New York Knicks have dismissed David Fizdale of his coaching duties

The New York Knicks have relieved David Fizdale of his head coaching role. ESPNs Adrian Wojnarowski reports this afternoon.

Not only was Fizdale ousted, assistant coach Keith Smart was also let go.

This comes as now surprise to any Knicks fans.  The Knicks are 4-18 and have the second worst record in the NBA.  Their have been rumblings of firing Fizdale since November.

It all began when Steve Mills and Scott Perry said that ‘the framework has been laid out’ for the firing of coach Fizdale.  In his tenure with the New York Knicks, Fizdale went 21-83 in not even a season and a half.  That is a .201 winning percentage which is the worst in Knick history.

The Knicks were embarrassed in their last two games, losing by a combined 81 points.  At one point last night, the Knicks were down 43 points to the Denver Nuggets.  Boos rained down from the Garden and there were even some ‘Fire Fizdale’ chants.

The team has greatly under-performed and seem to be unmotivated to play for Fizdale despite players saying they back their coach.

Marcus Morris even declined to answer a question regarding the coaching after last night’s home court blowout.

The Knicks will now look to find someone who can motivate this team.  They have more talent than last season but can’t find how to properly execute the correct way on both ends of the floor.  Maybe, the next coach can get it out of these young and veteran players.

New York Knicks head coach, Fizdale, to be the ‘fall guy’

The New York Knicks will be looking for a new head coach sooner rather than later.  After Sunday’s blowout loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers, the team president and general manager hinted at a coaching change.

This comes to no surprise considering the Knicks are 2-8 and not playing to their potential.  The entire roster has new players that should make the team competitive.  The Knicks have shown glimpses of what they’re capable of but the bad outweigh the good in this scenario.

David Fizdale is being held responsible for this disaster start of the season.  His decisions throughout the first 10 games have fans scratching their heads. Fizdale has untimely substitutions that ruin the flow of the game and inconsistent lineups.  Their defense is atrocious and they are constantly out-rebounded.

There seems to be no fire or energy with this Knicks team.  Coach Fizdale had more energy when the team won 17-games as compared to this season.

Marcus Morris said that Fizdale puts them in the right position to win.  Maybe lose is more like it.  It doesn’t seem like those comments hold true with how this team is playing.

Someone needs to be the scapegoat for this terrible start.  Unfortunately, Fizdale is going to be it.

The New York Knicks need to change something quick.  There is no excuse for how they’ve been playing with their talent.  It’s the coaches job to get the players up for the games and make necessary changes when things aren’t going the right way.  In this case, a coaching change could be wants needed.

With Fizdale coaching every minute for his job now, expect to see a little more fire in him.  He will try to correct the numerous flaws in this team quickly to save his job.

One ex-NBA player thinks the New York Knicks can make the playoffs

New York Knicks

This past Vegas Summer League there was one ex-NBA player who believes the New York Knicks can make the playoffs.  Kendrick Perkins was asked about the Knicks upcoming season in a quick interview.

Perkins stated, “I don’t think they’re at the bottom like people think they are.”  He continued, “I wouldn’t be surprised if the Knicks make the playoffs.”

Perkins complimented coach David Fizdale’s championship coaching background in Miami.  As well as the moves that general manager Scott Perry made, both in the free agency and the draft.  He ended with the Knicks having some good young pieces and they will be “alright.”

The Knicks did have a good off-season, despite what people may think.  They did not add the best pieces, but they added the right pieces.  Perry tried to find players that would fit the system that Fizdale wants to run.  However, it is up-in-the-air with what system Fizdale wants to run this year.

Julius Randle, Marcus Morrs, Bobby Portis, Elfrid Payton, Taj Gibson and Wayne Ellington were the Knicks off-season additions.  We can’t forget to mention the 3rd overall pick, RJ Barrett, who has the mindset and ability to be the face of the franchise down the line.

Last season was more offensive heavy.  A lot of screens and pick-and-rolls.  The Knicks were able to score, sort-of, but it was the defense that was the issue.

The defensive presence was lacking and, at sometimes, non-existent.  If the Knicks want any shot at making the playoffs, the defense needs to be improved.  Similar to what Walt ‘Clyde’ Frazier said, “Defense is everything to me.”  Mitchell Robinson, Morris, Randle and Frank Ntilikina will be the guys on defense to propel the team.

Not many are selecting the Knicks to make the playoffs next season.  Many fans believe the Knicks can be a 30-35 win team, which will be a major improvement from a 17-win season last year.  Even if the Knicks don’t make the playoffs, taking a step forward in all areas of the game will make next season a ‘win’ regardless.

Taking a look at Zach Lowe’s New York Knicks rant

New York Knicks, James Dolan

Whenever people talk about the New York Knicks anymore it’s always negative.  Maybe not to a majority of Knicks fans, but NBA fans.  People can’t seem to find anything positive about them, outside Knicks fans.

