Chito Vera knocks out Frankie Edgar at UFC 268

On the main card of UFC 268, we saw a fun showdown in the bantamweight division. Former lightweight champion Frankie Edgar (24-9-1) was fighting in his backyard of Madison Square Garden as he took on Marlon “Chito” Vera (19-7-1).

For Edgar, this was his third appearance in the UFC‘s bantamweight division. The former lightweight champion spent his entire career fighting in weight classes where he was clearly the smaller man in the cage. Edgar entered this contest 1-1 in the bantamweight division.

This fight was a golden opportunity for Chito Vera. Vera was 7-2 in his last nine UFC appearances, granted one of those losses was an awful decision. His only true loss came last December when he lost to Jose Aldo.

Vera returned in June to defeat Davey Grant and looked sensational. Now, he’s taking on a former UFC champion with his eyes on the top ten of the bantamweight division. A win here would be huge for Chito.

UFC 268 Recap

Round 1

The UFC 268 bantamweight contest kicked off with immediate pressure from Vera but it’s Edgar who lands first with a nice right hand. Edgar’s movement looks really good in the opening seconds and he lands a couple of really nice left hooks.

Good combination from Edgar as Vera lands a leg kick. Chito plots forward but eats a clean right hand from Edgar. Nice leg kick from Edgar who continues to circle on the outside. Both step forward and trade in the center.

Vera lands a kick to the body but Edgar catches it and uses it to takedown Chito. Edgar postures up and lands a couple of really nice elbows. Vera trying to tie up the hands but he eats a few more really strong elbows from the former lightweight champion.

Chito starts landing some really nice elbows from the bottom but Edgar still getting the better of things here. Edgar’s top game looks great here in the opening frame. Another beautiful elbow lands for Edgar and then he stands up.

Chito lands a couple of really nice upkicks that forces Edgar back into the guard. Edgar goes right back to work on the elbows in the final seconds of the round. Great opening round for Edgar who is up 1-0 at UFC 268.

Round 2

Entering the second round at UFC 268 and Chito needs to get some momentum back after the first round. Chito starts forward to start the second round and he looks much more aggressive here. Good low kick lands for Vera and Edgar counters.

Edgar steps forward but eats a big right hand from Chito Vera. A blitz from Edgar who lands a beautiful right hand over the top. Vera lands a nice knee to the body but Edgar catches it and lands a takedown.

Vera immediately starts throwing elbows from the bottom. Edgar settles into the guard as he begins looking for ground and pound openings. Nice shots from the former lightweight champion. Good right hand Edgar but Vera forces a scramble and they get back to the feet.

Vera is getting very aggressive and he’s throwing heat. Edgar is circling around the outside and Vera is just stalking him here. Huge knee up the middle lands for Chito and the momentum is shifting here.

Knee to the body for Chito and Edgar goes down briefly but he’s okay. Nice kick lands for Chito Vera who is really finding his groove here in the second round. Leg kick for Edgar but Vera is walking right through it.

Nice right hand lands for Edgar. Lead elbow lands for Chito and Edgar is hurt. The round comes to a close and it’s all even at UFC 268.

Round 3

Entering the final round at UFC 268 and it’s anyone’s fight with the score one round a piece. Edgar starts the final round with a combination. Chito is working his kicks and Edgar lands another really nice combination over the top.

Vera tries for a big combination and just misses. Nice kick to the body lands for Chito and Edgar responds with a big combination. Side kick to the body lands for Chito. Edgar goes for a takedown but Vera defends well. Nice right hand lands for Chito Vera.

Big leg kick lands for Vera and Edgar lands a hook to the body. Edgar lands a nice lead left hook. Another nice combination from Edgar. Vera is stalking Edgar here but Edgar is doing a good job of scoring points.

Both step forward and land good shots but Chito’s appears to be throwing with more power. Edgar lands a nice straight left. Chito Vera lands a front kick up the middle and Edgar falls face first. This one is over and Chito Vera scores the knockout win.

Chito Vera def. Frankie Edgar by KO – Round 3

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