New York Yankees: Giancarlo Stanton provides gruesome details of 2014 beaning

Andres Chavez
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Feb 18, 2020; Tampa, Florida, USA; New York Yankees designated hitter Giancarlo Stanton (27) walks out to batting practice as he works out during spring training at George M. Steinbrenner Field. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Giancarlo Stanton’s career with the New York Yankees has been filled with nagging injuries that have somewhat limited him in the field. He has suffered knee, calf and quad ailments, among others.

Yankees’ fans have criticized him because of that, but the truth is that it’s not his fault and while he hasn’t been the same hitter that belted more than 50 home runs in 2017, he has been productive when healthy.

However, none of those injuries compare with the one he suffered in 2014, when a Mike Fiers fastball shattered his face and broke bones there.

An “intense hissing”

The stellar Yankees’ outfielder spoke with’s Bob Klapisch about the injury and its repercussions.

“For me, the sound was more like an intense hissing. I’ll never forget that. All I felt was impact, and then falling on the ground. The whole side of my face was gone — I felt sharp pieces in my mouth. I was trying to be soft with them because I didn’t want to choke, but the pain was excruciating,” he said.

As a result of the hit by pitch, Stanton, then with the Miami Marlins, suffered bone breaks in his lower jaw and cheekbone as well as losing numerous teeth. The teeth also made a hole in his face in which he said the doctor at the hospital “put his finger right through it, like I was a fish he’d hooked.”

While it is an old episode, it is crucial to understand Stanton’s frustration when he suffers these little, nagging injuries. They are nothing compared to being drilled in the face by a 90+ mph fastball. That’s what frustrates the New York Yankees’ slugger the most.

He suffered a Grade 1 calf strain in spring training, but if there is a season in 2020, he should be locked and loaded, ready to go. Manager Aaron Boone will likely rotate Stanton between left field and the designated hitter spot.