Zach Lowe went off about the Knicks on his podcast ‘The Lowe Post‘.  The whole rant was not needed.  To sum it up quickly, Lowe stated, “The Knicks just suck. Every year they suck.  There’s no hope for them to not suck.  We thought there was hope for them to not suck all of last year.”  A little harsh on Knicks fans Zach, wouldn’t you say?

Lowe continued, “Why would you come”, meaning coming to play in New York.  He then mocked Knicks fans are thinking that they would have the cap space in 2021 for Giannis Antetokounmpo.  To be honest, he isn’t coming to New York, so we can end that now.

He then moved towards Kristaps Porzingis.  Lowe mentioned that there would be Knicks fan protesting before Halloween if Porzingis gets off to a hot start at the beginning of the season, like he usually does.

Lowe shifted towards the Knicks owner next saying, “You can’t bad mouth” (him) and fans will be kicked out of the Garden this season.  He isn’t wrong here.  The big man isn’t afraid to do that if he hears anything remotely bad about himself or the team.  Imagine if there’s protesting?  Fans will be getting kicked out left and right.

Towards the end of his rant, Lowe began to be somewhat positive about the Knicks roster.  He said Dennis Smith Jr., Kevin Knox and Mitchell Robinson are all “interesting.”  The Knicks just drafted RJ Barrett too, but Lowe believe they’re going to “Suck again and get another high pick.”  Lowe tossed in another dig at the Knicks mentioning Frank “Ntilikina who was better for France for 2 weeks then he ever was for the Knicks so far.”

Towards the end of the rant, Lowe contradicted himself once.  He mentioned the Knicks situation is “not that bad.”  But, there is no hope for the Knicks and they will always be bad, according to Lowe.  Trying to pull Knicks fans back in after devaluing their team?  Not so fast.

Knicks fans on Twitter expressed their disgusted with Lowe after this rant, many which can’t be posted.  However, there are some points were Lowe isn’t wrong.

First off, saying that the Knicks “suck” was accurate.  They did “suck” last season.  There was definitely a lot of hope and that went straight the drain.  The 3 players he mentioned, Smith Jr., Knox and Robinson are “interesting” and should have better seasons.  There’s a lot of hope for them.  His take on Ntilikina was true.  But, that was the opportunity the Ntilikina needed to hopefully translate his game to the NBA.

But, saying there is no hope for the Knicks is just disrespectful.  Yes, all Knicks fans have been there before, saying those exact words.  For once in the team’s history, there is hope.  They have a lot of young “interesting” talent and good foundations for the future.

What is there to be so negative about?  Yes, all Knicks fans want to win.  The Knicks have tried to quick fixes in the past and it backfired.  It was time to start from the ground up and that’s what the Knicks are doing.  Scott Perry turned around the Sacramento Kings into having a good, young up-and-coming roster, why not the Knicks now?

People bashing the Knicks is never going to stop until they’re actually winning again.  Until then, this is how it’s always going to be.  Tough to be a Knicks fan these days, but better days are coming, despite what Lowe thinks.

The New York Knicks are everyone’s punching bag

New York Knicks, RJ Barrett

These days, everyone is taking shots at the New York Knicks.  Sportscasters, podcasters, analysts and now politicians.

Presidential candidate Andrew Yang gave his opinion on the Knicks off-season moves.  He said that the players the Knicks added “overpaid role players.”  While this may be true, and he may be correct, we simply do not know how these “role players” will gel under David Fizdale, so stick to politics for now.

Even Sportscenter has to get their two-cents in regarding the Knicks.

They asked 20 NBA executives and scouts about this off-season. One of the questions Sportscenter asked was, “What was the worst off-season move of the summer?”

Six out of the 20 selected the ‘Knicks off-season’ has the worst off-season move.

While they are not wrong, the Knicks had a better off-season then people think.

The Knicks did sign a lot of power forwards, not entirely ideal.  But, they did add youth and on good contracts, with all consisting of a second or third-year team option.  On top of that, they brought in good veteran presence, Marcus Morris and Taj Gibson, to mentor the youth.

They drafted well, RJ Barrett, and still have future first-round picks.

However, one of the new signings, Reggie Bullock, will not earn his Knicks contract until he returns from his back injury. The time table for his return is six months, currently.

It seems like everyone is riping on the New York Knicks, and rightfully so.  They were supposed to have a giant off-season with signing free agents and that fell through.  Just because the Knicks did not get superstar players does mean that they had an awful free agency.

Scott Perry is putting the Knicks in a position to be successful in the future with youth and quality veterans.  The Sacramento Kings seem to be in a better position moving forward then they were a few years ago.  Let’s hope Perry is doing the same with the Knicks.