Adjusted PFR sack numbers give the New York Jets a unique milestone

Mark Gastineau, jets

The 1981 New York Jets (unofficially) hold a unique mark in NFL history after Pro Football Reference unveiled adjusted sack totals.

Three decades later, the New York Sack Exchange is still cashing in.

Noted research and statistics service Pro Football Reference announced this week that the site will tally sacks accumulated prior to the 1982 season, when quarterback takedowns became an official stat. Thanks to historians John Turney and Nick Webster, PFR now has sack numbers dating back to 1960 season, accumulated through any evidence possible, including film, box scores, and documented play-by-play logs.

Through these pre-1982 tallies will be listed unofficial, PFR hopes to give “fans to gain a deeper appreciation of some of football’s biggest stars in the 1960s and 1970s”, whose defenders’ “greatness and impact can now be more readily quantified”.

Fans of the New York Jets will be particularly enthused by the new findings. For example, with the addition of 33.5 sacks earned over his first three seasons, Mark Gastineau now has triple digits in sacks (107.5 compared to 74). Joe Klecko (+54 after the adjustment) is another major beneficiary, as he and Gastineau each pass Shaun Ellis for the most sacks in franchise history. Others who move up include Gerry Philbin (65) and Verlon Briggs (58.5), each of whom played prior to 1982 and enter the top five.

The PFR adjustment also gives the 1981 Jets one of the most unique and difficult milestones in the NFL ledger: thanks to Klecko (20.5) and Gastineau (20), they become the only team in league history to feature two teammates with at least 20 sacks in a single season.

Beyond the Jets, Deacon Jones (1961-74) is one of the biggest beneficiaries of the new documentation. With 173.5 takedowns, all before the sack became an official stat, Jones has tallied the third-most sacks in NFL history. Bruce Smith (200) and Reggie White (198) remain the all-time leaders, while Jack Youngblood (+24.5), Alan Page (148.5), and Lawrence Taylor (+9.5) all enter the top ten.

Both sides of the New York football argument may have qualms with the reveal, however. Though Taylor moves up, neither Michael Strahan (who falls from 6th to 10th after the unofficial adjustments) or Gastineau (who recently called for his 1984 single-season sack record back after Strahan controversially broke it in 2001) technically hold the NFL’s single-season sack record. The honor now belongs to Al Baker, who was determined to have tallied 23 during his rookie year with Detroit in 1978.

“For some reason, and I’m not kidding you, without any prompting, tears just started running down my eyes,” Baker told Dan Hanzus, Gregg Rosenthal and Patrick Claybon on the latest Around The NFL podcast upon learning the news. “My wife was inside, I opened up the patio doors, and my wife, first thing she said was, ‘What’s wrong?’ and I said, nothing’s wrong and I said come look at this…We hugged and then I lost about an hour and a half, two hours. My daughter called. It was really emotional for my family. I guess at 6-foot-8, 290 pounds, that doesn’t sound really tough, but, we were all crying.”

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New York Yankees’ Gleyber Torres: Baseball’s Next Big Star

New York Yankees, Gleyber Torres

The MLB has a plethora of young talent, with names like Ronald Acuña Jr, Juan Soto, and Rafael Devers, it has become a more youthful game. With these players having breakout seasons in 2019, they’ve emerged as superstars. While they deserve all the hype they get, it often leaves a player out. Make room for the new SS for the New York Yankees, Gleyber Torres. While at first people may believe he’s already a very good player, it’s clear that he is someone who will only get better. With him now playing his natural position and having 2 years under his belt, Torres is about to make everyday Gleyber Day.

Run Producer

Out of 241 players with a minimum of 300 Plate Appearances, Gleyber Torres was 56th in wRC+. This means he’s in the 77th percentile, and that makes him a top run producer in the league. His wRC+ was 125 meaning he was 25% above average at run-producing. This run-producing ability allows for Gleyber to succeed, and at the young age of 23, he’s only going to get better at the plate.

Power Surge

Gleyber Torres is a fantastic power hitter, with 38 home runs and a .535 SLG %, he is clearly a premier slugger in the game. An interesting stat that can determine power is ISO, (Isolated Power) as it only equates for Extra Base Hits by subtractive batting average from SLG%. Gleyber Torres had a .256 ISO, which was the 27th best mark in the MLB. This makes Gleyber fantastic at hitting the for more than one base, which makes him a threat for pitchers at the plate

Defensive Potential at SS

Gleyber Torres is known as a lackluster defender, but that’s at 2B. He’s naturally a SS, and it shows with his defensive metrics:

UZR:- 12.0
DRS: -8

UZR: -4.6
DRS: 1
OAA: -3

There’s definitely a case to be made that Gleyber is a much better SS than 2B, and with more reps, at SS he could end up being an average defender, which is an improvement. This improvement to defense will also help the Yankees, as their middle infield combo will be aided with Gold Glover DJ LeMahieu at 2B. Even if Gleyber Torres is only average at SS, he still will fare better than the below-average play at 2B.

Predicting For 2020

Gleyber Torres is shaping up to be a stud in 2020, and really be the MVP candidate he can be. I see Gleyber being even better than 2019, even receiving MVP votes.

.905 OPS
40 Home Runs
105 RBIs
140 wRC+
-0.7 UZR
-1 OAA
5.4 fWAR

What do you think Gleyber Torres will do? Will, he ve an MVP candidate in 2019?

The New York Yankees Won’t Stop Breaking Records

Mike Tauchman, New York Yankees

With the New York Yankees win over the Baltimore Orioles last night, it was their third straight game where they’ve hit at least five home runs. As impressive as that is, that’s not the only jaw-dropping stat the was recorded by the New York Yankees this season.

Probably the most unbelievable stat that was realized this series against Baltimore was the following:

The Yankees have hit more home runs away at Camden Yards (40) than the Detriot Tigers (37) and San Francisco Giants (39) have hit in their own home stadium. Yes, you read that correctly.

Another incredible stat recorded by the Yankees this season is 17 individual Yankee players have hit a home run against the Orioles, while 14 teams in the MLB have fewer than 17 players who hit a home run. The Yankees have also hit a whopping total of 52 dingers again the Orioles which is the MLB record vs. any opponent. They’ve hit a total 43 home runs in away games which is an MLB record by a visiting team in any ballpark.

The Yankees are also very dominant away from home. They have a 15 road game winning streak which is tied for second in longest away winning streak in the American League vs. any opponent. Ten players have also hit multiple home run games which is the MLB record at any road ballpark. It’s clear that the 2019 Yankees don’t mind being away from home, which is something to compare to the 2017 Yankee team…

The Bombers are on pace to win about 105 or 106 games this season and with the way they’ve been swinging the bat, that is a very real possibility.