New York Giants To Have Will Grier Visit On Thursday

Will Grier to the New York Giants would be a long shot based on Grier’s draft stock right now, rather than what it was at the start of the 2018 college football season, but such a move could still happen.

There was a point where Grier was one of the top prospects coming out of college before being overshadowed by others such as Dwayne Haskins Jr. or even smaller school quarterbacks such as Daniel Jones, but that doesn’t mean Grier isn’t attracting interest from around the league still.

According to Ian Rapoport, both Jones and Grier have already visited the Patriots, but Grier is also set for a visit with the Giants and two more teams which haven’t been named.

Grier played two years as the full time starter at West Virginia after transferring from Florida, throwing for 34 and 37 touchdowns in his junior and senior seasons respectively. However, while Grier’s performances have been good, other quarterbacks have left a better impression on NFL scouts at this point and Grier isn’t known for being exceptional in anything.

The Draft Network rates Will Grier as a four star prospect and says this about him:

QB Will Grier is an exciting passer, but one lacking in some key areas that will restrict his effectiveness without remodeling his game. Grier has great flashes of spot accuracy, down field aggressiveness and extending of the play, but he’s too wild. Grier is at his best when his initial key is available, minimizing his time holding the ball. A quick passing offense would mitigate some of his issues within the pocket and allow him to dial in on his rhythm as a passer.

Because of Grier’s fallen draft stock, the player would be an option for the Giants to use the 17th pick on or even a second round pick rather than a first round one, letting them focus on improving another area of the team with the sixth pick while still finding a player to sit behind Eli Manning this year.

Whether or not Grier is the player to eventually come out from Manning’s shadow in the future, however, is debatable.


New York Giants Could End Up With An Elite Defender And Quarterback In 2019 Draft

Could the New York Giants find a way to secure Quinnen Williams?

The New York Giants face a dilemma in the 2019 NFL Draft. The Giants have decided to completely rebuild the team. They allowed their starting safety, Landon Collins, to walk in free agency and traded away superstar wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. to the Browns.

This leaves the Giants with holes all over their roster that they will need to fill in the 2019 NFL Draft. Some fans want to see the Giants draft the next franchise quarterback. Other fans want to see the team take an elite defensive prospect. There is a way the Giants could end up with both.

How The Giants Could Get An Elite Defender

The 2019 NFL Draft class is filled with defensive talent. The top defensive prospects in this class are elite, potentially future all-pro players. Players like Nick Bosa, Josh Allen, and Quinnen Williams are being looked at as elite prospects.

These players should all go in the top 5. However, there is a way the Giants could get one of these players with the 6th pick.

One of these players will have to fall due to a team trading up for a quarterback, or a team in the top 3 reaching on a player at a position of need. The Jets have been consistently brought up in trade rumors. If they trade their pick to a quarterback-needy team, such as the Dolphins, that would mean one of these players will fall.

In addition, if a team like the 49ers decide to skip out on one of these prospects, that would cause a defender to fall. The 49ers traded for Dee Ford recently, so it would not be a surprise if they decide they are fine on defense. The 49ers could take wide receiver D.K. Metcalf. They need a receiver, so it would not be surprising if they reached on one.

Assuming the Cardinals draft Kyler Murray 1st overall, the 49ers draft D.K. Metcalf, and the Jets trade away the 3rd pick, the Giants will be able to draft one of Bosa, Allen, or Williams. The top 3 picks will be crucial for the Giants and there quest to draft a top 3 defensive prospect.

The Raiders, more likely than not, will draft one of the elite defenders with the 4th pick. The Buccanneers will probably draft the best player available, however, it is possible they do not take Bosa, Allen, or Williams. The Buccaneers have been linked to linebacker Devin White.

If these possible outcomes happen, the Giants can end up with either Quinnen Williams, Nick Bosa, or Josh Allen. At the very least, they will be able to draft Devin White. These players would be instant-impact starters on the Giants defense and could change the course of the franchise for the next decade.

If the Giants draft a defender with the 6th pick, how will they be able to draft a quarterback, too?

How The Giants Could Get A Franchise Quarterback

By trading Odell Beckham Jr., the Giants were able to acquire the 17th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. Additionally, this trade might also allow the Giants to draft their next franchise quarterback. The 17th overall pick will be a key selection for the Giants’ future.

