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Born and current resident of Brooklyn, NY. Was raised for some time in Pennsylvania. Lifelong New York Knicks, Yankees, Giants and now Guardians fan. Writer for Empire Sports Media and soon to be All New York Sports. Junior at New Utrecht High School.

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New York Guardians
The XFL Guardians had a lot of ups and down in their five games played in the 2020 season. They had a mix of good and bad players during…
New York Guardians
After the agreement was made, that the NFL players could sign XFL players, the XFL saw the departures of many players. Those including…
New York Guardians
The New York Guardians were something to watch during the new XFL’s first season. Unfortunately, the season was cut short due…
New York Guardians
The New York Guardians of the remastered XFL debuted on February 9, 2020, vs the Tampa Bay Vipers. They won their inaugural game 23-3.
New York Guardians
If this Luis Perez start did not convince you that he is the right Guardians quarterback, I don’t know what will. Luis Perez is now 2-0…
New York Guardians
Last Saturday, the Guardians started former AAF quarterback Luis Perez over incumbent and injured starter Matt McGloin…