BREAKING NEWS: MLB Is Ready To Present Plan to Player’s Union For the 2020 Season

There’s a lot of speculation about start dates, cancellation rumors, and everything in between. The MLB might actually be gaining traction in their plans to have a 2020 season. The rumors of a plan being released this week were just that, rumors, and no one was truly sure. This all changed today as Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic just tweeted that the MLB has a plan they are ready to present to the Player’s Union, which could be huge for not just the MLB but for all of American sports.

According to the tweet by Ken Rosenthal, there is a meeting expected for tomorrow. The actual details aren’t public as of yet, however. The details of the meeting should be released this week but for now, all we can do is speculate about the plan. This is big for sports like the NBA and NHL who are trying to finish their seasons. If the curve begins to flatten and the MLB starts when they plan to (which reports say would be June for Spring Training and July 1st for the regular season), then we can see the NBA and NHL start back up or begin to draft plans or ideas.

It’s rumored that division realignments, the universal DH, and games in certain states are part of the plan. These changes are to adjust to the current crisis and data about the curve. This effect could propel the sports world back into action as the MLB might spearhead the return of sports. This news should not just excite baseball fans but fans of all American sports as these plans could be what brings back the sports we’ve missed so much these last few months. As new reports come out we will continue to update and inform our readers on the situation. What we can take from this is that things are looking up. The sports world could see things get better fast, but let’s stay patient.