Bryan Barberena stops Robbie Lawler at UFC 276

On the main card of UFC 276, we saw a fun matchup where a former champion will made his return. “Ruthless” Robbie Lawler (29-15) was back as he took on the tough veteran Bryan Barberena (17-8).

Barberena was last seen at UFC Columbus when he took on another fan-favorite in Matt Brown. It was a very close fight where many thought that Brown won, however, two of the judges gave the fight and the split decision to Barberena.

Barberena has won two in a row in the UFC. After his last fight, he was without a contract and said he’d retire if the UFC didn’t resign him. Well the promotion wasn’t ready to let him go and they resigned him. Not only did they do that, they gave him a fight with a former champion.

Robbie Lawler snapped a career worst four-fight losing streak at UFC 266 when he rematched with Nick Diaz. Lawler looked good in that fight, but it was still a far cry from his championship form back in 2016. The 40-year-old former champion was looking to pick up his 30th win tonight.

UFC 276 Recap

Round 1

The UFC 276 welterweight contest kicked off with a touch of the gloves. Barberena immediately opens with a leg kick. Another low kick from Barberena and he tries a right hand behind it. Left hand just misses for the former champion.

Two straight low kicks again land for Barberena. Lawler upping the pressure here and he rips a hook to the body. Big left straight lands for Lawler. Nice right hand for Lawler who is opening up here. Another nice left for Lawler and Barberena answers back with a big combination.

Check right hook for Barberena and these two wing big power shots at each other in the pocket. Big connections for both men. Huge uppercut from Lawler and that stunned Barberena. Both men trade huge left hands.

Nice hooks to the body from Barberena inside. Now Barberena is picking things up and Lawler lands a big shot to answer back. Huge body shot from Barberena lands and that backs up Lawler. Another big combination from Barberena and Lawler answers with huge shots.

Barberena is being extremely active here and he’s mixing things up perfectly. Big uppercut from Lawler and Barberena circles away. Lawler smiles and eats a nice elbow from Barberena. Barberena gets rocked with a big 1-2 but he’s throwing right back. Round comes to a close and that one could go either way at UFC 276.

Round 2

The second round at UFC 276 gets underway and both men are wanting to get right back after it. Lead right hook from Barberena starts things off. Barberena is the one fighting with pressure here in the second opposed to the first.

Big uppercut lands for Barberena and Lawler swings to take the center. Now Lawler is pressuring. Big combination from Lawler and a jab from Lawler rocks Barberena. Another big jab and these are really hurting Barberena. However, Barberena throwing heat back.

Lawler stalking him here and lands another big shot. Barberena answers but his nose looks to be broken here. Another stinging jab from Lawler lands. Big shots from Lawler and Barberena is backing up here and is looking to reset.

Big left just misses from Lawler. Barberena comes in but Lawler catches him with a big combination. Lawler’s technique looking really good. Barberena now turning up the pressure but Lawler keeps popping him with huge power.

Big left from Barberena and Lawler is rocked. Barberena pressuring big time here and Lawler is keeping his hands up. Barberena all over him. Lawler tries to swing back but he’s hurt. Left hand from Lawler pauses the Barberena advance.

Barberena keeping the pressure. Big shots from Barberena and Lawler is hurt badly. More clean shots and this one is over. Bryan Barberena TKO’s Robbie Lawler at UFC 276.

Bryan Barberena def. Robbie Lawler by TKO – Round 2

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