Giga Chikadze stops Edson Barboza at UFC Vegas 35

In the headliner of UFC Vegas 35, we saw a big time fight in the featherweight division. Two of the best strikers in the division went head-to-head as Edson Barboza (22-9) took on Giga Chikadze (13-2).

For Chikadze, this was by far the biggest fight of his UFC career. Thus far, the featherweight from Georgia has been perfect inside the octagon. Chikadze made his debut back in 2019 and he’s gone a perfect 6-0.

If you want to find a guy who’s done nothing but fight the best of the best, look no further than Edson Barboza. The Brazilian’s strength of schedule is like no other and he finally looks at home at 145 pounds.

For years, Barboza was taking on the murderer’s row at lightweight. But then he moved to the UFC‘s featherweight division and has been instantly successful. If it weren’t for terrible judges, he would be a perfect 3-0 at 145, but instead he’s 1-2.

UFC Vegas 35 Recap

Round 1

The UFC Vegas 35 main event kicked off with no touch of the gloves as Chikadze was all business. Chikadze starts off the striking with a leg kick and Barboza looks to counter with one of his own. Front kick just misses for Chikadze.

Leg kick from Chikadze is checked by Barboza. Barboza pushing forward with pressure here and he checks another kick from Chikadze. Heavy leg kick from Barboza is checked by Chikadze. Great defensive technique from both men here.

Nice high kick and right straight from Chikadze lands. Chikadze just misses on a flying knee. Nice kick lands for Barboza and he pushes forward looking to land a combination. This is a high level chess match here.

Nice jab lands for Chikadze and he follows with a body kick. Chikadze throws another body kick, but Barboza checks this one. Beautiful spinning back kick lands for Chikadze and Chikadze lands a right hook behind it.

Chikadze blitzes but is briefly sat down by a right hand by Barboza. Barboza lands a big body kick and Chikadze puts his hands in the air. Massive body kick from Chikadze and he’s pouring it on but Barboza is staying composed.

Big 1-2 lands for Chikadze. Another kick lands for Chikadze and Chikadze is really opening up here at the end of the round. The round closes and it’s 1-0 Chikadze at UFC Vegas 35.

Round 2

Barboza needs to get some respect here in the second at UFC Vegas 35 with the way Chikadze closed the round. Barboza takes the center to start the second round and he’s throwing right away. Chikadze looks composed on the outside as he lands a low kick.

Both men trade big jabs as Chikadze circles. Powerful low kick lands for Chikadze. Another low kick for Chikadze as Barboza pushes forward. Left straight from Chikadze and he follows with a big body kick.

Body kick lands for Barboza. Chikadze is looking really slick here in the second round as he’s landing at a very high clip. Vicious body kick lands for Chikadze just after he barely missed a head kick.

Barboza rips a big hook to the body and it looks like Barboza is switching to focusing on the body here. Chikadze circles on the outside and he lands a big jab. Nice right hand lands for Barboza.

Barboza gaining a little momentum here in the second round. Vicious calf kick lands for Barboza. The two men exchange big jabs and Chikadze lands a big left hand. Nice jab from Chikadze. Much better round for Barboza, but I still lean Chikadze. 2-0 Chikadze on my scorecard at UFC Vegas 35.

Round 3

This UFC Vegas 35 main event is so much fun and there’s so much technique on display going into the third. Barboza takes the center and he opens with a double jab. Another stiff jab lands for Barboza as Chikadze looks for a front kick.

Knee to the body lands for Chikadze and he follows with a huge right hand. Barboza is hurt and Chikadze is moving in for the kill. Huge shot lands for Chikadze and Barboza is hurt badly.

Chikadze just pouring it on here and Barboza is down. Barboza tries to go for a leg lock to defend and it pauses Chikadze briefly. Chikadze then moves into the grappling and looks for a choke.

It looks deep, but he lets it go. Barboza gets to his feet, but another big shot from Chikadze lands and down goes Barboza. Chikadze knocks out Barboza here in the third.

Giga Chikadze def. Edson Barboza by TKO – Round 3 

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