Alexander Volkov destroys Alistair Overeem at UFC Vegas 18

Daniel Cunningham
Alexander Volkov, UFC
Alexander Volkov, UFC

In the main event of UFC Vegas 18, we saw a heavyweight clash between Alistair Overeem (47-18, 1 NC) and Alexander Volkov (32-8). Both of these heavyweight contenders were looking to take another step towards the UFC heavyweight crown.

Alistair Overeem is getting ready to turn 41 years old. He’s had an incredible career, however, the UFC heavyweight title has always evaded him. He’s currently on the final run of his career and he’s hoping it ends with that UFC heavyweight title.

Standing in Overeem’s way tonight was Alexander Volkov. Volkov was perhaps seconds away from a UFC title shot a few years ago. However, a knockout loss to Derrick Lewis in the final seconds derailed those dreams. He was looking to get closer to a title shot tonight.

UFC Vegas 18 Recap

Round 1

The UFC Vegas 18 main event kicked off with a touch of the gloves. Volkov immediately opened with a big leg kick and pushed Overeem against the fence. A few follow up hooks followed as Overeem covered up.

Overeem was able to spin away and get the fight back to distance. One minute in and Overeem was just trying to feel out Volkov. Another big leg kick lands for Volkov and Overeem gets pressed against the fence. Overeem then threw two massive lefts that backed up Volkov.

Volkov then landed a couple of stiff jabs as Overeem pushed forward. Halfway through the round and Volkov lands a good body kick. A good lead uppercut lands for Overeem. Overeem pushed forward and ended up on the ground. Wasn’t clear if he was hurt or if he slipped.

Volkov pounced but couldn’t get the finish. Overeem worked his way up to his feet, but Volkov was heavy on the pressure. Overeem tries with an overhand left that glances Volkov. Volkov was heavy on the pressure to close the round and landed well. 1-0 Volkov at UFC Vegas 18.

Round 2

Overeem was busted up to start the second in the UFC Vegas 18 main event. Volkov lands a clean 1-2 to start the striking in round two. Overeem was getting busted up even more by Alexander Volkov.

Overeem pushes forward and forces a clinch, but he couldn’t hold Volkov. Volkov was circling around the outside just popping Overeem. A few stiff shots cause Overeem to turn away and he’s hurt badly.

Volkov pushes forward looking for the finish. Overeem was able to get away and the fight continued. However, it didn’t last for long. Volkov lands a couple of additional shots that cause Overeem to completely crumble. Incredible performance at UFC Vegas 18 for Alexander Volkov.

Alexander Volkov def. Alistair Overeem by KO – Round 2