The Giants have plenty of options with the 17th pick. If they want to use it to draft a quarterback, they could stay put and draft the best one available. Daniel Jones, Drew Lock, or Will Grier will be names to watch at 17.

However, if the Giants do not want to stay at 17, they could potentially trade their way back into the top 10 and draft a quarterback. In this scenario, the Giants could end up with Dwayne Haskins and an elite defender- this would be most Giants fans’ dream draft.

If a team does not trade up with the Jets to draft Dwayne Haskins, and the Giants draft an elite defender, Haskins will most likely fall all the way to the 10th pick before a team considers drafting him. The Giants will be at 17 and could potentially trade up to the 9th pick to keep Haskins away from Denver. The Bills hold the 9th pick and drafted their franchise quarterback last year.

According to the Walter Football NFL Draft Value Chart, the 17th overall pick is worth 950 points. If the Giants are looking to trade back into the top 10, it will cost them their 17th pick (950) and their 2nd round pick (530). The 9th pick is worth 1,350 points, so the Giants’ 17th and a 2nd round pick could get the deal done. However, the Bills will have all the leverage, so the Giants might have to throw in a future pick or maybe even a player.

The Giants have a rare opportunity here. They could acquire the face of the franchise’s defense and offense in the same draft. The 17th pick is only 8 spots behind the 9th, so the Bills would not lose out on too much if they traded back with the Giants. If the Bills intend to draft a receiver, the 17th pick will still get them a top 3 receiver in this draft class, and load up on extra draft picks from the Giants. It is a win-win situation.

Imagine a New York Giants roster that features Dwayne Haskins AND Quinnen Williams/Nick Bosa/Josh Allen

New York Giants: Comparing Top College Quarterback Prospects To Eli Manning

New York Giants quarterback, Eli Manning.

Eli Manning has had an incredible and historic career with the New York Giants. He took them to two Super Bowls, won them both, and was named MVP of both games. He holds every passing record in franchise history.

Eli has been the face of the franchise for over a decade. But after 15 years, it might be time to find a new face of the franchise. Eli Manning is one of a kind. He cannot be replaced. But the 15-year veteran is now 38 years old and does not have a lot of time left in the NFL.

When Eli and the Giants decide it is time to move on, the Giants will need to be prepared. The Giants may look to draft his successor in the upcoming draft.

In the 2019 NFL Draft, the Giants have many options for who could be selected to be Manning’s successor. Throughout his career, Manning played as a clutch quarterback who was never afraid to fire a big-time, gutsy pass. Some of the prospects in 2019 are similar to that. However, some of them are much different. The Giants could look for more of the same, or they could look to make a major change at the way their quarterback position is played.

Senior Prospects:

Eli Manning played college football until his senior year. Notable 2019 draft prospects who are seniors include Drew Lock and Will Grier.

In his college career, similar to his NFL career, Manning threw a lot of touchdowns but also threw a lot of interceptions (a 2.3 touchdown to interception ratio). He has the second highest collegiate-career interception total when comparing him to the 2019 prospects.

However, he is also tied for the second-highest touchdown total. Eli threw 81 touchdown passes, as did West Virginia quarterback Will Grier. Grier only threw 23 interceptions, however, compared to Eli’s 35. Grier played a much cleaner game of football (about a 3.5 touchdown to interception ratio), keeping the turnovers to a minimum.

Drew Lock from Missouri is another top senior prospect. Lock threw a whopping 99 touchdown passes in his 4 collegiate years. Through his 4 years, he also threw 39 interceptions, resulting in a 2.5 to 1 touchdown to interception ratio. His ratio is similar to Manning’s, but his high touchdown totals are enough to wow NFL scouts.

Lock also leads the class, Manning included, in passing yards. Lock threw for 12,193 yards, compared to Manning’s 10,119 yards, and Grier’s 8,556 yards. Lock’s higher numbers are due to him playing 50 games, while Grier only played 28 games, and Manning only playing 43 games. However, his number of games played should not undermine the fact that Lock was a highly efficient quarterback in college.

Junior Prospects:

There are also a few juniors who are near the top of the draft board. Those include Kyler Murray, and Daniel Jones. A fan favorite prospect, Dwayne Haskins, is a red-shirt junior. Haskins is considered by many to be the top quarterback in the 2019 Draft Class.

