Christian Rodriguez derails the Raul Rosas Jr hype train at UFC 287

Feb 3, 2018; Belem, Brazil; View of the ring before UFC Fight Night at Mangueirinho Arena. Mandatory Credit: Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

The youngest fighter in the promotion made his second official walk at UFC 287. 18-year-old Raul Rosas Jr (7-0) was looking to remain unbeaten as he took on another top young prospect in Christian Rodriguez (8-1).

Both of these men earned their way into the UFC from Dana White’s Contender Series. For Rodriguez, he didn’t get a contract right away because he missed weight. However, after getting a regional win, he was brought into the promotion where he lost his debut, but he bounced back strong with a win last October.

He was looking to knock off the hype train of Raul Rosas Jr. Rosas Jr made his official debut in December where he submitted Jay Perrin in the first round. When he first fought on the Contender Series, he was only 17. A truly remarkable story heading into this evening.

UFC 287 Recap

Round 1

The main card opener at UFC 287 kicked off with immediate pressure and a shot from Rosas Jr. Rodriguez stays upright but Rosas Jr pushes him against the fence. Position reversal now from Rodriguez and he lands a knee on the inside. Rosas Jr reverses things and shoots again.

Rodriguez is doing an excellent job staying on his feet. Sensational takedown defense from Rodriguez. Big knee to the body from Rodriguez. Rosas Jr pushes him back against the fence and he moves to a single leg. Trip from Rosas Jr and he gets the takedown and he’s immediately in side control.

Rosas Jr goes for a d’arce and Rodriguez uses it to get on top. Rosas Jr explodes and gets back to his feet. Right back on the takedown attempt from Rosas Jr. Rosas Jr gets to his back but can’t get him down. Heavy grappling pressure from Rosas Jr, but he can’t get Rodriguez down.

Brief takedown but once again Rodriguez is staying upright. This pressure is just incredible from Rosas Jr. He hops on the back of Rodriguez and he’s going for a choke. He’s got a body triangle and he’s really going for the choke. Great defense from Rodriguez here and he breaks the grip of Rosas Jr.

The round is going to come to a close and Rodriguez survived but it’s all Rosas Jr at UFC 287.

Round 2

Entering the second at UFC 287 and Rodriguez has to keep the distance here. Rosas Jr bouncing on the feet and he immediately shoots. However, Rodriguez reverses the position and gets on top. A scramble and now they are back on the feet. Immediate shot again from Rosas Jr.

He presses Rodriguez up against the fence and then Rodriguez immediately reverses the position. They are striking briefly and a beautiful level change from Rosas Jr and he gets the back of Rodriguez. He drags him down to the ground and has ahold of Rodriguez here.

Three minutes left in the round and Rosas Jr is doing a good job of holding the position. Reversal from Rodriguez and now he gets on top of a very tired Rosas Jr. Halfway through the round and Rosas Jr looks to be in trouble here. Elbow from Rodriguez and Rosas Jr looks to scramble.

Rodriguez holds the top position through the scramble. Side control now from Rodriguez. Now Rodriguez gets the back and Rosas Jr is in a lot of trouble. One minute left in the round and Rosas Jr is in a world of trouble here. The round comes to a close and it’s all tied up at UFC 287.

Round 3

Heading into the final round and Rosas Jr is really going to have to dig deep here to pick up his second UFC win. Rosas Jr opens the round and lands an uppercut. Big right hand from Rodriguez. Spinning back fist attempt from Rosas Jr and he gets hit with a combination.

Big combination from Rodriguez. Single leg attempt from Rosas Jr and he can’t get the takedown. Back to striking and another takedown attempt from Rosas Jr is stuffed by Rodriguez. Takedown attempt from Rosas Jr and Rodriguez sprawls into the top position.

He gets into the mount and starts landing big shots. Rosas Jr looks exhausted and lost. Big elbows from Rodriguez and we are halfway through the round. Rodriguez gets the back of Rosas Jr and he’s just beating on him here. There’s just no answer from Raul Rosas Jr here.

60 seconds left and the hype train is going to be derailed here. The last two rounds have been all Christian Rodriguez as he’s just beating on Rosas Jr here. Rodriguez let’s him up and they strike to the final bell. Big win for Christian Rodriguez.

Christian Rodriguez def. Raul Rosas Jr by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)