Deiveson Figueiredo and Brandon Moreno fight to a draw at UFC 256

In the main event of UFC 256 we had a flyweight title fight between the champion, Deiveson Figueiredo (20-1), and the challenger, Brandon Moreno (18-5-1). Both of these men just won three weeks ago at UFC 255.

It’s been quite the 2020 for the flyweight champion. Back in February, Figueiredo was able to stop Joseph Benavidez. However, since he missed weight, he didn’t walk away with the UFC flyweight title.

Instead, the two men rematched in July. This time, Figueiredo finished Benavidez even fast than he did the first time. After claiming the title in July, Figueiredo defended at UFC 255 against Alex Perez. Figueiredo submitted Perez early in the first round.

Brandon Moreno also competed and won at UFC 255. Moreno is the top flyweight contender, yet he was passed over for the title shot three weeks ago. However, Dana White wanted him to get this shot at the title.

Moreno has been looked at as a future champion by many in the business. He has a habit of rising to the occasion and he was looking to become the first Mexican born UFC champion in the promotions history tonight.

UFC 256 Recap

Round 1

The main event of UFC 256 opened up with Figueiredo throwing a spinning back kick to the body. Figueiredo then threw a left hook that seemed to wobble Moreno right away. The UFC champ shot in for a takedown, however, Moreno defended nicely.

After a scramble, both men ended up back on their feet. Figueiredo was carrying his hands low just stalking the challenger. Moreno was doing a good job of landing stiff jabs as Figueiredo was moving forward.

Figueiredo appeared to be trying to time a big shot. Moreno was doing a good job of keeping his hands high. Figueiredo appeared to have no respect for Moreno’s power. The UFC champ appeared to sting Moreno again with an overhand right.

Moreno seemed to recover well and quickly. However, Figueiredo was just plotting forward. Moreno started to open up in the final minute of the round and Figueiredo appeared to be tiring a little. Good moments from the challenger but a clear first round for the champion.

Round 2

Moreno opened the second round throwing a couple of big hooks. The UFC champion appeared to be taking his time a little more in the second. Figueiredo threw a big spinning back kick, but Moreno countered nicely with a few big shots.

Moreno was getting confident in the second round with his striking. However, Figueiredo landed a few massive shots in tight. Somehow, Moreno made it through the barrage. Moreno was able to land a takedown.

Once on the ground, Figueiredo started to throw some elbows. A scramble found the two back on their feet. The two then just started trading power shots in the pocket. Moreno was willing to stand right in the fire with the UFC champion.

Figueiredo jumped forward with a massive left hook that Moreno just ate. Moreno stepped in with a right of his own that seemed to stun the champion. Figueiredo landed a few big shots, but Moreno was able to land a takedown.

Figueiredo scrambled and the two went back to trading. Second round comes to a close and I don’t know how to call that one. I lean slightly towards the challenger in the second with the takedowns.

Round 3

The third round opened with both men landing jabs. The UFC champion threw a couple of clean and powerful hooks, but Moreno just ate them. Figueiredo then landed a massive shot to the body.

Figueiredo followed up with more shots and Moreno was hurting to the body. Moreno appeared to be feeling some of the damage early in the third round. Moreno was able to clinch and catch his breath two minutes in.

The two separated and the UFC champion went right back to stalking Moreno. Moreno landed a clean jab, but Figueiredo countered with a clean left of his own. Figueiredo landed two clean left hooks and Moreno just ate them again.

A massive kick landed low on Moreno and the action came to a halt. The referee decided to take a point away from the UFC champion and the action resumed. Both men seemed a little refreshed after the break.

Figueiredo shot in for a takedown with one minute left in the round and got it. However, Moreno was able to get back up. The round comes to a close and I leaned towards the champion, but with the point deduction I have it a draw.

Round 4

The fourth round opened with the UFC champion throwing a flying knee. Figueiredo then staggered Moreno with a stiff jab. Moreno was getting popped over and over with the jab in the opening minute.

However, Moreno then started landing big combinations of his own. A flush right hook landed for Moreno then a high kick that wobbled Figueiredo. 90 seconds into the round and Moreno was able to land a takedown.

Figueiredo worked his way up to the feet and landed a clean combination of his own. The UFC champion then started to land very clean when the two were on the feet. Halfway through the round and Moreno appeared to rock Figueiredo.

However, Figueiredo started throwing back big shots of his own. Moreno was caught with a flush right hand, but then he landed one of his own. Figueiredo landed some massive shots and Moreno shot in and landed another takedown.

Figueiredo started throwing big elbows from the ground while Moreno was just laying there. A scramble brought the fight to the feet and Moreno was able to land some big shots. I give the round to Moreno. 2-2 on my scorecard.

Round 5

The final round opened with the UFC champion plotting forward again. 30 seconds in and the first shot is landed by the champion. Figueiredo landed a few really clean body kicks, but then Moreno started pressing forward.

Figueiredo appeared to be looking for big shots while Moreno was plotting forward. The UFC champion landed a couple of really clean shots on Moreno. Moreno wasn’t throwing much in the final round.

Halfway through the round and Figueiredo was controlling the striking. Moreno appeared to have a hurt arm and he wasn’t throwing any left hands. Figueiredo landed a big right hand, but again, Moreno just ate it.

90 seconds left in the fight and Figueiredo landed a nice combination. A good low kick landed from the champion. A minute left and the UFC champion landed another clean shot. However, Moreno landed a good hook of his own.

Under a minute left and Moreno went for a takedown. However, Figueiredo defended well. Figueiredo throws Moreno to the ground and lands some massive shots as the fight comes to a close. I score the fight 47-47 with the point deduction.

Deiveson Figueiredo and Brandon Moreno fight to a Majority Draw (47-46, 47-47, 47-47)

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