New York Jets to release CB Trumaine Johnson

New York Jets, Trumaine Johnson

Well, that didn’t exactly work out.

The $72.5 million free-agent corners did not pan out well for the New York Jets. The Jets announced earlier this morning that they would be cutting the once elite corner, per the New York Daily News.

One of the biggest free agents of 2018, the Jets signed the former Los Angeles Ram to a 5-year $72.5 million deal with $45 million guaranteed, with hopes to bolster their secondary. Saying Trumaine Johnson underperformed in his second season with the Jets would be a colossal understatement.

Just how bad was Johnson for the Jets since he was signed in March of 2018?

Johnson was benched this season, played in only seven games and ranked 111th out of 133 corners in Pro Football Focus’s corners who played at least 200 snaps. All in all, the Jets only managed to get 17 games from their big fish free agent. One ankle injury after another also caused him to miss significant playing time.

The cut will leave the Jets with a $12 million dead cap hit. With the new collective-bargaining agreement, the team can decide whether or not they want to spread it out over the next two years.

In addition to not living up to his massive contract, Johnson also has never been selected for a single pro bowl since he was drafted by the Rams in the third round of the 2012 draft.

Despite this, Johnson was franchise tagged twice by the Rams, ultimately setting up for his big payday, but Johnson’s career with the Jets comes to a bitter end as the free-agent signing will go down as one of the biggest whiffs in franchise history.

The release will free up about $3 million in cap room, increasing the Jets to a $51.8 million budget. Another hole in the secondary leads to more questions surrounding its possible solution. Free Agency? The draft? Only time will tell now as we are only nine days away from the start of free agency. For the Jets’ sake, hopefully, the next signing will pan out better than this one.

New York Jets will likely release CB Trumaine Johnson

New York Jets, Trumaine Johnson

The New York Jets are set to release the veteran defender Johnson, who never lived to the hype of a massive new contract.

According to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, the New York Jets are set to release cornerback Trumaine Johnson once free agency begins.

Thus will end the New York tenure of Johnson, 30, who inked a five-year, $72.5 million deal with the team in March 2018. That deal made him the second-highest highest-paid cornerback in football (behind only Miami’s Xavien Howard), and his guaranteed $34 million was the highest amongst his position.

He never lived up to that price tag, playing just 17 games over two seasons due to injuries. Johnson was, in fact, benched during the Jets’ 2019 opener against Buffalo and struggled to get back into the starting lineup. Ankle ailments forced him to injured reserve in November. His Jets career ends with 65 tackles and five interceptions, one of which was returned for a touchdown.

Johnson entered the league as a third-round pick out of Montana. He spent the first six seasons of his career with the St. Louis/Los Angeles Rams before joining the Jets. New York, in fact, brought in Johnson’s former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams in an effort to rediscover the potential he displayed with the Rams.

Such a move would save the Jets $3 million in cap space, increasing that total to $51.8 million. However, it also comes with $12 million in dead cap, joining several other smaller deceased deals like the tally of just over $840,000 from the release of 2019 third-round linebacker Jachai Polite.

Under a new CBA, the Jets could distribute the dead cap hit over the next two seasons ($4 million in 2020, $8 million in 2021), but a failed ratification would mean the Jets absorb all $12 million this year.

The Jets are reportedly waiting for a decision to be made on the league’s new collective bargaining agreement before making the transaction official. Voting for the new CBA is open until Saturday at 11:59 p.m. ET.

With Johnson set for release, Darryl Roberts, Bless Austin, Nate Hairston, and Kyron Brown are the current cornerbacks under contract. Brian Poole, Arthur Maulet, Bennett Jackson, and Maurice Canady are also set to hit free agency.

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New York Jets: Containing The Cowboys Key Pieces Is Essential

Ezekiel Elliott, Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys’ defense is young and talented. To go along with that, so much of the preparation and headlines regarding this game have been centered around Sam Darnold and the New York Jets offense. Reportedly Adam Gase hadn’t been using the regular playbook in order to not over expose it without the franchise guy at the helm. Now Darnold is back and the Jets offense is going to be expected to come out and perform a hell of a lot better than they have to this point.

The Jets can win this game on offense by scoring points but the Jets can easily control the momentum in this game with their defense. Their defense will not only get a lift from Sam being back on offense but they also get Jordan Jenkins and Brandon Copeland back. Jenkins and Copeland are both two of the best edge rushers on this squad and their additions will help immediately. The biggest key to this game is going to be controlling the 4 key pieces of the Cowboy offense.

Amari Cooper:

Despite being injured Amari Cooper has been great for the Cowboys this year. He’s been a true number one wide receiver for this squad. The Jets are going to have to find someone capable of covering him in this ballgame. The best case would be a swapping of Hairston, Johnson and Roberts throughout the game. Allowing them to rotate may be able to contain Cooper. The added benefit of his injury will assist the corners to keep up with him.

