Is Josh Hader Even Viable for the New York Yankees?

New York Yankees, Josha Hader

Rumors are running rampant about whether the New York Yankees and Milwaukee Brewers will finalize a deal for the Yankees to acquire left handed relief pitcher Josh Hader. The deal makes some sense, as the Yankees seem to think that they need to bolster their already strong bullpen with a lefty to compliment Zack Britton. But does it truly work?

Hader’s Stats and the Brewer’s Needs

Hader has put on a strong showing in his 3 years pitching pro ball. But how much more time does he have before he’s completely found out as a relief pitcher? His ERA has been steadily climbing each of the last 3 seasons, his hits allowed are rising, he gave up 15 home runs last season, walked 20, and allowed 22 ER. Did I mention that this guy is the Brewer’s closer? It’s a completely different animal coming in during the 6th inning than the 9th. Even with Chapman’s inconsistencies in October, you’re not trading Hader for his skill set late in games. (

The New York Yankees have players the Brewer’s need. Frazier isn’t needed on the Yankees, and with Yellich’s injury last season, and Braun’s age, the Brewer’s can utilize Clint Frazier brilliantly. I think giving up Miguel Andujar now would be a mistake, as he can be used for a later season trade for someone like Corey Kluber. But after losing Mike Moustakas to rival Cincinnati, getting help at third is something the Brewers would need. Not to mention Tyler Wade/Thairo Estrada can be used to sweeten the deal. But no doubt questions will be asked about Chance Adams, Devi Garcia, or any number of other pitching prospects we have. 

Yes… this is the package the Yankees will need to put together for a 26 year old reliever who’s letting the league catch up to him.

Is It Worth It?

Remember all the racist, homophobic and sexist tweets from Hader’s youth we discovered in 2018? Why pursue someone with that kind of baggage when we could just simply, say, offer Dellin Betances a one year contract to bolster the bullpen? And the package of prospects that the Brewer’s will be demanding, on top of Hader’s seemingly obvious decline, it doesn’t seem worth it now before pitchers and catchers even report. This should be a January deal, at the utmost earliest, if it gets done at all.

New York Mets won’t Trade Noah Syndergaard

New York Mets, Noah Syndergaard

After over a year of trade rumors, the New York Mets are telling teams that Noah Syndergaard is not for sale.

Since Brodie Van Wagenen was hired as the Mets GM Noah Syndergaard has been in the rumor mill. His name was all over trade rumors last offseason with the Yankees, Marlins, and Padres just some of the teams involved.

Despite nothing coming to fruition in the offseason the rumors didn’t stop. Syndergaard’s name came up constantly in rumors during the season, and thy only got louder as the trade deadline neared. The Padres were a team that came up again, the Brewers had interest, but the most aggressive team according to reports was the Astros.

Still, nothing came of it and Syndergaard remained a Met. That didn’t stop the rumor mill from churning though. Andy Martino of SNY reported shortly after the deadline passed that while Syndergaard wasn’t traded now he would be traded sometime in the near future.

He felt very confident in that report, as he didn’t believe the Mets had any intention of keeping the mercurial pitcher. Well, Brodie Van Wagenen has put all those rumors to bed. Not only did he publicly announce the team wouldn’t trade Syndergaard at the end of the season, he’s now told reports he’s telling teams the same thing.

There’s one big reason that Syndergaard is going to be a Met in 2020, and that’s that the Mets plan to compete in 2020. They think they’re close the putting a World Series roster together, and who can blame them.

Even without Zack Wheeler who is now a free agent the Mets still have one of the best rotations in baseball, headlined by a back-to-back Cy Young award winner. Their offense is filled with young cost-controlled players, including the reigning MLB home run champion and Rookie of the Year. There is a lot of reason to be optimistic for the future.

This should hopefully put Noah Syndergaard at ease. Syndergaard has his worst season as a pro this past year with all the rumors swirling. Hopefully, now that Syndergaard knows he’s not going anywhere he can find that form that helped him garner Cy Young and MVP votes in 2016.

Should the New York Mets trade JD Davis?

New York Mets, J.D. Davis

JD Davis had a breakout 2019 season offensively, but his poor defense might make him the perfect trade chip for the New York Mets.

JD Davis was the one big success story for the Mets 2018 offseason. He was the lone great acquisition that GM Brodie Van Wagenen made. Yet, his position on the team isn’t secure.

For all his offensive capabilities Davis is an awful defender. He was worth -16 DRS across both third base and left field in 2019. For a Mets team that was 31st in baseball in DRS, and had the second-worst DRS of any team over .500 since the stat has been recorded, he doesn’t fit long term.

There just doesn’t seem to be a spot for Davis to play for the Mets in 2020. He’s too good to be a bench bat, but his defense is too much of a liability for him to play every day. That makes him an ideal trade chip.

Unlike the Mets, many teams around MLB can hide a poor defender. In the AL he would fit perfectly as a DH. Not to mention that his value is at an all-time high coming off his 2019 season.

First, JD Davis is likely not a starter on the 2020 Mets. Brodie Van Wagenen has been adamant about playing Jeff McNeil at third base and has made it clear the Mets plan to upgrade at center field this year.

If that’s the case Davis would be a bench bat for the majority of the season sitting behind McNeil, Brandon Nimmo, and Michael Conforto. So, instead of letting a valuable resource like Davis sit on the bench wouldn’t it make more sense to trade him in an effort to get the best possible replacement for Zack Wheeler or the best upgrade in center field.

For example, centering a trade for Starling Marte around JD Davis would immediately improve the Mets defense and still give them a top-end bat at the position.

Maybe the Mets prefer to target a starting pitcher and trade JD Davis for a pitcher like Matthew Boyd to replace Zack Wheeler.

These are moves that can only happen because JD Davis’ value is at an all-time high. It opens up so many more avenues to make the team better as a whole.

Would it suck to lose a young cost-controlled player like Davis, absolutely. However, when a team is cash strapped as the Mets are sometimes you have to sacrifice to gain.