Dana White on UFC 251: “This is trending higher than a Conor McGregor fight”

UFC, Dana White

There is no question that UFC 251 is the most anticipated fight card of 2020. That’s including the Conor McGregor headlined UFC 246 card. At the pre-fight media scrum, UFC President Dana White was asked about the way things are looking for UFC 251.

“This thing is trending higher than a Conor McGregor fight. The only thing that is compatible is Conor and Khabib. Here’s an interesting stat, on our UFC store, we’ve sold more merchandise already than we did in all of 2019,” White told the media in Abu Dhabi.

UFC 251 is going to do very well on PPV

There is no question that the UFC 251 card saw a big bump when Gilbert Burns was replaced by Jorge Masvidal. Gamebred has become a massive star over the last year and a half, and it’s showing. Burns-Kamaru Usman was going to be a good fight, but nothing like Masvidal-Usman.

Combine that with the fact that the UFC has stacked the card with two additional title fights and you have the recipe for a massive PPV number. When asked about the achievement of Fight Island, White reiterated how proud he was of the event.

“Obviously it hasn’t happened yet. But going into it, this is one of the most successful events we have ever done. If you look at the numbers and what’s going on. Now it’s just got to deliver tomorrow,” White said.

Exciting Times for Dana White

White was also asked about the new UFC-Venum deal that was announced this morning and how that whole thing came together.

“It’s about timing. This is what Venum does. You have monsters trying to pull out of sports deals right now, but this is what Venum does. They have invested in this,” White said of the new deal.

A lot of excitement is going on in the UFC right now. They announced a new apparel deal today and they have their biggest show of the year scheduled for tomorrow. On top of that, EA Sports will be releasing the first trailer for UFC 4 tomorrow morning. Exciting times if you’re a fan of the UFC.

BREAKING: Venum to be the UFC’s new Exclusive Global Outfitting & Apparel Partner

UFC, Dana White

It has been known that the UFC‘s deal with Reebok was set to expire at the end of this year. The Reebok era ushered the UFC into more of a mainstream sport look and feel with fight kits. The deal created a lot of animosity due to sponsor money, and the deal has received criticism from many pundits. With the deal coming to an end, we’ve been wondering who would take over after the deal expires. We got our answer today.

UFC-Venum Deal starts April 2021

The UFC announced this morning that the combat sports apparel company, Venum, will be taking over for Reebok in April of next year. The Reebok deal will continue through March of 2021. Many people, including myself, figured the UFC was going to be going to one of the big dogs like Nike after the deal expired.

The Schmo was the first one to suggest Venum on his recent Schmozone Podcast with Dana White. When you think about the history of the sport, Venum is the best choice. Venum is a combat sports brand that has sponsored fighters for years. It’ll be interesting to see the numbers, but early indications are that this is a great deal for the fighters.

Fighter pay has always been a question with the UFC, and the Reebok deal didn’t help things. Fighters saw their wages slashed when they lost sponsorship money with the Reebok deal. Instead, they received a very small portion of Reebok kickbacks. With a combat sport company like Venum, one has to believe that the fighters are going to be taken care of.