Michael Gallup:

The big bodied receiver is a huge part of the Dallas offense. He’s a mismatch and hard to cover. Brian Poole has been the Jets most reliable corner this season and I think this should be his matchup all day. Gallup has been able to torch just about every defense since Thanksgiving last year. He’s got it all figured out now and he’s a dangerous weapon. If the Jets can keep him in control that’s huge.

Ezekiel Elliot:

The Jets run defense has been solid and their front 7, despite injuries has been pretty good. This matchup is evidently a rough one but with two of their starting offensive linemen questionable and a solid defense this matchup could be a lot more in favor of the Jets than expected. The key is gonna have to be if Tyron Smith and La’el Collins play. If they don’t then this could be a big thing for the Jets.

Dak Prescott:

Dak is a glorified game manager. However, he’s also a bonafide leader. He’s by far not one of the most talented QBs in the game. His leadership skills and above average skill set make him a good QB. Pressure rattles Prescott and the Jets will be able to apply that this time around. Jordan Jenkins and Brandon Copeland are excellent edge rushers and will hopefully apply pressure and rattle Dak or else it could be a long day.

If the Jets offense is even remotely good and the defense can contain Dallas than this is a game the Jets could fare better in than expected. If the key pieces are electric than it could be a long day. Gregg Williams better be ready because if he and his defense aren’t prepared it’ll be a terrible loss.P

New York Jets: The Curious Case of Trumaine Johnson

New York Jets

Already two games into the 2019 season and what could go wrong has gone wrong for the New York Jets? Adding onto the chaos is the curious case of Trumaine Johnson, and the question of what exactly will the Jets do with their $72 million dollar cornerback?

Concoct a hypothetical nightmare scenario for an NFL franchise two weeks into the season, and chances are the New York Jets have matched or exceeded that simulated scenario. The Jets, now having to start their third-string quarterback after losing Sam Darnold to mono and Trevor Sieman to a season-ending injury, also are without key starters on defense like C.J. Mosley.

The icing on the cake: surprise, they are also 0-2 on the regular season, with a daunting schedule awaiting them going forward.

As one can see, the Jets already have plenty of issues and obstacle to overcome as it is, though most if not all of these are due to health and injuries. New York also has a $72 million dollar situation to handle as well, the case of the (healthy) Trumaine Johnson.

The Jets’ prized free-agent acquisition from a season ago has a rough start to the 2019 season, to say the least. In the season opener against the Buffalo Bills, Johnson allowed seven catches on eight targets for 117 yards. He didn’t even get the chance to bounce back in Week 2 against the Cleveland Browns, as he was a healthy scratch, regulated to wait on the sidelines.

In fairness, giving up 117 yards at home to begin the season might be all that one needs to see, at least for head coach Adam Gase and defensive coordinator Greg Williams.

Trumaine Johnson had an up-and-down (albeit injured) inaugural season with the Jets, where he allowed 40 catches and a 75.9 quarterback rating through 10 games under Todd Bowles. 2019 would be the chance to start anew on a clean slate, and yet it’s already Week 3 and it seems like he might be done for good in New Jersey.

Johnson’s disgruntled state might become a toll on the sidelines, but he’s also carrying a financial toll as well. Long story short, Trumaine Johnson’s contract leaves a cap hit come this season and next, making no logical sense for the Jets to release him. Their best bet, in reality, would be to trade him if they truly believe his days with the Jets are done.

But to accomplish that, trading for Johnson needs to be perceived as worthwhile to other NFL franchises. There are plenty of needs for help in the secondary, but will team necessarily want to trade for a $72 million dollar defensive back that played his way out of the rotation in a matter of just one regular-season game?

Injuries and a daunting schedule are the primary obstacles in the Jets’ way for the time being, but Trumaine Johnson (if allowed) can become another headache to an already chaotic start to the season. Does Johnson get traded, released, or remain regulated to the sidelines?

Whatever Johnson’s future may be, the hope is that the Jets’ next move is the right one. Then again, it can’t possibly get worse than it is now, can it?

New York Jets Training Camp 2019 6 Players to Watch

New York Jets, Robby Anderson, Sam Darnold

New York Jets Training camp is right around the corner, and there is finally some hope for Jets fans this upcoming season. After a very successful offseason acquiring top tier talent, an offensive-minded head coach, and rebranding the organization, Gang Green is ready to take the next step into becoming contenders and it all starts in training camp.

In order for the Jets to reach their full potential and reach the playoffs for the first time since 2010, they need certain players to step their game up and take the team to the next level.

Here are 6 players to watch in New York Jets training camp this summer:

Robby Anderson

Robby Anderson has been one of the most underrated wide receivers in the NFL for the past two seasons. With his blazing fast speed, steady hands, and his tall athletic frame he’s quickly become one of the top deep threats in the NFL but is that enough? Anderson is arguably the best receiver on the team, but he hasn’t shown any promise into becoming a number one receiver due to the previous coaching staff.

