MLB: No Fake Baseball News Here.. Count on ESM

There is no question that the New York Yankees, MLB, and baseball fans everywhere can’t wait for the baseball season to resume.  With all the anticipation building, fake news to tantalize, you will be popping up here and there. only has up to date real news!

In the last week, I have been getting messages asking is this true is that true.  Yesterday in my inbox, I got an official-looking piece of breaking news that said: ITS OFFICIAL…Per Jeff Passan, there will be a season this year, and MLB will be announcing the stipulations and ground rules of how everything will be played out within the following week! Get ready Yankee Nation, baseball is back!

Accompanying this breaking news was an official-looking photo of Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred and a graphically put together manipulation showing the interlock NY and New York Yankees Report.  The only problem with all of this is that it is not valid.  I fully investigated ESPN and Passan’s twitter account and could not find anything that said this.

What I did find was this by Jeff Passan.

Major League Baseball expects to offer a return-to-play proposal to the MLB Players Association within a week, as teams have begun to encourage players to prepare for a “spring” training that could begin in mid-June and a season that could start in early July, sources familiar with the discussions told ESPN.

There is nothing in that statement saying that anything is “official.”  What other’s writers and I have been writing about recently is the same thing.  Baseball may be getting closer, but MLB and the players association have many hurdles to overcome to make that happen.  What is true is that if the sides come together and iron out a deal, that sometime in the next week or so, MLB will announce a plan if one can be accomplished.

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