Alexa Grasso upsets Valentina Shevchenko at UFC 285 by submission

In the co-main event of UFC 285, the best P4P women’s fighter on the planet returned to defend her crown. Flyweight champion Valentina Shevchenko (23-3) was looking for her eighth successful title defense as she took on Alexa Grasso (15-3).

After average results in the strawweight division, Alexa Grasso decided to move up to flyweight. The results have been sensational. She’s gone a perfect 4-0 and steadily rose up the ranks to earn this title shot. That being said, the task is incredibly tall tomorrow night as she looks to dethrone the flyweight queen.

What more can you say about Valentina Shevchenko? The UFC’s P4P top female fighter has been nothing short of dominant in her flyweight run. A perfect 9-0 with eight wins in title fights. In her last title defense in June against Taila Santos, Shevchenko snuck by with a split decision.

UFC 285 Recap

Round 1

The UFC 285 flyweight title kicks off with a touch of the gloves. Grasso circles on the outside and Shevchenko opens with a leg kick. Front kick attempt from Shevchenko just misses and Grasso lands a low kick. Right hand counter lands for Shevchenko after Grasso throws a combo.

Big left straight lands for Shevchenko. Huge body kick lands for the champion and I felt that typing this. Shevchenko is very active with the kicks in the opening 90-seconds. Low kick from Grasso and Shevchenko answers with one of her own.

Grasso throws but she’s way out of range right now. There’s a nice left from Grasso just as I type that. Very nice left over the top from the champion. Stiff jab from Shevchenko but Grasso lands a nice counter. Huge combination from Grasso got the attention of the champion.

Low kick from Shevchenko and she doubles up on it. 1-2 from Grasso now. Left hand then a high kick from the champion. Front kick to the body and then a big elbow in tight from Shevchenko. Left hand now from Shevchenko and a body kick lands. Spinning back fist and a body kick from Shevchenko. Grasso goes for a takedown just as the round ends and almost gets it. Very close first round.

Round 2

Entering the second at UFC 285 and that round could’ve gone either way. Shevchenko opens the round with a low kick and Grasso immediately starts coming forward. Big takedown from Shevchenko and she immediately starts working to advance the position.

Shevchenko settles into the guard and she’s working some short shots. Grasso trying to explode but Shevchenko advances to side-control. Dominant position for the champion and she’s working to get a crucifix. She gets the position briefly but Grasso gets her arm free.

Shevchenko holding the position but Grasso bucks and gets out and up. Two minutes left in the round. Big jab from Shevchenko. Low kick from Shevchenko and then a jab from the champion. Double jab from the champion and Grasso is pressing forward.

Grasso is throwing but well out of range at the moment. Grasso gets close and gets taken right back down by the champion. 30-seconds left in the round and this one looks to be in the bag for Shevchenko. The round ends and it’s either even or 2-0 Shevchenko at UFC 285.

Round 3

Entering the third and Shevchenko might’ve found a big area to exploit with the ground game. Grasso presses forward to start the third round. Some kicks from Grasso opens her striking and Shevchenko lands a nice jab. She doubles up on the jab and a nice counter lands for Grasso.

Nice 1-2 lands for Grasso. Jab from Shevchenko and a low kick. Both fighters exchange big shots and then Shevchenko tries for a takedown but can’t get it. Beautiful left from Grasso and Shevchenko just misses with a head kick. Jab from Shevchenko lands.

Perfect level change from Shevchenko and she gets the takedown. Shevchenko settles into the guard with half the round left to go. Shevchenko looks to be just holding Grasso here. Grasso is trying to have an active guard but Shevchenko lands a nice shot. Two big shots from the guard from Shevchenko.

One minute left in the round and they surprising stand the fighters up. Another quick takedown from Shevchenko and she gets the back of Grasso. The round ends and it’s another round for the champion.

Round 4

Entering the fourth and the champ is definitely up at UFC 285. Both fighters trade jabs in the center to start things out. Spinning back kick attempt from the champion. Takedown attempt from Shevchenko and Grasso stuffs it.

Both trade shots in the center. Shevchenko lands a nice jab but Grasso lands a counter. Low kick from Shevchenko. Body kick now from Shevchenko. Another nice jab from Shevchenko. Grasso is pressuring but she’s not throwing much here in the fourth.

Double jab from the champion. Takedown attempt from Grasso and Shevchenko defends. Grasso using the cage here to hold the clinch. 90 seconds left in the round and not much action is happening. Shevchenko breaks and lands a knee. Jab from Shevchenko.

Another jab from Shevchenko. Big jab from Shevchenko and a combination. Grasso tries for a takedown and Shevchenko defends well. However, Grasso gets her back and gets a choke. Shevchenko tries to defend but it’s in too deep. She taps and Alexa Grasso is the new UFC flyweight champion.

Alexa Grasso def. Valentina Shevchenko by Submission – Round 4

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