Could Mike Tyson fight Peter McNeeley and donate to charity in rumored comeback?

Mike Tyson, UFC

With Mike Tyson posting incredible training videos at 53 years old, most would agree he looks prepared to return to the ring, but this time, to give back to the community during a difficult stage in the country due to coronavirus. With the economy turning downward and people in need of aid, Tyson might have a fantastic opportunity to give back and reward the world with a potential re-match with Peter McNeeley.

McNeeley finished his career with a 47-7 record, including 36 KO’s. Tyson, who finished at 50-6 with 44 KO’s could spark a high-priced fight for the ages. The last time Tyson faced off against the “Hurricane” was in 1995, where he punished McNeeley into forfeiting just 89 seconds into the fight. This time around, things could be different, as Boston Boxing Promotions has offered $1.1 million for a historic rematch between the two older fighters.

“Mike Tyson, do you want me to try to wrap you in a cocoon of horror again?” asked McNeeley when reached for comment.

While this bout is far from reality, Tyson also turned down a $20 million opportunity from Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship,  which presented a good opportunity to donate back to charity.

Tyson has stated that he’s feeling youthful during this reboot process and is willing to take on any challengers as long as the money is given back to a charitable cause. This could be the proof needed to justify a return, but until he steps into the ring, it’s all talk.