New head coach Adam Gase has raved about Anderson’s ability to stretch the field and add an element of speed on a team that doesn’t have any other deep threats.

Gase has had a good track record with wide receivers who have game-breaking speed like Robby Anderson, usually turning them into an X factor every Sunday. If Gase’s infatuation with Anderson is real don’t be surprised to see him finally get his first thousand-yard year.

Sam Darnold

Sam Darnold is entering his second year in the league and has an enormous amount of pressure to take the New York Jets to the next level. The recent trend for successful young quarterback’s in the league has been that in their second year they have breakout years and turn their team to legitimate contenders (e.g. Carson Wentz, Patrick Mahomes, Deshaun Watson, Mitch Trubisky, etc.).

Darnold had an up and down rookie year battling injuries and turnovers but had an amazing final four weeks of the season having the highest grade for a QB on PFF over that span. In order for Darnold to take that next step, the New York Jets must let him air it out downfield and take more chances.

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Le’Veon Bell

First things first, Le’Veon Bell doesn’t need to step up his game whatsoever he’s a top 5 running back in the league and in my opinion the most versatile offensive weapon in the league. That being said, Le’Veon does have a chip on his shoulder after taking one year off due to contractual reasons with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Many people have written off Le’Veon Bell as just a product of his offensive line in Pittsburgh. Le’Veon Bell has constantly played in the shadow of other great players such as Antonio Brown, but now the offense will revolve around him and he will make people remember why he is the most dangerous player whenever he steps on the field.

Darryl Roberts

The Jets defense on paper is one of the best in the league and is mostly complete, but their biggest hole is at the second cornerback slot. Darryl Roberts has made quite the career for himself considering that he was a seventh-round pick in 2015 by the New England Patriots and this year he will be battling for the chance to start opposite of Trumaine Johnson.

Darryl Roberts is the most accomplished corner on the team after Trumaine Johnson and signed a three-year extension with the team worth $18 million dollars. The expectations are high for Roberts especially if Trumaine Johnson continues to deal with injuries. Roberts will maximize his potential in Gregg Williams scheme which is infamous for elevating defensive backs games.

Quinnen Williams

This year’s first-round pick Quinnen Williams has some big expectations coming into his rookie year after dominating the SEC for Alabama. The draft hype surrounding Quinnen Williams was unreal, he was even rated higher analytically than his Heisman trophy finalist QB Tua Tagovailoa.

Quinnen was often compared to the reigning Defensive Player of the Year Aaron Donald. Quinnen’s best traits coming out of college were his hands and ability to process what was going to happen before the play even finished. Quinnen Williams could be the star pass rusher that the Jets desperately need and can completely change the outlook of the Jets season by himself.

Jonotthan Harrison

After Sam Darnold, all eyes on the offensive side of the ball will be set on this year’s starting center Jonotthan Harrison. No one really knows what to expect from Harrison, but after a nice job filling in for Spencer Long the final few weeks of the year there is hope that he can be a solid center. Harrison has shown flashes of being a suitable starter, but the question is can he be consistent with it.

If Harrison can duplicate his play from last year the New York Jets will have a decent offensive line for Sam Darnold and Le’Veon Bell to work with this year.




Why New York Jets’ Trumaine Johnson Was A Massive Addition For The Secondary

Trumaine Johnson is a much needed asset for the New York Jets‘ secondary. With Morris Claiborne on one side, Buster Skrine locking up the middle, and now Johnson providing additional support, the secondary finally seems to be serviceable.

Finally! A secondary that Todd Bowles can work with, not to mention the outstanding and dveloping safety help of Marcus Maye and Jamaal Adams. Johnson is coming into gang green with 18 interceptions and 67 pass deflections since he entered the league in 2012. The jets were 24th in the league defensively allowing an average of 23.88 points per game last season. This further justifies the addition of Trumaine Johnson and why it was a necessity for the Jets. Nothing you can love more than acquiring the best press coverage corner in the NFL allowing only 43 yards receiving off the press last year.  

How Does New York Jets’ corner Trumaine Johnson stack up against other top CB’s?

How does Trumaine Johnson stack up to some of the top corners in the league this past season. How about Xavier Rhodes, with two interceptions and 10 pass deflections compared to Johnson’s two interceptions and 14 pass deflections.

Let’s compare Jalen Ramsey – Ramsey last season posted four interceptions and 17 pass deflections. He barely beats Johnson there, but Jalen was considered to be the best corner-back in the league last season.

Taking a look at seven-year veteran, Patrick Peterson, who had one interception and eight pass deflections also lost out in performance to Johnson. That should definitely paint the picture of just how elite Johnson actually is.

Due to the fact that the New York Jets finished last season with only 11 interceptions ranking 23rd and well behind the Baltimore Ravens who finished with 22 interceptions. Secondary help was a priority going into the offseason and it seems as if they’ve bolstered it significantly through this acquisition.