Brian Cashman wanted no part of the New York Yankees’ GM job at first

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Every New York Yankees‘ fan dreams about what it would be like to be decision-maker of the team, baseball-wise. We fantasize about our perfect lineup, rotation, on-field strategy, defensive alignments, philosphy at the plate, and, especially, building a winning roster.

However, it would seem like current General Manager Brian Cashman didn’t want any part of the job at some point, before he was hired to perform it. It wasn’t just being the Yankees’ GM: it would also mean the he had to be George Steinbrenner’s GM.

“Early on I was with [GM] Woody Woodward, whose nickname was ‘The Pharmacist’ because his office drawer was filled with vitamins to try and keep him healthy while he was under such siege from The Boss,’’ Cashman recently said on a fund-raising call for Family Center’s Emergency Family Assistance Fund. “I remember saying to myself, ‘I would never want that job.’ Why would I not want the job? Because it is a no-win, so stressful.’’

Cashman took on the Yankees’ GM gig on February 3, 1998, right after Bob Watson stepped down. The 2020 season, if there is one of course, will be Cashman’s 23rd year in charge of the organization’s baseball calls.

A Yankees’ lifer

All in all, Cashman has 34 of his 52 years working for the Yankees, more than half of his life to date.

“It has been an amazing magic-carpet ride which has led us to this season,’’ he stated. He started back in 1986 as an intern in the minor league scouting department.

Coronavirus has, so far, prevented the season from starting, and Yankees’ fans are understanbly growing impatient. However, MLB and the players’ union are still trying to find common ground. Right now, the most prominent hurdles are health, safety and financial issues.

The New York Yankees managed to build a fantastic roster and are considered among the favorites to win it all. They added ace Gerrit Cole, among others.

“We believe we have another championship-caliber team on our hands, and we just want to deploy it the best way we possibly can. We have been knocking on the door and are always in championship mode,’’ Cashman said.

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