murphy circles on the outside. Three straight low kicks land for Andrade. Andrade doing a lot of damage in the opening minute with leg kicks.

The speed of Andrade is a big factor here in the opening minute. Murphy’s legs are getting chewed up with leg kicks by the former champion. Huge left hook from Andrade stuns Murphy, but she hangs in there. Andrade is just pushing forward right now.

Murphy’s face is busted up. Murphy shoots for a takedown but is just shrugged off by Andrade. Massive combination lands for Andrade which forces another takedown attempt. Murphy gets her down briefly but Andrade bounces right back up. Brutal leg kick upon the separation.

Head kick now for Andrade. Lauren Murphy is getting beaten up in the first round by Jessica Andrade. Another nasty leg kick followed by another combination. Murphy gets another brief takedown but Andrade bounces right back up. Another huge combination to end the round. Dominant opening frame for the former UFC champion.

Round 2

Entering the second at UFC 283 and Lauren Murphy better hope for takedowns. Andrade opens the striking with a body kick. Vicious leg kick and another combination behind it. Murphy shoots but eats a big uppercut. Lead left hook and a big right for Andrade.

Pressure from Andrade and then she lands another big combination. Murphy tries for a takedown but Andrade defends well. Sloppy takedown attempt and Andrade lands a big combination. Flush uppercut lands for Andrade and she’s all over Murphy here.

Murphy is just surviving up against the fence here. Andrade is unloading but can’t seem to find the finishing shot. Andrade has just completely busted up Lauren Murphy here. Murphy circles away but Andrade closes the distance and lands again.

Low kick now from Andrade. Body kick from Andrade is caught and Murphy goes for a takedown. However, Andrade defends extremely well and sprawls. Back to the feet and an immediate combination from Andrade. Another brutal leg kick from Andrade and the former UFC champion just dominates another round.

Round 3

Entering the final round at UFC 283 and Lauren Murphy needs more than a miracle at this point. Here they go for the final round and Murphy lands a leg kick to start it out. Andrade responds with a big right hand. Lead left from Andrade and a right hand follows.

Head kick attempt from Andrade who is starting to look a little tired here. Low kick now from Andrade. Lead left followed by another combination from Andrade. Andrade closes the distance and gets clinch control along the fence.

Andrade gets a takedown. Lauren Murphy immediately starts attacking a kimura and Andrade bounces back to her feet. Huge combination from Andrade and Lauren Murphy is really hurt. Andrade continues landing at will and the commentators are asking for the fight to be stopped at this point.

Another massive combination from the former champion and a leg kick behind it. Lead left from Andrade and a combination behind it. The fight mercifully comes to an end at UFC 283 with the final bell. Complete domination by Jessica Andrade.

Jessica Andrade def. Lauren Murphy by Unanimous Decision

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