Should the New York Knicks pursue Willie Cauley-Stein in free agency?

Could the New York Knicks pursue Willie Cauley-Stein in free agency?

With the New York Knicks heading into the free agency period in a few weeks, it begs the question – who will be available and a legitimate option?

Beyond the superstars the Knicks will be convincing to come to New York, players like Sacramento’s Willie Cauley-Stein could be a good option to help build around the already existing youth.

Willie’s agent has stated that his client want s a “fresh start” after four seasons with the Kings. He’s currently a restricted free agent, and the Kings have until June 30th to extend a $6.2 million offer to the center.

Could he be a solid option for the Knicks alongside Mitchell Robinson? Let’s take a look.

Averaging 11.9 points-per-game in 2018, Cauley-Stein represents a solid big man that can make an instant impact in the paint. Robinson, going into his second-year, could benefit from having a veteran presence around that can help him elevate his game and create more competition.

Utilizing two big men down low in certain sets could be beneficial to add a defensive presence. Cauley-Stein is not only good around the rim, but he’s defensively stout and can pass the ball well.

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He tends to excel in fast-paced offenses that run the floor well and prefer to operate in the paint. The Knicks aren’t the most sound shooting team, which could see them focus on dominating the interior and crowding the rim.

Despite his abilities, Willie has struggled with inconsistencies throughout his career — last season, he averaged 17.4 points in October but saw his numbers dip. He would be a good presence on a young Knicks team, and it would offer him a fresh start in a big media atmosphere. It could bring the best out of the former 6th overall pick.