Alexander Volkanovski destroys The Korean Zombie at UFC 273

In the main event of UFC 273, the featherweight title is on the line. The champion Alexander Volkanovski (23-1) was looking to defend his title for the third time as he took on “The Korean Zombie” Chan Sung Jung (17-6).

Last time we saw Volkanovski was at UFC 266 when he defended his title against Brian Ortega. Volkanovski made a massive statement with his one-sided domination of T-City. Originally, Volkanovski was supposed to have his trilogy fight with Max Holloway tonight.

However, when Holloway pulled out with an injury, The Korean Zombie stepped in. Last time we saw Chan Sung Jung was last June when he headlined a Fight Night against Dan Ige.

That headliner came on the heels of his loss to Brian Ortega. TKZ looked sharp and was able to pick up the unanimous decision victory. Overall, Jung is 3-1 in his last four fights leading up to UFC 273.

UFC 273 Recap

Round 1

The UFC 273 main event kicked off with a touch of the gloves. Jung takes the center of the octagon and he looks to establish his jab. Looks for the low kick as well, but he’s just a bit out of range. Big check left hook lands big for Volkanovski.

The Zombie moves forward and both men trade big shots, but Volkanovski looks like he got the better of things. Double jab lands for Volkanovski and then he lands a nice low kick. Another nice check left lands for Volkanovski.

Body kick lands for Volkanovski and then he lands a huge combination up top. Jung is wearing it here in the first round. Nasty jab from the champion lands and Jung is having all kinds of trouble here. The speed is a big advantage for the champ.

Huge 1-2 lands for Volkanovski and Jung looks wobbled. However, Volkanovski doesn’t jump on him. 90 seconds left in the round. Low kick from Volkanovski and then the two end up in a clinch. Volkanovski gets a trip takedown.

Jung uses the fence to get back to his feet and Volkanovski backs away. Pressure from Jung but he gets cracked by the champion and he gets dropped. Dominant opening frame from the UFC champion.

Round 2

Entering the second at UFC 273 and things don’t look great for the challenger. Zombie tries to open the second with his jab and then he lands a powerful calf kick. Volkanovski returns with a big kick of his own.

Jung misses wildly on a right and Volkanovski makes him pay with a right of his own. Leg kick from Jung is checked perfectly by Volkanovski. Volkanovski clips Jung with another check left hook on an entry from The Zombie.

High kick attempt from The Zombie and he lands a straight shot. Volkanovski counters with a big combination. Huge right hand from Volkanovski and Jung is hurt badly. Lots of pressure from Volkanovski and The Zombie hits him with a huge left hand.

That shot got the champion’s attention and he gets a takedown. Big shots from Volkanovski on the ground, but Jung gets back to his feet using the fence. They separate but Volkanovski is the one pressuring. More big shots from Volkanovski then he uses a trip to get a takedown.

Jung gets back to his feet but he looks bewildered here. Nice jab lands for Volkanovski. Round comes to a close and it’s 2-0 for the champion at UFC 273.

Round 3

Entering the third at UFC 273 and it’s about desperation time for The Zombie. They touch gloves and here we go in the third. Volkanovski opens with a head kick that just misses. Jung throws serious power shots and just misses the champion’s chin.

Nice jab from The Zombie and Volkanovski lands a big leg kick. Step in jab from Jung, but Volkanovski lands a big shot to back him off. The Zombie is taking more risks here in the third round and he’s really pressing forward with big shots.

Right hand lands for Volkanovski. Jab from Volkanovski and he decides to double up on it. Beautiful right hand lands for Volkanovski and he times a takedown right after. Jung gets takedown down briefly, but he uses the fence to get back to his feet.

Jab from Volkanovski. Right hand and a left behind it for Volkanovski. Jung just keeps pressing forward through all of this. Another big right hand lands for Volkanovski and he throws a huge leg kick behind it.

Jung shakes his head then eats another right from the champion. Huge shots land from the champion and down goes The Zombie. The referee is close to stopping the action but the bell sounds and it’s all Volkanovski at UFC 273.

Round 4

Entering the fourth at UFC 273 and this fight could be close to getting stopped. Jung opens with a jab that Volkanovski evades. Big right hand and a left hook for Volkanovski lands. Powerful low kick from Volkanovski.

Huge combination from Volkanovski and Jung is hurt badly. He’s wobbling in the cage and Herb Dean jumps in to save him. What a dominant performance for Alexander Volkanovski.

Alexander Volkanovski def. Chan Sung Jung by TKO – Round 4

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