Boxing: Did Jake Paul make a mistake rematching with Tyron Woodley?

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This week we learned that there was a big shakeup in the boxing world. Internet celebrity turned boxer Jake Paul was set to take on Tommy Fury on December 18th. This was the first time that Paul would be taking on another professional boxer that was also unbeaten.

Fury had to pull out of the fight this week due to medical reasons. With that, Paul needed an opponent for his December boxing match. The Paul team decided to get in touch with former UFC champion Tyron Woodley.

Woodley and Paul boxed earlier this year with Paul getting the nod by decision. However, it was the first time that we’ve really seen Paul tested in the boxing ring. He took the biggest shots of his career in that fight with Woodley.

That said, Woodley did what Woodley always does and that’s be tentative. With that, Paul was able to pull away on the scorecards which allowed him to win a decision. After the fight, Paul said he’d give Woodley a rematch if he got a tattoo saying that he loves Jake Paul.

Woodley obliged and got the tattoo on his middle finger. However, Paul decided against the Woodley rematch in favor of the matchup with Fury. Well, it’s come full circle now as we will see the rematch after all.

Boxing’s Paul making a mistake?

If I learned anything from watching the first boxing match between Paul and Woodley it’s that Woodley can hurt Jake Paul. Had it not been for the ropes, Paul would have been dropped by the former UFC champion in their fight.

I think Paul had little respect for the boxing skills of Woodley. However, I think his eyes are open to the dangers now. That said, that can ultimately play to his advantage in the rematch.

When these two stand across from each other in a couple of weeks, Woodley has to be aggressive. If he’s tentative again, he’s going to lose his second consecutive boxing match to a kid that started his career on Disney Channel.

Jake Paul has boxing skill and he shouldn’t be discredited. However, Woodley has a clear path to victory here if he wants it. He has to move forward and be the aggressor. If we get the Tyron Woodley that fought Darren Till, Tyron Woodley is going to win.

However, if the same Woodley shows up that we saw box Jake Paul earlier this year, Jake Paul is getting his hand raised. Either way, color me intrigued for this rematch.

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