Beneil Dariush knocks off Mateusz Gamrot at UFC 280

The second fight on the UFC 280 PPV main card featured a pair of lightweight contenders who were looking to take a step closer to title contention. Beneil Dariush (21-4-1) was looking to continue his impressive winning streak as he took on Mateusz Gamrot (21-1).

Gamrot lost his UFC debut which is still his only professional loss to date. Since then, he’s won four straight inside the octagon and has looked better and better. He was looking to make a massive statement by taking out Dariush tonight.

Earlier this year, Dariush was supposed to have a title eliminator with Islam Makhachev. However, he injured his ankle and it cost him that opportunity. Nevertheless, Dariush has still won seven straight and he was looking to show he’s ready for a title shot at UFC 280.

UFC 280 Recap

Round 1

The UFC 280 lightweight contest kicked off with a touch of the gloves. Gamrot immediately throws a right and tries to engage in the grappling. Dariush shrugs him off and they are striking. Now they are grappling and they are in a mad scramble.

Both men are trading the top position back and forth. This is fun and they are back up. Dariush immediately on the pressure. Straight from Gamrot and a low kick from Dariush. Gamrot gets Dariush to the ground and Dariush is scrambling for a leg lock.

They are in a bit of a stalemate on the ground. They get back to their feet and Gamrot goes right back on the takedown attempt. Gamrot really trying hard for a takedown. Dariush is able to break the clinch and they are back to striking.

Another takedown attempt from Gamrot and Dariush defends nicely and tries to get top position. Gamrot is relentlessly going for it and again they are in a stalemate. Gamrot gets him against the fence and it looks like he’s secured the takedown. Dariush back up to his feet and Gamrot lands a shot on the break.

Body kick from Dariush. Both men trade kicks and the round comes to a close. Close one, but I lean Gamrot at UFC 280.

Round 2

Entering the second round and it could’ve gone to either man in the first at UFC 280. Nice right hand and a takedown attempt from Gamrot but Dariush defends beautifully. Dariush is landing nicely on the feet. Body kick now for Dariush. 1-2 lands for Gamrot.

Dariush holding the center here in the second round. Huge knee to the body lands for Dariush and Gamrot just eats it. Another body kick from Dariush. Dariush is really controlling this second round. Jab now from Gamrot.

Huge left straight now for Dariush. Check right hook for Gamrot. Right straight now from Gamrot. However, Dariush is really taking over this second round with kicks and strikes. Jab from Gamrot lands. Dariush pushes forward and Gamrot tries for a takedown attempt.

Easily stuffed by Dariush and he lands a crushing left. Huge low kick now from Dariush. Head kick attempt from Dariush and another left hand. The pace slows a little in the final minute. The round comes to a close and it’s a clear round for Dariush at UFC 280.

Round 3

Entering the third round and I think whoever wins the third at UFC 280 wins the fight. They touch gloves and here we go. Gamrot tries for a takedown and goes into a leg lock but once again, Dariush defends beautifully. A scramble and they are back to their feet.

Low kick from Dariush lands. Both men have slowed tremendously here in the third. Knee to the body from Dariush and a right hand from Gamrot. Gamrot is the one who is pushing forward now in the third round. Left hand from Dariush.

Gamrot gets in deep on a takedown attempt. He tries multiple attacks but once again cannot get Dariush to the ground. Body kick now from Gamrot. Dariush sits Gamrot down with a left hand. Gamrot bounces right back up but the damage has been done. Gamrot is going to need a finish in the final minute.

Gamrot gets a takedown but there’s not enough time. The round ends but Dariush is going to get the win here. Round ends and a big win is coming for Beneil Dariush.

Beneil Dariush def. Mateusz Gamrot by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

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