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by Alexander Wilson

Empire Sports Media Multi-Dimensional Network:

What can Empire Sports Media do for You?

Empire Sports Media is a multi-dimensional sports media platform, dedicated to providing an engaging and interactive experience. Our social presence is ever-growing, and our fan-base is always expanding. We are looking to exceed goals and push into unknown territory, because who doesn’t love a bit of adventure? Be a part of our adventure, and have fun joining a community of die-hard fans and writers.

The future is now, don’t get left behind!

  • Promote your work on our platform

  • Be featured on Google News alongside CBS, Fox Sports, ESPN, etc!

  • Learn how to run a sports page with hands-on experience

  • Ability to earn money if dedicated

  • Build your writing portfolio and brand

  • Improve your writing skills

  • Content promotion

For more details regarding a specific league or team, send an email to our HR representative:
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