A couple of the juniors in this class also played a clean game with minimal turnovers. Dwayne Haskins and Kyler Murray both have incredible touchdown to interception ratios. Haskins threw 54 touchdown passes to 9 interceptions (a spectacular 6 to 1 ratio). Murray threw 50 touchdown passes to 14 interceptions (about a 3.5 to 1 ratio).

Daniel Jones out of Duke played less of a clean game in college. He threw 52 touchdown passes to 29 interceptions (a 1.8 to 1 ratio). This puts him far below the rest of the 2019 quarterback class and below Eli Manning’s 2.3 to 1 ratio. Despite this, scouts have linked Jones to the Giants because of his connections with Eli Manning.

Daniel has been to several Manning Passing Camps and was coached by the same head coach who helped Eli get ready for the NFL, David Cutcliffe. This connection, plus Daniel Jones‘s ideal height and weight, make him an intriguing prospect to many scouts.

Dwayne Haskins is by far the most statistically efficient quarterback in this class with a 6 to 1 ratio, but all scouts have is a small sample size. Dwayne started only one season at Ohio State. It was an incredible, 50 touchdown season, but scouts wish they could have seen more.

Kyler Murray was also highly efficient with a 3.5 to 1 ratio. However, Kyler Murray also played just one season as a starter. But in that season, Murray won the Heisman Trophy. Haskins came in third place in the Heisman voting, just like Eli Manning in 2003.

What makes Kyler Murray so special is his dual-threat ability. This is something Eli Manning never really brought to the table. Some Giants fans have been banging the table for a while now, crying out for a mobile quarterback to come save the Giants from their terrible offensive line.

A lot of Manning’s struggles over the year can be attributed to poor offensive line play. A mobile quarterback, like Murray, may be able to cancel out a lack of talent on the offensive line. Murray ran for 12 touchdowns in his junior season and picked up 1,001 rushing yards. Manning has gained 560 total rushing yards in his 15 year NFL career.

A dual-threat quarterback would be a major change for the Giants, but it could be just what they need to take their explosive offense to the next level. The read option with Murray and Saquon Barkley could be one of the deadliest plays in the NFL if the Giants drafted Kyler.

New York Giants: Dave Gettleman Scouted Will Grier At WVU-OU Game

New York Giants, John Mara, Dave Gettleman

Will Grier isn’t a name that has been tied to the New York Giants much this season. While the West Virginia quarterback was considered one of the better draft prospects going into the season, his hype was originally overtaken by Justin Herbet and Drew Lock, along with certain others such as NC State’s Ryan Finley. Now, though, it’s less clear who the top quarterback in the draft is and it’s important to consider more of the options.

Grier is definitely one of the options for the Giants, especially since it looks likely that they might not pick number one overall like many projected after their terrible start to the season. Apparently, Giants general manager Dave Gettleman also considers Grier an option, because Gettleman was in Morgantown on Friday night to do some scouting in person.

West Virginia faced Oklahoma for a spot in the Big 12 title game, and while they fell short, Grier led their offense to dropping 56 points on the #6 team in the country. Despite losing the game, he outplayed opposing quarterback Kyler Murray and threw for 539 yards and four touchdowns and no interceptions, compared to Murray’s 364 yards, three touchdowns, and one interception.

Of course, West Virginia’s style of offense is different from an NFL one, and it’s worth considering that when looking at Grier as an NFL prospect. This is the same school, after all, that relatively recently made Geno Smith look like a player with a very good potential to be a starting quarterback. Still, from a pure numbers perspective, Grier is the best quarterback that has been linked to the Giants. He entered the game at the #7 spot on the passing yards rankings list, but by the time the standings settle down after Saturday’s game, he’ll likely have moved up into the top five.

Right now, the Giants would have the fifth pick in the draft if the season ended today. It seems like one of the other higher rated prospects could be drafted by then, and if the Giants really want a quarterback, Grier would be an option at number five overall potentially. It all depends on how things stand at the end of the college season, when things have settled down and we all have a better idea of which quarterbacks teams are targeting.

But it’s more than likely that Gettleman was impressed with what he saw from Will Grier on Friday night. It was, after all, the quarterback’s best game of the season, and it came against the toughest opponent that West Virginia has faced this year.