Dominick Cruz defeats Pedro Munhoz at UFC 269

On the prelims of UFC 269, we saw a tremendous matchup in the bantamweight division. Former champion Dominick Cruz (23-3) took on contender Pedro Munhoz (19-6, 1 NC).

Dominick Cruz is considered by many to be the greatest bantamweight in UFC history. He was the first bantamweight champion for the promotion and he had a tremendous run at the top of the division.

However, injuries really derailed the career of Cruz. For example, he’s only fought six times in the last ten years. The last time we saw him was at UFC 259 when he won a close decision over young contender Casey Kenney.

Back in 2019, it appeared that Pedro Munhoz was on the cusp of a UFC title shot. He had won three in a row which included a knockout win over former UFC champion Cody Garbrandt.

That win got him a fight with Aljamain Sterling which he ultimately dropped by decision. Starting with that fight, Munhoz is just 1-3 in his last four fights. His last fight was a decision loss to Jose Aldo at UFC 265 in August.

UFC 269 Recap

Round 1

The UFC 269 bantamweight contest kicked off with a touch of the gloves. Cruz immediately starts moving back and forth and opens with a kick. Munhoz tries for a head kick of his own but doesn’t land.

Good low kick lands for Munhoz. Munhoz misses with a big head kick and Cruz pops him with a 1-2. Another nice straight shot from Cruz. Cruz catches Munhoz clean with a nice left hand. Munhoz hits another leg kick and Cruz tries for a takedown.

Pedro Munhoz defends and they’re back to striking. Good low kick and a combination behind it from Cruz. Munhoz pushes forward trying to land back but nothing lands. Another 1-2 for Cruz.

Huge left hand for Munhoz and down goes Cruz. Cruz is out on his feet as he gets back up. Munhoz drops him again and Cruz dives on a leg. It appears that Cruz is going to survive after using his defensive wrestling.

Munhoz lets Cruz back up and they’re back to striking. Cruz lands nicely but Munhoz is stalking him here in the final minute. Good knee to the body and a combination from Cruz. Beautiful jab from Munhoz.

It’s remarkable how much Cruz has recovered here. Another jab from Munhoz but Cruz lands a big combination that backs him up. Big shots from Cruz as the round ends. Cruz did well, but Munhoz takes the first at UFC 269.

Round 2

Entering the second round at UFC 269 and it looks like Cruz was able to get momentum near the end of the first. He starts the second with another good combination after catching a low kick from Munhoz. Solid 1-2 for Cruz lands.

Another good 1-2 for Cruz who appears to be back on stable ground here in the second. Munhoz lands a nice body kick. Head kick attempt from Munhoz just misses. Good jab from Cruz. He follows that up with a nice 1-2.

Munhoz gets popped with another 1-2 and then he tries to answer with a combination. Munhoz shoots for a takedown and Cruz defends easily. Both men exchange jabs in the center. Nice lead left for Cruz.

1-2 for Cruz and Munhoz counters with a double jab. Cruz pushing forward here and throws a leg kick. Munhoz lands a jab but that triggers a combination from Cruz that cuts him open. Another good combination from Cruz lands.

Beautiful striking on display from the former UFC champion in the second. Another good combination and Cruz is pulling away with this round. Massive combination from Cruz and Munhoz looked hurt for a second. The round comes to a close and a dominant one for Cruz.

Round 3

Entering the final round and whoever wins this round likely wins this fight at UFC 269. They touch gloves and here we go. Munhoz lands some solid shots and he’s heavy on the pressure here in the final round.

1-2 for Cruz and Munhoz pushes forward to counter. Munhoz much more aggressive here in the final round. Good combination from Cruz backs Munhoz off the pressure. Another nice 1-2 lands for Cruz and he’s keeping Munhoz at range here.

Good jab from Cruz but Munhoz catches him flush with a huge right hand. However, Cruz resets and lands another good combination. Munhoz chasing here and lands a jab. Good knee to the body from Cruz but Munhoz is on him here with the pressure.

Massive 1-2 from Cruz stops the pressure from Munhoz. Nice jab rom Munhoz however, Cruz counters with a big shot. Another 1-2 from Cruz and Munhoz lands a straight shot right after. Lead right hand from Cruz.

Cruz lands a big combination that Munhoz just eats. Low kick from Cruz. Munhoz pushes Cruz against the fence and tries to land something big but the former UFC champion makes him miss.

Big body kick from Munhoz. However, a nice body shot counter from Cruz. Both men trade jabs in the center. Good combination from Cruz. Munhoz steps is up but Cruz hits him flush as the round comes to a close. Should be 29-28 Dominick Cruz at UFC 269.

 Dominick Cruz def. Pedro Munhoz by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

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