Curtis Blaydes uses takedowns to defeat Rozenstruik at UFC 266

Curtis Blaydes, UFC

On the main card of UFC 266, we saw a big time showdown in the heavyweight division. Two of the very best in the world went head-to-head as “Bigi Boy” Jairzinho Rozenstruik (12-2) took on Curtis “Razor” Blaydes (14-3).

The two top UFC heavyweights were looking to pickup a big win that could put them in title contention. If you want to look at one of the very best heavyweights in the world who hasn’t fought for a title, look no further than Curtis Blaydes.

Blaydes joined the UFC back in 2016 making his debut against Francis Ngannou. While he lost that night, he’s gone 9-2 since then with the promotion. His two losses coming to Ngannou for the second time and Derrick Lewis.

Rozenstruik is in a very similar position as Blaydes. He’s one of the very best and he’s only lost to the very best. Bigi Boy has lost twice in the UFC and one was to the current interim heavyweight champion Ciryl Gane and the other was to the undisputed champion Francis Ngannou.

The last time we saw Rozenstruik was back in June when he took on Augusto Sakai. Rozenstruik looked great in that fight and scored a knockout just at the end of the first round.

UFC 266 Recap

Round 1

The UFC 266 heavyweight contest starts with Rozenstruik taking the center. Blaydes is feeling out the striking and gets clipped right away from Rozenstruik. Pressure from Rozenstruik which is a good way to stop the takedowns of Blaydes.

Nice jab from Blaydes who appears to be looking for his takedown opening. Just as I type that, Blaydes shoots in and pushes Rozenstruik against the fence. Almost immediately, Blaydes drags Rozenstruik to the ground.

Side-control for Blaydes and he’s starting to work his elbows. Huge knees to the body for Curtis Blaydes. More good shots to the body for Blaydes. Rozenstruik trying to use the fence to get back up, but the pressure is heavy from Blaydes.

Good shots along the fence from Blaydes. Rozenstruik gest to his fence and he’s able to break the grip and they’re back to striking. Rozenstruik looks a bit more tentative on the feet after getting taken down by Blaydes.

Nice jabs from Blaydes. Two really good straight shots land for Blaydes. Bigi Boy tries to counter but nothing lands. Good opening round for Blaydes at UFC 266.

Round 2

Entering the second round at UFC 266 and Rozenstruik needs to get a little momentum back. He lands a couple of good shots to start the striking and he’s the one pressing forward to start the second round.

Nice check left hook lands for Blaydes. Rozenstruik is holding the center here and Blaydes is just bouncing on the outside. Not much being thrown here and the crowd is letting them know.

Good low kick lands for Blaydes but he eats a good counter from Rozenstruik. Blaydes tries to get a takedown, but he shot from way too far away and can’t land it. Rozenstruik trying to land hooks, but he’s a little too far away to land his own shots.

Nothing landing from either guy with two minutes left in the round. Both trade left hooks and Rozenstruik lands a big knee. Good hook behind it and Blaydes appeared hurt for a second. However, Blaydes uses Rozenstruik’s momentum and lands a takedown.

Blaydes immediately passes into half-guard and starts working his elbows. Not much lands the rest of the round and that’ll be a tough one to score. Despite the takedown and minute of control, I lean Rozenstruik in the second at UFC 266. It could be tied or 2-0 Blaydes.

Round 3

Entering the final round at UFC 266 and I think this fight is tied up so this round should decide things. Blaydes tries to open with a kick but he whiffs. His eye is almost shut from the big shots he ate in the second round from Rozenstruik.

Both men are too far out of range to land anything in the opening minute and the boos are coming in. Blaydes throws some lefts, but they don’t really land. Nice left hook lands for Blaydes and he follows it with a nice straight right.

Good low kick from Blaydes and he immediately chains it into a takedown attempt. The powerful attempt gets Bigi Boy down and Blaydes settles into the guard. Rozenstruik tries to kick off Blaydes, but he can’t get him off.

Blaydes move into half-guard and starts working his elbows. Rozenstruik tries to get up, but the pressure is very heavy from Blaydes here. 90 seconds left and Rozenstruik needs to do something big or he’s going to lose this one.

Heavy top pressure from Blaydes who’s landing some decent elbows. The crowd doesn’t seem pleased but Blaydes is being very effective. More decent shots from Blaydes and the final bell sounds. Curtis Blaydes will get the win at UFC 266.

Curtis Blaydes def. Jairzinho Rozenstruik by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

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