Ion Cutelaba dominates Devin Clark at UFC Vegas 37

Ion Cutelaba

In the co-main event of UFC Vegas 37, we saw a matchup in the light heavyweight division. The entertaining and unique Ion Cutelaba (15-6-1, 1 NC) was back as he was taking on “Brown Bear” Devin Clark (12-5).

Both men were looking to bounce back after their last performances. The last time we saw Clark was almost a year ago when he had his first UFC main event against Anthony Smith.

It was a tough test for Clark who had won two in a row, but hadn’t defeated anyone in the top ten. Smith would go on to submit Clark in the first round. That loss dropped Clark to 6-5 in the UFC.

Standing across from Clark at UFC Vegas 37 was Ion Cutelaba. Cutelaba came to the UFC with an impressive record of 10-1. However, it hasn’t been as smooth sailing for him inside the octagon.

Overall, Cutelaba is 4-5-1 in his ten fights inside the octagon. In his last fight, he started out dominating Dustin Jacoby, but completely gassed which caused him to lose the final two rounds and settle for a draw.

UFC Vegas 37 Recap

Round 1

The UFC Vegas 37 co-main event kicked off with immediate pressure from Clark. Both guys opened with a kick and Clark shot in for the first takedown. Clark got a brief takedown before Cutelaba popped right back up.

Clark pressed Cutelaba against the fence and started leaning on him with a lot of pressure. Cutelaba got a little separation and landed two good knees that led to a separation. Good low kick lands for Devin Clark.

Cutelaba holding the center but he’s not throwing much here as another low kick lands for Clark. Big left straight lands for Clark. Pressure from Cutelaba and he lands a really nice knee to the body.

Massive shot lands for Cutelaba and Clark goes down. Clark looks out, but he’s defending. Big shots from Cutelaba but Clark is hanging on. Cutelaba gets the back of Clark, but Clark is able to get back to his feet.

Good headkick after a brief separation lands for Cutelaba and he drags Clark back to the ground. Huge shots for Cutelaba and the ref gets close to stopping it, but the bell sounds. Huge first round for Cutelaba at UFC Vegas 37. Easily a 10-8 round.

Round 2

Entering the second round at UFC Vegas 37 and Clark is still looking a little out of it. That said, Clark is the one that pushes forward to start the second round. Huge overhand right just misses for Cutelaba.

Powerful low kick lands for Devin Clark. Nice right hand lands for Cutelaba. Clark still looks like he’s trying to get his footing after the damage he’s taken. Big shot from Cutelaba and he lands a takedown.

Immediately Cutelaba transitions into the full mount. Cutelaba postures up and starts landing some big elbows, Clark throws some shots back, but it’s all Cutelaba here. Clark tries to hip escape, but Cutelaba does a good job of holding the mount.

Cutelaba goes for a crucifix, but Clark uses the opportunity to buck and escape out the back and they’re back up. Clark throws some kicks which forces Cutelaba to shoot in for another takedown.

Cutelaba is able to get the takedown, but Clark immediately gets back to his feet. Another big round for Cutelaba, but this one is likely a 10-9 at UFC Vegas 37.

Round 3

Heading into the final round at UFC Vegas 37 and Clark is going to need a miracle. Clark immediately pushes forward and tries to get a takedown but Cutelaba stays up. On the separation, Clark lands a nice shot on Cutelaba.

Cutelaba then shoots for his own takedown and uses a nice trip to get Clark to the ground. Clark used the fence to get back to his feet. He then tried to use a trip to get Cutelaba down, but Cutelaba wasn’t going anywhere.

Cutelaba then shoots for his own takedown and gets Clark right back down. After landing some shots, Cutelaba is able to work his way to the mount. Big elbows land for Cutelaba from the mount.

Nice hip escape from Clark and Clark gets back up. Big right hand lands for Clark and Cutelaba shoots for a takedown. However, Clark uses a solid defense to actually get Cutelaba on to the ground.

Good shot lands for Clark from the top. The two separate and Clark throws everything he has and lands some good shots. However, nothing can finish Cutelaba off and this one is over. Great heart from Clark, but Cutelaba will get the nod at UFC Vegas 37.

Ion Cutelaba def. Devin Clark by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-26, 29-27)

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